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  • Precognition (To be Published by PaperInk Publishing House)
    49.8K 3.8K 45

    Sixth Sense Series #1 | Perhaps the end comes in various forms yet all fatal. *** A novel. "Take a peek at the end of humanity." Niana Alacantara is no ordinary. After a series of lessons in one of her specialized subjects, she saw and predicted five world endings and one nation-threat disaster that might occur in the...

  • Suicidium
    10.2K 804 44

    Sixth Sense Series #3 | There is no such thing as the safest place on Earth. *** A novel. "Death is inevitable, killing is a variable." When an odd and deadly virus spread all over the world, a pharmacist named Eunice has to survive in all means she can think while solving three problems along the way: the origin of t...