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  • Hurt | ksj ✓
    7.1K 405 8

    "ɪ ʟᴏᴠᴇ ʏᴏᴜ, ᴋɪᴍ sᴇᴏᴋᴊɪɴ... ... ʙᴜᴛ ʏᴏᴜ ᴅɪᴅɴ'ᴛ" A really short angst [25 FEB 2020]

  • The Beauty King's Uber |K.S.J|
    13.4K 852 19

    "Wow. You really don't know me? You don't know my face?" He threw his head back, throwing his bangs out of the way of his frame, "The silk of my hair, the look in my eyes, the perfect shape of my nose, the curve of my lips, the sound of my voice, and even the scent of my fragrance and you still don't know?" You shrugg...

  • Tour Guide || K.SJ
    108K 7.9K 51

    ❝I'm Kim Seokjin's girlfriend.❞ I firmly told the unknown man with broad shoulders and plump lips towering over me. Not in all stories the female lead is orphaned, homeless, and sad. CrackFic✓ {24/7 soft hours with Kim Seokjin with no antagonist to interfere}

  • ❝ game ❞ .ksj
    18.5K 1.3K 27

    A story about two videogame addicts who got into a fistfight in the local arcade as their first meeting, but got transported into the gaming world that is in the verge of getting destroyed by a dark overlord. Despite of loathing each other, they have to join forces since they are the ones who will save the whole video...

  • For Life - Kim Seokjin ✔︎
    39.4K 2.6K 34

    "I hate to break it to you Seokjin but we're already bonded together. For life!" "Correction: for now." He rips his wrist out of my grasp and walks out of the hall. ○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○ As soon as someone turns 18, a little arrow appears on their left wrist. That arrow acts like a compass. However instead of point...

  • taste buds | kim seokjin [bts] a.u
    84.3K 5.6K 22

    [EDITING] "you know, a girl that eats well is very attractive." © minoficent 2017

  • Hearts for You | k.seokjin [COMPLETED]
    20.8K 344 7

    I've waited for so long but now that I'm with you, I won't waste a single moment anymore -

  • Heart Donor | - sequel
    115K 8.3K 35

    "You know what, I'm gonna need a heart donor after this, because you've totally stolen mine." "You're the cringiest person to walk this earth." "But you love me." "More than you could ever know." *spinoff/sequel to sperm donor Cover by @mytholojin

    Completed   Mature
  • Sperm Donor |
    1.3M 69.3K 44

    "Also, as per protocol, you will see the name and number of your sperm donor should you want to get in contact with them and allow a relationship with you and your child. You'll be pleased to know that your sperm donor was Kim Seokjin." I almost spat out my water. "WHAT?!" "You heard me correctly Miss Kwon. The person...

  • expired || x chubby reader [embrace yourself]
    53.4K 3K 15

    Your husband of two years doesn't treat you right anymore, leaving the chance for Jin to fix you. Embrace yourself series : Book 1 - plump || j-hope Book 2 - olympe || v Book 3 - lavender || suga Book 4 - silver dress || rapmon Book 5 - bangtan host club || jungkook Book 6 - expired || jin 🔸️ Book 7 - sweet like...

    Completed   Mature
  • ғaтed тo вe | ᴋsᴊ
    16.6K 1K 25

    A story of two childhood best friends who grow up as royalty. As they reach young adulthood, they are both faced with the weight of their royal expectations. Princess (Y/n) never in million years thought she'd end up marrying Prince Seokjin who she's only known as her dear best friend. Will things change for the bette...

  • The Reluctant Manny
    24.1K 2.4K 36

    As a budding webtoon creator with a career just taking off, Park Minji is thrown into the world of motherhood. With two very precocious two-year-olds now bursting into every nook and cranny of her life, she is forced to admit she needs an extra set of hands and eyes around the house. Who would be brave enough to ste...

  • Starlight | ksj
    31.4K 1.9K 25

    - a Kim Seokjin fanfiction - in which a pair of sworn enemies realizes that they are actually secretly friends. Since childhood, Ahn Yoora and Kim Seokjin were what you would describe as to be each other's arch nemesis. However, with time, as the two grew up, they discovered that they actually knew each other like the...

  • "Partners"- Jin ff ✓
    70.3K 4.7K 24

    Two detectives who ultimately hate each other, somehow end up together in a partnership to solve the ultimate case... A romantic comedy full of secrets and surprises Complete 🏆 Winner of the Ceylon BTS awards in the Jin category 🏅1- crimefiction 🏅1- partners 🏅2-btsjin 🏅9- jin 🏅71- kpopgroups

  • sweater • K.S.J
    129K 6.9K 37

    | in which a girl who always wear a sweater [Kim SeokJin Fanfiction]

  • Evicted ✓
    961K 62.2K 32

    [1] 김석진 "Something tells me it wouldn't be hard to persuade you to spend the night with me." Hyebin, a full-time student and part-time waitress, struggles to find a new apartment after being served with a sudden eviction notice. When a handsome and arrogant friend-of-a-friend offers her a place to stay, she is given...

  • Arranged marriage to Kim Seok Jin [BTS KSJ FF] (EDITED)
    396K 14.3K 38

    Seeing him kissed her, My heart just aches every second. A few questions keep turning around my thoughts. Why can't he smiles sweetly towards me like he smiles to her? Why can't he treats me better like how he treats her? Why can't he loves me like he loves her? ~Follow me on my ig: yuehyie~

  • 𝐌𝐀𝐉𝐄𝐒𝐓𝐘 ♚ 𝐤𝐬𝐣 ✓
    266K 15.8K 20

    ❝I wish we could've met a totally different way. I hate to admit it, but I won't deny it... I wish you would fall for me the way I feel I'm falling for you. If only.❞ ❖ ── ✦ ── 『♚♛』 ── ✦ ── ❖ ➺ ROYALTY AU ➺ prince!Seokjin x village girl!reader ➺ Started: Dec 13, 2018 || Completed: Apr 7, 2019 © tropicalxsabotage 2018...

    Completed   Mature
  • LINES || KSJ✔️
    201K 12.2K 26

    "You're the perfect ending to my story." In which Seokjin is a writer and y/n is the head of the company's daughter.

  • 15 DAYS ❀ K.S.J ✔
    63.6K 3.9K 18

    These are the few days we'll spend together. I'm sorry for not telling you. I didn't want you to get hurt. Please be happy even without me..... {contains angst} {short story}

  • Meanie Jinnie | Kim Seokjin x Reader
    113K 8K 39

    In which, a broken hearted Kim Seokjin thought you were a boy and asked you to teach him how to be a bad boy. "Did you know that the good guy never win the girl's heart?" - A compilation of short chaptered Seokjin stories and his little journey to bad. Spin off to Wolf Allergic.

  • toilet fairy kim seokjin!
    65.8K 4.6K 6

    "i'm your toilet fairy, and i will grant you any toilet-ty wish!"