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  • My Sunshine (Hagumi X Male Reader)
    359 21 10

    "Please, someone, anyone. Save me from this hell. Give me a reason to smile." Y/N is a boy from a broken home. He lost his father when he was young and faces constant abuse from his mother. After an accident that results in him being hospitalized, he meets a cheerful girl named Hagumi Kitazawa. Determined to help him...

  • My Childhood Love (Ichigaya Arisa x Male Reader)
    587 24 7

    Y/N and Arisa has been a friend since childhood,they both always play together and even sometime had a sleepover. Everything changes when they entered highschool,a feelings started to grow and somehow make a distance between the two. BanG Dream belongs to Bushiroad.

  • BanG Dream!: Home at Last - (Male Reader in BanG Dream! Fan Fiction)
    3.5K 119 12

    [Y/N] is a runaway and has just moved to town to start a life of his own. The road ahead looks rough, but his life takes a big turn upon meeting a group of girls in a band whose passion to perform and to shine onstage burns brighter than the sun. His life seems to be going well, but the demons of his past aren't quite...

  • BanG Dream: Always There For You [Hikawa Sayo x Male Reader]
    2.6K 167 9

    [A book to celebrate my birthday] "Nothing is going to stop me from being there for you, old friend." (Y/N) (L/N) had two childhood friends; Hikawa Sayo and Hikawa Hina. They're friendship is pure and (Y/N) likes them very much, especially Sayo. However, that happiness came to an end when Mr. Hikawa passed away and Sa...

  • "Angel" (Lisa Imai X Male Reader)
    193 8 1

    Stuck with feelings of overwhelming sadness, a special someone comes to unexpectedly visit you...

  • The Brightest Star | Itsuki Nakano × M!Reader
    23K 1.1K 20

    I usually have a description for these kinds of stories, but don't got anything. Eh, is it really needed? Just read it if you want to find out more...and stuff. It's a Itsuki Nakano x Male Reader, duh. I do not own The Quintessential Quintuplets/Gotoubun no Hanayome. It belongs to Negi Haruba. Any pictures/videos/gifs...

  • Christmas Date with a Blooming Rose (Yukina Minato X Male Reader)
    126 9 1

    Y/N and Yukina go on a Christmas Date. Will Y/N summon the courage to tell the Lone Wolf Songstress about his hidden feelings for her?

  • "Out Of The Many People, Why Me?" Ran Mitake x Male Reader
    492 17 7

    This is my first fanfic so sorry if I do anything wrong

  • "Revue of Reality" - Nana x Male Reader
    1.5K 63 5

    "And it shall be bestowed upon you, the Star which you have longed for..." Each person has their own idea of their Star. Their deepest desire that they will fight for. Something blindingly brilliant, higher than the heavens... Here, you will find out two people's Stars. This is a special Revue Starlight fanfiction.

  • Revue of Destiny (A Revue Starlight x Male Reader)
    8.7K 503 31

    (Y/N) (L/N) is just one of the many students of the prestigious school Seiran General Arts Institute and has lived his life as peacefully and interesting as he could. Until he received a mysterious invitation to a "revue". Then, his life spiraled out of his control. Follow the story of (Y/N) as he makes new friends...

  • Starface The Roommate
    48 8 1

    #Starface Starface and Drake are roommates for some random reason. When a crisis breaks out, however, it is up to Starface itself to save the day.

  • If it's for you...
    821 18 12

    Lisa x OC, as requested. Mikazuki Astra is a very nonchalant boy, his grades are average, he's interested in the normal things like music, food, and generally anime. He doesn't have much friends and will only usually care about his little sister that lives with him because she is all he has left in the world. But what...

  • These Past 10 Years....(Budo x Ayano Fanfiction) (DISCONTINUED)
    15.8K 558 17

    Lollll wtf did 11-12 year old me write?

  • BanG Dream: The Rebellious Flower [Mitake Ran x Male Reader]
    5.3K 249 22

    "You'll always be my rebellious flower, you know that?" Ever since they met, (Y/N) managed to form a special bond with Mitake Ran and the other members of Afterglow. This lasted for a while until they ended up running into trouble. All (Y/N) wants is to protect Ran and be there for her, and all Ran wants is be the o...

  • [REWRITE] Looking Forward! (BanG Dream X Male Reader)
    172 9 1

    A rewritten version of my first Bandori fic after a year. (Y/N) (L/N) didn't want to inherit his father's company as a heir and decided to move in with his Aunt Marina after a huge argument. Later did he knew, his aunt was the manager for a live house named CiRCLE which has girl bands play a certain role to share the...

  • Quintessential Quintuplets × male reader one-shots (Gotoubun No Hanayome)
    31.3K 350 5

    One-shots about the Quintessential Quintuplets/Gotoubun No Hanayome girls. I don't know what more to add. I don't own any of the anime characters used.

  • Darling in the FranXX: Insurrection
    199K 4.8K 60

    When Goro is lost in a tragic accident a codeless parasite is sent to Plantation 13 as his replacement. This is just the beginning in a chain of events that stokes the fires of rebellion against the tyranny of APE. When the time comes, how will you fight when your life is at stake and your freedom the prize? Reader X...

  • The Innocent Bystander (PowerfulM!Reader x Kill La Kill)
    1.5M 23.3K 24

    Meet (Y/N), the most powerful hero on earth... that no one has ever heard of. He's done it all, slay monsters, avert disasters, and save the planet and if there is one thing he's learned is that he REALLY wants a break. After deciding to have a normal life, (Y/N) has chosen to finish high school. And what better place...

  • ✿•Hold Me Close To You•✿ 【Fem!Todoroki x Male!Reader】 ╔BNHA╝
    277K 6.3K 44

    (Y/N) (L/N) is the son of All For One. Brought into this world quirkless, his father forced upon him multiple powerful quirks. Burdened with quirks his body cannot handle, he was tortured relentlessly throughout his childhood to make his body acclimate, pain in exchange for power. And inevitably, he became a tool used...

  • Smart Inside, Stupid outside ( The Quintessential Quintuplets Fanfiction)
    74.6K 1.4K 20

    When a boy who is smart but his behavior can be called as stupid and clueless, oblivious to various situations. And then, what will happen when he meets the quintuplets? ......................... The characters in this story belonged to their rightful owner... I don't own anything in this anime... ....... Warning: Thi...

  • I'm Just a Soldier (Akame Ga Kill! x Captain America!Male Reader)
    194K 3K 20

    (F/N) Rogers was sent by Avengers to retrieve the Soul Stone at the past before Thanos managed to do it first thus preventing the Snap. Everything not happened as expected when (F/N) discovered that he was at the fantasy world that he never reached. What will happen when (F/N) was at the middle of the war between Nigh...

  • Akame Ga Kill x Male Reader
    340K 4.2K 28

    You were taken from your village when you were little.Due to years of torment your sanity is about to snap.So what happens when your sister is murdered and you become a target of Night Raid.

    Completed   Mature
  • Ribbons (Nino X Reader)
    181K 4.4K 57

    Nino and her sisters doesn't know it, but her tutor and his friend who is assisting him are ex-badboys. Fuutaro and (FN) aren't going to give up the full story as Fuutaro needs to job for his family. And why exactly? (FN) plays a role in that. As he and his brother stirred up a lot of trouble and now has come back to...

    Completed   Mature