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  • Allies - Harrison Osterfield Mob!AU
    70.5K 2.1K 31

    Y/n l/n is Tom Holland's right-hand woman in the mob he runs, when a particularly bad strike hits the Holland's family business y/n is forced to propose a quick fix to their problems, that fix being: accepting the deal Harrison Osterfield had proposed not long before it all went south. Neither l/n nor Osterfield espec...

    Completed   Mature
  • SUE ME! tom holland ✓
    243K 5.4K 57

    so sue me for looking so pretty tonight wearing your favorite color under the lights for moving on doing everything right - in which, they meet because of her new album !

  • The Frog In Tom Holland's Mouth
    361 35 1

    A Diary Entry- Hi! I'm the frog that lives in Thomas Stanley Holland's mouth. Thanks to his recent oral surgery I have the time to sneak out and tell my story.

  • Two siblings, one friend and a baby
    438K 8.5K 28

    Harrison, Tom and y/n are best friends. Harrison and y/n are also siblings. Do you think their friendship can last when y/n falls pregnant? Title based off the film Three men and a baby

  • Ignite to the Shattered Pieces (Tom Holland fanfic)
    287K 5.9K 39

    After a horrific car accident, Dalena Brimdale suffers memory loss, unaware that Tom Holland - who is the actor she currently fully fan-girl's over, used to be her boyfriend.

    Completed   Mature
  • 🥀 Unexpected Love ~ Peter Parker × Reader 🥀
    2.3K 70 9

    When two people cross paths and fall in love. Y/n Stark falls in love with a nerdy dork named Peter Parker and Peter Parker falls in love with his mentors daughter Y/n Stark. Are they going to express their feelings? Will they date? Will Tony Stark accept them together? Will they last? Who will come in between them...

  • The Boy Who Peeked Through My Fence - Tom Holland Fanfic
    134K 3.1K 57

    Nova finds peering eyes in between the slats of her fence as she played in the backyard as a kid. That kid is Tom Holland. As she grows up, her and Tom's relationship only blossoms into a beautiful friendship. Will there be love involved? Will her older brother Harrison let her be? Find out in "The Boy Who Peeked T...

  • Dark Days & Darker Nights
    45.4K 1.1K 14

    23 year old Y/n Danvers spent years trying to prove that she was good enough to get put on a big case. Director Jackson decided to give her a chance given her father's reputation. Put on the biggest Mob case the UK had seen in decades, the pressure is on for her to bring it down. Colleagues doubt her, mother doesn't s...

  • Harrison osterfield imagines
    159K 463 57

    As the name says these will be some of Harrison osterfield imagines. Mediocre and weird but ome shots.

  • Love Triangle || Tom Holland
    2K 77 4

    When Tom Holland walks into a Subway shop and falls not only in love with his sandwich, but also the sandwich maker. Who will end up with who? Find out in this heartbreaking tale of two boys and a sandwich. THIS DESCRIPTION IS A JOKE. Please don't hate on this, No, from my knowledge, Tom Holland is not gay, but that d...

  • Behind the Scenes // Tom Holland X Reader
    52.8K 89 1

    "They say actors best moments make it to camera, But for me all my best moments are Behind The Scenes" In a world where you're the famous Lily Downey, everyone wants to know every little detail about your friendship with south-west Londoner Tom Holland. Sometimes the true moments aren't shared with the world, offlin...

  • Sequel: Two siblings, a boyfriend and a toddler
    325K 6.5K 47

    It's been two years since y/n had Elodie and since Tom and y/n got together. Harrison, Tom and y/n are still living together. What will happen when their lives are turned upside down once more.

  • Duty Calls // mob! Tom Holland AU
    116K 2.6K 13

    (originally posted on my Tumblr) Fresh off an assignment to take down the Russian mob Agent (Y/N) is given what might be her toughest order yet, take down the infamous crime boss Tom Holland but it gets more complicated then that, it always does

  • ✓ FATE ☁︎ tom holland
    144K 3K 34

    What happens when Grace Clarke, the sweet social butterfly that doesn't like to socialise that much, loses her red headphones and a famous actor finds them? [social media + real life]

  • 𝐅𝐎𝐑 | Tom Holland
    230K 5.6K 21

    "Would you ever date a fan?" - In which the uprising star actor who plays Peter Parker aka Spider-Man in the MCU, Tom Holland, falls for one of his fans. And, in which she naturally feels the same way. But he's a celebrity, and she's an ordinary fangirl. What will happen? Would they start dating? Will they even see ea...

