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  • Captivated
    119K 4.9K 45

    After being abducted by a sadistic sociopath, Reign O'Connor devises a plan to make her captor's son fall in love with her in order to aid in her escape.

  • The Night Of August 15th
    102K 7.1K 35

    In high school, a group of notorious friends buried a secret and promised to take that secret to their graves, they part ways never to see each other again. Five years later they are all brought back together, they're lured to a campsite by a mysterious person in a yellow hoodie and there they receive a message - one...

  • Until Proven Innocent
    146K 12.7K 52

    Following the birth of her first child, Cordelia Waters suffered from a severe postpartum psychosis. When six months later, her baby goes missing, Cordelia becomes the prime suspect.

  • A Body in the Backyard: #4
    201K 8.1K 19

    It's just an ordinary day for octogenarian sleuth Myrtle Clover-until her yardman discovers a dead body planted in her backyard. This death isn't cut and dried-the victim was bashed in the head with one of Myrtle's garden gnomes. Myrtle's friend Miles recognizes the body and identifies him as Charles Clayborne... rel...

  • And Then There Were Five
    112K 11.4K 96

    On a cold and stormy night in October, six people enter a hotel room. But by the time morning comes, there will only be five of them left. *** Five months prior, McKenna Macintosh meets Carter Ford and is swept into a whole new world. As the summer progresses, so does the friendship between McKenna and Carter. But th...

  • A Small Town
    145K 2.8K 10

    **This is a Preview of the first seven chapters - if you enjoy please consider purchasing the full book on (its less than the price of a cup of coffee) Link: ** Ding Dong Dell... the Witch is in the well... Reeling from a nasty divorce, Jeffrey "Bax" Baxter heads north t...

    Completed   Mature
  • Secrets Worth Killing For
    185K 10.8K 22

    While investigating the mysterious deaths of three girls in the remote town of Briarwood, Detective Evan O'Riley tries to solve a cold case of the town's serial killer from the 1960's. *** Three sixteen-year-old girls are found dead after being plunged off the roof of their school. The question it poses: did they jump...

  • Missing Like You
    94.8K 7.8K 67

    When Isabelle Donovan doesn't show up for work one morning, it calls for great concern. Isabelle has a near perfect attendance record and wouldn't dare miss a day without giving notice. The police begin investigating right away and focus on her husband, Scott Donovan, who she separated from six months prior. Scott, wh...

  • The Mystery Letters
    116K 7K 29

    Hannah lost her twin sister Hailey when she was 12 in an accident, or so they believed. The case had been closed, everyone seemed to move on except for Hannah. So what will she do when she starts receiving letters ten years later from an unknown person, who reveals himself to be her sister's killer? How will she...