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  • Girl Next Door ✔️
    3.4M 150K 74

    "We need to start from the beginning. We need to find out who actually did it." ••• Alexandra Black's new found perfect life turns upside down when her psychotic ex-boyfriend, literally, crashes into her life with his car. He wants her back, he'd kill anyone who comes between him and her, even if it was Alexandra hers...

  • Diary of a School Girl (Ongoing)❤
    153 41 4

    "What will be my fate," Aurora wrote in her diary **************************************************** Aurora is just an ordinary schoolgirl who likes putting all her emotions when she writes about her school life well things were going great for Aurora until the worst happened. What happened to Aurora's diary? Will...

  • Short Poems
    2.7K 562 80

    short raw poems. Disclaimer- some poems contains mention of suicide, depression ( people suffering from mental health please avoid, contains strong language) Don't repost without permission!

  • Captured By The Obsession
    3.1K 95 6

    Ella was a breed from a werewolf father and a human mother. After losing both of her parents at the time of a war breakout, she started to live in the packhouse with the other wolves of her pack. On the verge of her teens, she was still living a mateless life. But all of a sudden her life took a turn when she finall...

  • The CALLEN's: {dylan's P.O.V}
    3.8K 1.3K 21

    Two highschoolers. defensless Geek and a giant softie get isekai'd into a different world. Now they only have two options: 1. Fight 2. Die What will they choose? Will they survive? Follow their adventures A M.A.D original project.

  • Calvin and Hobbes ( Season 1 )
    269 50 7

    This story will be comedy and will be fantastic. The story will consist of full dialogues

    153 23 2

    IT IS A POEM FOR TRUE LOVERS... also for long distance relationships.. Our feelings to our loved ones are priceless...though it is not possible to express all feelings but I have tried to express this feelings with some lines.. READ IT AND ENJOY... DONOT FORGET TO SHARE WITH UR SOULMATE.

    781 237 58

    *RISE & RESIST* Sara George, a young and talented detective comes face to face to her past life traumas due to her work. Plus... Her personal life can be of no help to ease her escape from her pains as it's totally filled with foul suspicions and betrayal. What happens when her personal issues clashes with her chaotic...

    Completed   Mature
  • Harmony in the dark
    540 126 10

    Poetry can take various forms but always expresses a message in a unique way, often with rhythm or rhyme. So this is my way to express myself... Hope you like it!

  • The Green Birds And Their Dog Days
    1.5K 175 18

    Prologue Transformation never really occurs through the path of salvation and meditation, at times, life becomes rash unexpectedly , bringing changes within. The protagonist changes from a Chicle gum to a hard sugar candy. The rebellious attitude and arrogance, are at times enjoyable. But with her sharp view, ther...

  • The Story Of Night
    27 4 1

    This is my first poetry. I hope you will love it Thank you 💞 Paramita Sen

    Completed   Mature
  • little beauties 😍
    134 63 6

    about a group of friends that decide to become famous. so they want to start a band. well they are good,but how do they make for people to discover them and show them that they are musicians but first they came up with a band name and a song. so they made a YouTube channel and they shared their videos online and on so...

  • Best movement of love is realisation
    2.2K 63 14

    Sonak drags riya along with him to the parking lots. Confused riya sat on the passenger seat, after some time realising the awkward silence she casually asked Are you jealous, but it's not possible because it's just an arrangement by our parents. Sonak leans closer to her face suddenly, "Jealousy is not a part of me...

    5.8K 863 30

    She was like art, exquisite & fascinating. Admired by many, yet he was the one who truly had the privilege to understand the story her colors told. He was like the ocean magnificent & beautiful, although equally powerful feared by those who surrounded him. Still she found peace within his wilderness, d...

    98 13 3

    Its a collection of short stories.Its all about my feelings and thoughts about the different things that happen around the world .May it be something happy ,sad , dangerous or emotional .You can find all of these feelings ina these few words that i have written.Hope u like them.

  • My Husband & His Kids ❤️
    17.6K 760 15

    Marriage!!! At the age of 25, is a common venture in Indian Society🤷.... Here I am getting ready for my marriage to a stranger, whom I haven't met My cousin sister was supposedly to get hitched today and here I am getting married in her Mandap, in her bridal outfit, in her jewellery, to her fiance I have doubts whe...

  • Knowingly or Unknowingly
    148 6 3

    Read the story to find out the real estate tycoon Swaminathan's adopted son Nithilan to fall for his real son Kavin whereas Nidharsan excited about the re-entry of his childhood sweetheart- Ilakiya. Nithilan and Nidharsan are childhood friends who meet two juniors in their college which rekindles their past. Nidharsan...

  • A Geek's Musings
    500 137 13

    Just about some poetry about an introvert trying to find her footing in life and despite her shy nature, she is still striving to write some poetry.. Also all the pictures are from pinterest!! Beautiful as they may be, they are not mine..

  • Little Red Riding
    55 7 1

    Sweet story

    219 37 8

    Let's just say it isn't like every other story , where the infamous bad boy falls for the shy and silent angel . It would be safe to say it is the other way round , but then again Maya kashyap is not a fan of clichés . Sure she brings mayhem with her wherever she goes , Mayhem...... Oh how she loves it. ...

  • May be that was only me
    60 11 6

    Having a crush on your playboy friend High school sweethearts

  • Apology to self
    14 5 2

    And I finally realised that its enough of it now.. all the sufferings and the pain I burdened myself with just to satisfy some insane people who are always left unsatisfied no matter how much harder I try... So here's it an apology from me to myself! ;)

  • Adhuri ...!!
    38.4K 1.3K 13

    Hi Guys!! Thought of writing after a long time.. The recent track is killing me and I feel so demotivated to even think of writing something but this time I made up my mind and thought of writing... The story won't be the typical story that you are expecting. It will be very different but not in the first chapter thou...

    Completed   Mature
  • My Destiny
    1.5K 177 4

    swara a simple , reserved and introvert girl always busy in her world doesnt mingle with others easily . Other side sanskar a totally opposite to swara funloving , joyous , and a flirty guy spreads happiness around his surroundings . what happened ???? when these two opposites meet one who is only live in her wor...

  • Guardians: The Last Elder
    6.9K 1.2K 30

    [A Wattpad featured story] After witnessing a gruesome case of murder, sixteen-year-old Ava Young is thrown into the world of the Guardians, a cadre of warriors sworn to protect the earth from the destruction of demons. But beneath the magical landscapes and the fantastical creatures, a threat is brewing. Guardians a...

  • Revenge turned into love
    337 33 1

    This is a story of a girl who gets betrayed by her lover Swara (hellyshah) : A simple ,sweet and calm girl now totally changed into an cold ,ruthless and business women what makes her change suddenly ?????, Sanskar (Varunkapoor) : A cold ,ruthless and arrogant man for others but he has an soft heart in...

  • Pokemon- The Story of Kindness between Ash and His Pokemons
    22 9 1

    This is my own story. I know pokemons very well and I love pokemons. But in this only 5-7 episodes will be consisted.