  • Isn't This Cliche? {Tom Holland}
    84K 2.4K 16

    [COMPLETED] When Tom Holland suddenly chooses you as his date for a red carpet event, your life gets thrown upside down. Sure, there's a hefty pay raise, but nothing could've prepared you for what comes next. Now, you have to deal with a fake relationship, lies, hatred, and totally confusing feelings. And on top of a...

  • Bad Little Boy
    191K 3.2K 21

    Y/n is Harrisons step sister. You meet Tom in a party and things start to heat up from there. Secrets are yet to be revealed and drama is coming in their future.

  • t.h
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  • Room 103(Tom Holland AU)
    292K 6.7K 41

    Everything was pretty easy for y/n, unfortunately love was not one of them. But when she moves into her new dorm room and has a bad boy roommate, her life takes a turn she never thought it would. The writing gets better after like chapter 10, I promise😭

  • Lights, camera, action! (Harry Holland) {COMPLETED}
    178K 3.9K 47

    You were a struggling actress who was trying to get on her feet when you got a big role in a movie. You very quickly became best friends with the lead actor. But you never thought that you would end up falling for his brother. highest rank: #1 in chaos walking 4/27/20

  • Meeting for the first time
    26.3K 472 3

    Short story: Tom has been away for 6 months and he missed the birth of your first child. Today is the day he comes home!

  • Intoxicated love (tomholland)
    294K 6.3K 42

    COMPLETED Y/n is broken. Everything has been taken. Life couldn't be more overwhelming. She survives, but never truly lives. All she has is her job, with a disgusting boss, and her best friend. Along with a haunting past, she struggles to ever find happiness the way she did before. Tom Holland is a gang lord. He can...

  • Sitter || Tom Holland X Reader
    254K 4.5K 28

    With the Holland family gone for the whole month, they are in need of a sitter for their staffy bull, Tessa. All goes well when they find their sitter, and she is hired as soon as Tom approves of her. Approves of her as a dog-sitter, but then in more than just a dog-sitter way. A whole month away from her. A whole mo...

  • Fire and Trust - A Royal Story
    193 3 2

    Prince Harrison of Adendra had everything we wanted and one thing he didn't. His powers. Born with the ability to control and create fire as a gift from a fairy, Harrison lived his life weary of what he could do. Weariness turns into fear when a foolish mistake casts him away to a hidden tower as punishment for his ac...

  • 𝙢𝙪𝙩𝙪𝙖𝙡 ─ harrison osterfield²︎
    126K 2.9K 32

    "HE DOESN'T LIKE ME LIKE THAT AND HE NEVER WILL." ↳ In which they meet through mutual friends. ↳ "I need to know if this is mutual." SECOND BOOK IN THE "FRIENDS" SERIES HARRISON OSTERFIELD SOCIAL MEDIA 2018

  • The Time's I Saw Him
    98.8K 2.1K 33

    IN EDITING "Next" they yelled. That was me, Im in line to meet Tom Holland! I walk through the doors and see him sitting at a table, looking worn out. He looks up at you at just stares. your on the verge of tears, seeing him in real life is just so overwhelming. He sees you looking a little light headed, Tom stands up...

  • My Big Brother | Sebastian Stan
    119K 2.4K 18

    Violet finds out that she is adopted on her thirteenth birthday and is going to be picked up by her biological parents. Violet HATES being lied to. So finding out that she's adopted makes her hate her adoptive parents. Little did she know that she shares the same parents as Sebastian Stan. 21/11/18 - #1 rdj

  • Peter Parker FanFiction
    1.8K 50 4

    When aliens take over the world, only few survived. Including Peter Parker and y/n y/l/n. The aliens weakness is light, but no one quiet got that during the invasion, which lead to Peter being all alone, that is until he save a young girl. But, the relationship between them changes as they go on life risking adventure...

  • Yellow Roses (Tom Holland AU)
    598K 12.8K 13

    Tom's mother has him participate in a Bachelor-like dating competition, because she is tired of him sleeping around. Furthermore she decides to bring in his best friend to spy on the contestants. Is Tom going to find the one amongst the 12 candidates or is he just going to play his little games?