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  • Ang Jejemon kong Textmate
    227K 13.6K 90

    Textmate Series #1 | Congratulations! Your number have won! *** An epistolary. "Pa-loadan mo ang number na ito upang ma-claim ang prize." Two souls met through the worst yet best possible way they could ever come across with-a message. On a very random day, a very random text message was sent and received that led for...

  • Ang Model kong Textmate
    108K 3.8K 87

    Textmate Series #2 | One unread message from an unknown number. *** An epistolary. "Manong Luis! Nasaan ka na ba? Ang dami ng tao dito sa venue. Kailangan na nating umalis! Dali!" Set after the tragic ending of their previous story, Budoy and Derrick try to continue and rewrite their fate by another ramdom message sen...

  • Ang Virus kong Textmate
    29.7K 2.3K 75

    Textmate Series #3 | She's Covid Dioke, and her mission is to spread foolishness. *** An epistolary. "Hello, hampas lupain!" With the intent to cause no particular goal but to proliferate idiocy, Covid confidently but unconsciously signed an agreement with Vince, an uncertain guy whose attention was caught by a not-so...