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  • Cigarettes | N.B & D.D
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    Heartbreak after heartbreak, Dixie finds herself coping with the infamous cigarette. She lives a double life. To her boss (the CEO of a rather large company in New York) and to her fellow coworkers, she was perfect. She dressed nicely and always looked put together but once she was alone, that was a completely differ...

  • Best Friend's Brother // Doah
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    Dixie and Addison have been BFFs since they were 5, but Dixie has a secret. She's totally crushing on Addi's brother, Noah. But it's not like anything could happen...right? When things go unexpectedly, how will the summer play out? Will Dixie's changing relationship with Noah affect her friendship with Addison? Will s...

  • Instagram | N.B & D.D
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    A joke was made with him and his friend which led him to commenting on one of the most famous model's there was post but never would he have imagined for her to reply. They live two completely different lives and it was rare to see them ever cross paths but if feelings are as strong as they claim to be, then what's wr...

    Completed   Mature