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  • Ancestors: The Other World
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    Ancestors: The Other World There are two worlds, the Material World and the Other World. The material world consists of machines, humans and animals. Normal in our eyes. The Other World consists of humans, machines and animals too, but they have one main difference. Many ancient and mythical beasts which used to roam...

  • Pokemon - a new world (I suck at creating titles leave me ALONE)
    2.4K 182 69

    Nintendo had been hiding pokemon for a very long time and been using them as marketing for the last few years and when they finally realised they're mistake of stuffing them and hiding them hurts them, so they released the pokemon. Pokefans across the world have been elected by the new ministry of pokemon to be Pokemo...

  • two hearts~~ A Luqi (lucas And Yuqi) Fanfiction
    8.9K 183 23

    First of all, I don't hate any kpop idols. I am also a hugr Luqi fan. Everything here is fiction and i hope none of you get mad. My fav grp is Skz btw FINISHED

  • ~Jungkook x Reader~
    1.4K 72 18

    Updates every 🌈Friday morning 🌙 Y/N met this guy by coincidence at a park, while it was raining. Unexpected even, right? Later on, you get surprised that he looks so much like Jungkook that you start thinking that he is actually Jungkook himself. But at one point, he did something that made you think he wasn't Jungk...

  • Not you and not me
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    Started publishing on: 18/7/2020 View goal: 25 :) Whaddup readers! I see you've stumbled upon my page ༼ つ ◕◡◕ ༽つ Please check out my "not you not me" short story. I'll try to post every fortnite but I might be busy hehe 😅 Please try to be nice here and leave some cool comments. Constructive criticism is greatly appr...

  • Element bending - An ATLA and a LOK fanfic
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    Five girls, 5 problems. Each following one journey together as friends for life. Sylvia, a firebender, who struggles with following the standard of her parents. Brooklyn, a water bender who struggles to bend. Janice, a firebender, who is trying to find her destiny. Layla, an airbender who is trying to find her past...