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  • Run Away, Pussycat
    1M 51.3K 37

    COMPLETED THIS IS THE SEQUEL TO: Your Boyfriend, My Mate Mates are special, made specifically from the fates to bring just the right individuals together. But what happens when the two individuals selected to be mates never wanted a mate in the first place?

    Completed   Mature
  • Her Lycan✔
    2.2M 98.2K 36

    Any other man I wouldn't be afraid of but Lycan Leader Malcolm's body extrude a kind of confidence and primal power that even I can't ignore. --- Running from a psychotic ex and charging straight into a familiar Scottish Lycan Leader's territory. Head strong lone lycan Isabella Carson was about to re-encounter a preda...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Alpha
    16.7M 485K 29

    Highest Rank: #1 in Werewolf When eighteen year old Josephine Evans is out in the woods with her pack, they didn't expect to stumble across the biggest, baddest pack terrorizing another pack. Just when they're about to assist the terrorized pack, the alpha of the infamous pack approaches them. Theo Lupine is not know...

  • Xavier (1st bk of Wolfcreek Pack) (Completed)
    2M 64.6K 100

    He was said to be one of the most dangerous Alphas on the face of the planet. He was said to have killed his mate and hurt those around him that go against his wishes. He was said to have killed different packs so that he could be on top. He was ruthless and cunning, and it was said that he could outsmart the smartest...

  • What's An Alpha ? #Wattys2015
    3.2M 96.9K 43


    Completed   Mature
  • Twin Alpha's #Wattys2015
    809K 25.3K 40

    Sequel To "What's An Alpha Ash just turned 18 and with his twin Andrew following behind a new school year approaches and they are now seniors Them being the next alphas gives them power over all the wolves in their city not to mention that they father is the strongest alpha in North America Ash and Andrew Haven't f...

    Completed   Mature
  • The beast and me
    4.5M 139K 46

    Jezzabelle Johnson was one of the low class people in her village. With her small family of 5, she manages to keep a smile on her face even though they are having alot of struggle in their lives. In her village everyone treats her nicely considering the fact that she has the most loving heart that matches her beauty...

  • Mating Ball
    402K 12.9K 36

    He is a prince. She is a nobody. He is wealthy. She is poor. He can't wait to meet his mate. She wants to be independant What do they both have in common? They are both 18- year- old and single... So not much. In this story there is a werewolf boy named Kenneth James III. There is a human girl named Rose. What happ...

  • Resisting the Alpha
    321K 8.8K 32

    When Ellie was just 13 years old, her father died in a rogue attack, her mother couldn't bear the pain of losing her mate, so she decides to take her own life, leaving young Ellie to be raised by her uncle the Alpha of Red Bloods Pack. Eight years later Ellie is all grown up, and decide to embark on a yearlong road t...

  • Secrets of the Silver Fox
    105K 6.8K 30

    Secrets of the Silver Fox and Company 0.5 Queen of Tricks They call her a thief, a liar, a murderer, a traitor. They call her the Silver Fox and the Queen of Tricks. But how exactly did Vienna Fox get her silver? Cover by silverstorme

  • Someone's Forever
    558K 26.7K 101

    *Long Listed for Wattys 2018* E-Awards 2017 Winner *Best Hooked Story * *COMPLETED* Life, love, hate and betrayal. Four words. Though they may be just four words to some, these words changed my life...Our life. Life is a mystery we all want to solve. Life is a...

  • The Bloodlust Alpha
    8.3M 285K 36

    Highest in Werewolf: #2 "Selene, my daughter, please hear us out. I know we don't deserve it, but your sister is pregnant and-" I held up my hand to stop the man named Benicio Dixon from speaking. Surely they didn't call me here just so they can dump all their personal problems onto me or dig up the past. If that was...

  • Fixing Her
    426K 12.9K 55

    Finished; September 13th 2019 #10 abuse #10 teenfiction #8 stepdad #6 hope #3 badboys #3 broken #1 escape #1 goodgirl #1 hate #1 stepbrother #1 youngadult Reading List Featured - Teen Fiction ~ Despite all the fear, panic and the voice inside her, Hayden Kendricks still sent that one message to Parker Graham...

    Completed   Mature
  • Tamed
    2.7M 50.9K 45

    Ever since they were little the Seizan sisters always knew they would end up being mated to the Princes of Planet Atron. But they never expected to find what they did once they arrived on the planet. Never having been anywhere but their home planet Dronan, they were surprised when they arrived on Atron to find their m...

    Completed   Mature
  • Dirty Lying Dragons
    350K 19.6K 47

    Dani, a coven-less witch, is captured by Ryker, a shifter bounty hunter. Will their connection mean something, or will he turn her in for cash? ***** Dani, a witch with no coven, is forced to flee her normal life when a bounty is put out on her. Tr...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Beast's Kryptonite
    1.3M 12.5K 14

    "Mine" His low growl of possession took my heart and the fate of my panties. They were soaked through with arousal. Damn it. I stroked his face as he sniffed the air. I prayed he couldn't smell my body's reaction to his. His hand slipped from my waist and traveled to the rip in my dress. "I can smell how much your bod...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Rejection (OLD VERSION)
    4.4M 102K 33

    Hope was rejected by her mate when she was fourteen. The pain was too much, so she became a rogue and ran away. Three years later, the seventeen-year-old Hope returns to her home pack. During her time away, she broke out of her shy shell while her beauty blossomed. Will she be able to forgive her Alpha mate and put th...

