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  • Karasuno's Queen of the School [Kageyama Tobio]
    1.3M 42.5K 50

    When Karasuno's Volleyball Club began to show new-found potential, Takeda Sensei made a surprising call. A tutor would be issued to the team in order to maximize their time practicing; if they didn't have to keep making up exams or re-doing homework assignments, they would have time to spare for extra practice, right...

  • The Shape of Silence || Tsukishima Kei x Reader
    261K 12.3K 13

    Really, you can't get away from having to write out your words on a pad of paper or a whiteboard when you're deaf. Sure, sign language is a way of communication, but not everyone knows it. (L/n) (F/n), a new student at Karasuno due to the opportunities she was open to there. Quiet, strong, only speaks when spoken to...

  • Un-Moving Heart || Ushijima x Oc
    70.1K 1.6K 36

    Kageyama Yui, the older sister of Kageyama Tobio. The older sister of the genius Karasuno setter. A name that had gone unheard of for some time. The real name of the demon of Shiratorizawa. A vicious predator among the eagles. She left and came back, a trail of unwanted pasts and secrets following closely, slowly wai...