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  • Dreaming Shouyou
    92.3K 5.4K 14

    ~KageHina~ Hinata Shouyou has been having recurring dreams featuring some mysterious boy who he doesn't know. As the nights go on, can he figure out just who has been visiting him in his dreams? Disclaimer: I do not own any characters mentioned in this fanfiction. All characters belong to Furudate Haruichi, author of...

  • Alternate Fate I
    17.2K 394 10

    👹Kimetsu No Yaiba Fanfic👹 This is in Tanjirou's point of view so yeah hahaha... Let's just start the summary but first *Ehem* -Kimetsu No Yaiba doesn't belong to me but to the rightful owner -The pictures I used doesn't belong to me either so credits to the artist Now- This fanfic is set as an alternative universe f...

  • Dance of The Fire Flower || Kanao X Tanjiro || Demon Slayer
    43K 627 13

    Demon Slayer, after the Mugen train arc. The red light district arc is not happening. The gang separated afterwards and when they arrived back. They got a mission to solo. Tanjiro, Encountered, 2 demons. The secondary rank (like that of second rates, Candidates for the lower moons). Tanjiro fought with all his might...

  • idol.
    34.4K 1.3K 13

    what are the chances of meeting your number one idol again? - originally made by @zenitsuxtanjirou on instagram.

    Completed   Mature
  • The Choice Of Fate || The Promised Neverland
    485K 22.6K 82

    "This child does not fear death, nor even the thought of it. She sees beauty, the good in the evil before her. She does not see us as a threat; I don't think she ever did. She does not fear evil. She deserves life. She deserves freedom, Isabella. Let her remain with the heathens. Actually, if I could, I would much rat...

  • Bound by Blood
    238K 16K 31

    When Ari touches a cursed artifact and becomes possessed by a powerful spell, he must find a way to control it or risk losing himself and the half-vampire he loves. ***** Aristotle Lorenfield knows he's unusual. He lives in a museum of haunted objec...

  • Redeem ( finished) made long time ago.
    66.3K 2K 25

    What if Rui wanted to redeem himself, he saw a spark from Tanjiro and Nezuko. He wanted to fix his mistake. Tanjiro and Nezuko helps Rui out and his adventure with them begins.

    Completed   Mature
  • Blossom- Tanzen story(rewriting)
    31.3K 550 5


  • Good boy!( Wolf Bakugo X Reader )
    364K 9.8K 34

    Taken away at birth , Katsuki bakugo was left in a box on the streets. (Y/n) finds him and takes him to her home. If she gets him, then she has to get all the changes too. (I'm crap at descriptions. Sorry!) Cover: by @IDONTKNOWSQUADLEADER

  • A Butterfly on a Pond
    126K 2.1K 32

    Set in an Alternate Universe, The progression of Tomioka Giyu and Kocho Shinobu's relationship Demon Slayer is the property of Koyoharu Gotouge, I own nothing but this story, all fanarts and visuals are credited to their respective owners This story will focus mainly on Tanjiro, Nezuko, Zenitsu, Inosuke, Giyu, Shinobu...

  • Funny mha pics 1
    232K 4.8K 26

    It basically all the mha pictures I have on my phone. NOT MY ARTWORK. Enjoy!

  • How Really My Life was (Giyu x Shinobu)
    156K 2.5K 21

    Some of the major events happened in manga may be reversed in this fanfic book. And also, some spoilers from the manga may appear in here as well. Kocho Shinobu really loves to tease Giyu Tomioka even she really hates him due to his personality and lack of communication skills towards others. But how she would react t...

  • Demon Slayer Ships
    285K 5.3K 43

    Just some cute images of cute ships that come from demons slayer. Read it if you want, or don't. It's your choice, and I'm here to judge you, my fellow shipping fangirl/boy (we don't assume gender here) Cover made by the lovely, @textisitr

  • in your embrace where time doesn't exist
    4.2K 98 3

    TANJIROU X NEZUKO One century had passed since the great battle against Kibutsuji Muzan. Continuously changing their identities, oni Tanjirou and Nezuko still looking for the cure to turn them back to human. But lately, Nezuko started questioning herself; could her wish remain the same as her brother's while the time...