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  • Daylight // minayeon
    2.1K 285 15

    One wedding will change both Nayeon and Mina's lives, as they unintentionally crossed lines they shouldn't have. Are they going to listen to what their mind is saying or what their heart is aching?

  • Above Us (OMEGAVERSE)
    32.7K 1.7K 43

    "Yes, I'm an Alpha and don't worry, my dick won't get hard on you". - Ryujin "Let's have deal, whenever i'm having a heat, you know, help me. But first rule, we're just helping each other and you must not fall inlove with me." - Yeji "A Professor who's falling to her Student, i guess that's me." - Professor Jihye, the...

    Completed   Mature
  • Once Upon Online
    151K 10.1K 160

    Yeji living in Canada with her boyfriend and daughter. She's very unhappy with her life. She meets a guy online and get close with them. What happens when she finds out this guy is actually a girl?

    Completed   Mature
  • Love Potion No. 9
    26.3K 1.2K 7

    Converted story Chaeyoung came upon a real love potion. Which she used for Jennie's boyfriend to love her. But it so happens the wrong person drinks it and they fell in love with Chaeyoung. And to Chaeyoung's bargain, it's Jennie.

    Completed   Mature
  • OMIALBG || yejisu
    33.5K 2.1K 36

    Yeji Hwang is straight even if most people around her are gay. Like her best friend Winter, and Winter's girlfriend Karina. Even Karina's best friend, Lia Choi; the Queen Bee, leader of the cheerleading team, and someone that everyone's afraid of. When Yeji and Lia suddenly bonds together at a party, Yeji's life will...

  • Lowkey | Chaerlia
    11.7K 673 18

    Let's keep it lowkey A short story of Chaeryeong and Lia's life in Itzy

  • Alpha and Her Mate
    99.8K 5.6K 61

    Follow Ryujin and Yeji's lives as Alpha and Mate. Ryujin trying her best as Alpha while trying to help her mate heal from the damage her abusive pack has caused. *TW* might contain abuse and other things.

    Completed   Mature
  • Soulmate
    55.6K 3.8K 41

    Yeji has been waiting for her 21st birthday so she can finally see her soulmate. Cover has nothing to do with story. Just thought they were cute lol. This story was inspired by @southern_casual story 'ill see you when I fall asleep'

    Completed   Mature
  • Take Two | jensoo
    115K 5.1K 20

    Jisoo has a second chance with her unrequited high school crush. Can she make it work this time around? jensoo being the cutest dorks FLUFF NO ANGST originally written by ©maria1299 5/2/19

  • Stargazing - Ryeji
    12.1K 437 20

    Hwang Yeji, an ex-convict, meets and falls in love with Shin Ryujin, a blind call center agent. Inspired by the movie "Always".

  • MY BAD GIRL || chaennie
    26.5K 1.3K 10

    Jennie Kim is the epitome of a bad girl but all Park Chaeyoung can see is a cute angel sent from above. Ft. Krystal Jung A CONVERTED FIC

  • Servant-(Sahyo)
    85.7K 3.9K 83

    {COMPLETED} Sana is a poor collage dropout who needs a job to pay for rent in the apartment she is staying at with her childhood friend Momo. Sana applies for a trainee job at Park Entertainment that is run by Park Jihyo a rich billionaire, but she fails until someone recommends her to be the servant to the well known...

    Completed   Mature
  • 'Til Next Time (On-Hold)
    4.3K 190 4

    •DdaengDdeong [¹⁸+] Fanfic AU• - wherein Shin Ryujin, a skilled In-home Massage Therapist made her new client named Hwang Yeji, smitten over her.

    40K 2.1K 45

    A human heart has its own rhythm, its own melody. It sings of songs of pain and happiness but what people don't know if you listen closely you'll hear songs that were sung for you. A story about reliving one's younger years.

  • High School Sweet Hearts (Ryeji)
    54.1K 2.9K 41

    Ryeji adaptation. Original "High school Sweet hearts|Jenlisa" by Lisayaya. Lisayaya profile: High school Sweet Hearts| Jenlisa:

  • Beautiful
    129K 6.5K 51

    Both were raised differently. Mina being an omega that was raised by Alphas, meant she had little alpha tendencies that usually pushed others away. Being raised by a pack leader instead of parents, Sana had been raised to be the most prim and proper version of herself. Both of them had different goals in life, the o...