  • The Twins and Me (R Rated)
    8.6M 178K 39

    Fall into their strong arms or fight the sudden attraction towards you??? That's what April has to decide. The Taylor Twins have always been Aprils greatest fantasy and a fantasy that could come true if she allows it. But when fantasy becomes reality what will she decide. This is a shifter story about Twin Tiger Brot...

  • My Alpha Mates✔️
    1.1M 27.9K 40

    *not edited* The prophecy says that every thousand years, Alpha twins would be born. They would share the same mate and share the Alpha power equally. In the Blood Moon Rising pack, the Luna recently has given birth to twins, Blake and Kole Michelson. In a enemy pack, Silver Moon Pack, Samantha Rose has yet to shift...

    Completed   Mature
  • Code of Conduct |18+ (Ménage)✔
    7.6M 373K 93

    [COMPLETED]✔ Book 1 of The Deliverance Series Ménage--MxFxM 2017 Fiction Award Winner for Best Mature Book. --⊰♥⊱-- "Death would be too good for you," the evil glint in his crimson orbs startles me, not expecting this to be his reaction, "you've never been owned? You've never lived a day in your life by the code? Le...

    Completed   Mature
  • Mated to the supernatural kings
    347K 10.6K 46

    My name is Sang Sorenson, I live in Charleston and today I attend for the first time the annual wolf-vampire-human ceremony which female human are forced to attend if they are from sixteen to sixty years old. The world is not like before, years ago the supernaturals decided to tell us that they exist and then there wa...

  • Saved by the King
    4M 113K 64

    Carter has long since given up on the idea of escape. Now, simply surviving the day-to-day beatings and rape requires her full attention, and the idea of a mate is the furthest thing from her mind. Enter Logan Hale. As the rumors go: cold, calculating, merciless, and deadly. He's too busy running the most powerful pa...

    Completed   Mature
  • Unwanted
    11.2M 367K 110

    Malia Pierce at the age of nineteen was alone, constantly moving in fear she would be hunted down and found by her tormentors. She is the Alpha's daughter of the Phobos pack, where father, and his whole pack despised her just for her existence. He became a ruthless man, turning to drugs and alcohol. He started to abus...

  • Sway(Wattys 2015)
    10.6M 388K 85

    Rogue winters a beautiful 17 year old And Ivan Stone the greatest and most feared vampire to ever live What happens when their worlds collide Will his need for control and power be to much for rogue? "You can't hide , but you can run are you ready to play , the game has begun The monsters been waiting ,it's ti...

  • Devilish Cat
    254K 8.9K 16

    ❝Behind his dark eyes lies a cursed love.❞ One rainy day she stumbles against a small cardboard box where an injured kitten melts her heart into a puddle. She decides to take this kitten to her home where she unexpectedly finds out the cat is just more than a cute animal. In her kitten's place is a built slim man, an...

  • The shade of werewolf
    4.8M 130K 60

    "I want you, Gray. I want you to give me every ounce of your being. I want know how you feel. I want to know how you taste. Most of all, I want to know what you sound like when I bury myself deep inside of you, and have you screaming my name." He breaths, running his nose against my cheek. I let out a shaky breath and...

    Completed   Mature
  • Silent Luna
    9.4M 175K 37

    After a terrible car accident when she was seven, Eirenae's life got turned upside down. Her father changed everything, becoming rotten and abusive to the point it caused her to stop speaking entirely. Eleven years later and she still lives by his rules, trapped under his thumb. She has nowhere to go; no life outside...

  • Kidnapped By My Alpha Mate
    2.4M 68.9K 74

    Family problems were something Sasha had become accustomed to. An Alpha werewolf mate was something she was definitely not accustomed to. Sasha is a seventeen year old human girl who just like a normal teenage girl goes to a high school and has no idea that werewolves exist, well that is until one kidnaps her claimin...

  • Playing for Keeps[Kingx#1] [COMPLETED]
    16.5M 493K 70

    Highest ranking: #1 in teen fiction. I though I knew Archer McCarty. The controlling, stubborn bad boy who always try and get his way, the bully who made my childhood days waste away. The guy who grew up to be hot as hell. That was why I agree to play the game, for revenge. I wasn't prepared to see a whole di...

    Completed   Mature
  • Fayre
    6.5M 111K 13

    Melissa Crawford thinks she's just a regular teenage girl. She goes to school. She has friends, boy problems, know, the typical teenage angst. But she couldn't be more wrong, for Melissa Crawford is not a mortal. Her adoptive mortal mother refused to give her up and hired a witch to erase the enchanting...