  • Hershe (Ryeji ver.)
    77.9K 4.8K 52

    When two people found something they weren't looking for--in each other. This is a ryeji adaptation. Approved by the original author schindlee. Converted ff. Original: Hershe - Seulrene by schindlee schindlee profile: Hershe - Seulrene:

  • Sleepless Nights: Jinlia One Shots
    16.9K 516 16

    One shots of the ship JinLia! Also... I CAN'T SLEEP. halp :<

    Completed   Mature
    18.4K 1.1K 52

    There's no hiding from one's soulmate. They will meet. They will fall. And it will be forever. Original Story by @schindlee Cover by @B3Moka

    Completed   Mature
  • Aphrodite's Spell
    7.8K 432 13

    Mina, Mina burns like the sun, bright and radiant, comforting from a distance but intense in proximity and Nayeon is content where she is, revolving around her in her own orbit. But like a phoenix that rises from the ashes, flapping its wing towards what it should stay away from, Nayeon can't help but be drawn by Mina...

  • The Rules of The Werewolf
    192K 3.8K 11

    Werewolves are mysterious creatures that are very hard to understand, right? This is not a story, but a guide to help all of you confused readers- and will also help you enjoy not only werewolves better, but their stories as well! Enjoy! (Also a good reference if you are planning on writing a werewolf book(: #1 Ranked...

  • She
    41.3K 2.3K 49

    For Hwang Yeji and Choi Jisu, they meant the world to each other. Best friends and lovers who shared countless memories and moments together, good and bad. Though they had no clue of what tomorrow may bring, they had each other today and that was more than they were happy with. All was well until Yeji left one day...

  • Love For Sell
    46.8K 1.3K 15

    [G!P] Tzuyu, the rising star of Seoul, South Korea, was beginning to feel the stress of fame and her work. Add to that the lack of company, and orgasams, she was definitely in need of help.Thanks to Lisa, she meets g!p Sana, the prostitute. But is that all she ever will be to Tzuyu. A Satzu adaption CREDITS TO THE ORI...

    Completed   Mature
  • Only Desire
    2.8K 117 1

    GP Sana wants a baby and she's had enough of Tzuyu's excuses. Tzuyu learns just how far her wife will go to get what she wants. A Satzu Adaption CREDIT TO THE ORIGINAL AUTHOR

  • Your Name || yejisu
    19.2K 1.3K 31

    Lia Choi and Yeji Hwang. To everyone's eyes, they were nothing to each other except that they were secretly lovers. But what will happen when Lia is involved in a car accident and loses her memory. Everyone will try to help her remember but how can she remember something or rather someone no one knows about? How can...

  • Shot through the heart (And Missed It By A Mile)
    1.7K 122 4

    Nayeon is the worst cupid in the history of- well cupids and is sent to earth with her assistant Jeongyeon to prove herself. The task is fairly easy- get Park Jihyo and Mintosaki Sana fall in love. There's just one problem, she is not allowed to use her powers. ( Sahyo endgame, 2yeon bro crack and a bit of Minayeon on...

  • Girl meets evil [ JEONGMI ]
    42.3K 1.4K 18

    Mina wanted to protect her brother... Even if that costed her own life.

  • To the End of the World
    20.3K 1.4K 60

    [COMPLETED] I wasn't sure how people handle unexpected life twists. Situations like this, well, they aren't taught at schools. Sure, books and movies puts you insight but those were already planned and everything is under control, the main character will always find its self victorious at the end (or maybe not) but a...

  • Eternity [ryeji]
    43.6K 2.6K 71

    Two immortals who have pasts and who met each other at an art gallery. What could possibly happen once they meet and get to know more each other? ----- a ryeji adaptation i do not own anything. all credits goes to the original and amazing writer, 'thedonkatsu' who writes taeny fanfics. this is from their website: http...

  • Always Been You (Ryeji Converted)
    40.8K 1K 20

    This fic is originally a Jerrie Fanfiction with the same title and I do not have any claims regarding this story. I just altered the details such as names etc. etc. All credits to writer @jerrieisgoals and please check her works out!

    Completed   Mature