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  • Kobayashi Dragon Maid's Jojo
    335 19 5

    A crossroad between Jojo's Bizarre adventures and Kobayashi dragon maid. enjoy

  • Unnoticed Affection (Complete)
    95.6K 2.3K 11

    At his third year at U.A. Izuku finally learns that Yui has been his upstairs neighbor for his whole life! He begins to befriend her, wanting to get to know someone he didn't know was always so close... Because Yui Kodai was doing everything in her power to get him to notice her, except interacting with him!

  • The Seven Deadly Sins X Demon Slayer X KonoSuba And Other Unknown Universe
    800 3 17

    This is a tale of ancient times when the human and non human worlds were not yet divided. The world was at the most devastating period than it ever was ever before! Each and every races of living creatures form allie with others to crash yet another group. Among them are many individuals and groups who will try to sto...

  • Izuku's Daycare 2.0
    2.8K 142 4

    A better Version than the Last One I made...Which was a Fail.

  • The Fruit of Betrayal
    16.1K 221 4

    Izuku Midoriya gets framed for a crime which he didn't commit. Everyone in UA hates him except a certain group class 1-b.

  • Girl's School Lover Boy
    15.2K 469 8

    Yup, You read the title...

  • (Completed)CopyCat's Tamer
    109K 1.3K 12

    Izuku has a quirk....sorta. when he was young he was neglected since his mother was basically a beyatch. He then finds the last Chakra fruit created by Naruto, Sasuke and Kaguya. he gains the knowledge of the three former most powerful beings in the universe.

  • Host hero
    84.9K 1.4K 12

    A Third year Midoriya finds it hard to earn money through his hero career after getting pay suspension due to a fight with Bakugo. With nothing to lose and everything to gain, he decides to take a job as a host.

  • Hololive's Time Leaper [ DISCONTINUED ]
    550 37 1

    " Everything I do is all for you. Sure, you are bound to despise me because of the actions I will take, but I am willing to take that risk..." ... ... ... " All for the sake of the promise we made together." ======= ⚠️ Do note that this story is a spin-off of Hololive Madness. I don't recommend reading this if you hav...

  • A Match made in Hell
    647 29 1

    Izuku x Minamoto no raikou from Fgo

  • My Maid Momo!
    158K 6.5K 37

    During his third year at U.A., Izuku Midoriya's mom decides to spend the year overseas with Izuku's dad, leaving the teen-hero home alone. Although he thought he would be able to handle it, his school life and hero work prove to be too much of a responsibility, which causes him to fall behind on his house chores. To m...

  • El Filibusterismo (English Version)
    52.8K 243 41

    I didn't expect anyone to read this lol

  • Mr. Midoriya, You're Quite Illusive
    13.6K 663 10

    An AU where All Might passed his quirk to Deku but instead of becoming a hero, Izuku walked the path of money and business. A very powerful man, he owns shadow companies, off the books facilities and more. As per agreement between the Yaoyorozou clans and Midoriya Tycoon, a matured Momo marries the Illusive Man and be...

  • Welcome To Reality, Girls
    31.5K 763 8

    Izuku Midoriya used to play a game called Doki Doki Literature Club, which is the only game he used to play before because he was fascinated with the game...mostly the girls, he wouldn't lie about that. Anyways, once Izuku graduated from Aldera High, he forgot about the game...and some time when he reaches U.A, he fin...

  • Umbrakinetic Hero
    153K 3.4K 23

    Izuku Midoriya. The name of a boy whose dream was to be nothing more than a hero more than anything else in the world. He had always admired the line of work and wanted to be a hero who saves with a smile. Like his idol, the No. 1 Hero, the Symbol of Peace, AllMight. But growing up with he's kind of quirk, let's just...

  • Isseis useless brother
    285K 3.5K 15

    izuku Hyoudou is the unseen and unneeded brother who no one thinks about well other than his parents but what everyone doesn't know is that Ddraig has been training the boy to overcome even the balance breaker .

  • Curse of Muzan
    40.2K 1.7K 22

    Family burned at the stake, Izuku Midoriya runs away from the sight of the assailants he had lived with to find somewhere to hide. His crime in their eyes, his half demon blood lineage with his family paying the punishment of hiding him. Now trained in the art of the Demon Slayer Corps, Izuku fights the endless hoards...

  • Let it BURN! (Flame Quirk Izuku)
    26.2K 340 9

    Ever wonder what Izuku's life would be like if he had a quirk? What if his dad and mom's quirk made up his? What if he was more confident? Let's find out how badass he can be! Izuku x Harem (mainly IzuFuyu)

  • How I Met Your Father(Completed)
    41K 1K 16

    "Mom! Who's this with you!?" "You're... Father... Wow, he looks so young." "You never told us about him." "I do believe it's time..."

  • Back in Black(Male child reader X adoptive mother Natasha Romanova)
    3.5K 76 3

    First, Thanos snapped wiping out half of all life. Five long years later, Bruce Banner snapped and undid the destruction at the cost of someone who he loved. Then, Tony Stark snapped and destroyed Thanos and his army. But that's not all he did, he traded his soul for the soul of Natasha Romanova.

  • Our little darling~Yandere motherly succubus x abused child reader. Discontinued
    123K 1.5K 25

    Y/N never had a happy childhood, to begin with. His parents gave him away to his abusive relatives when he was 3 yrs old and his life since has been hell. He was constantly hit, yelled at, did all of the chores with little food and little to no love at all. So by the time he turned 6 yrs old, his relatives decided to...

    Completed   Mature
  • A Saiyan Love (Caulifla x Izuku)
    112K 1.2K 8

    After izuku know ochako using him to get close to bakugou behind his back he felt heartbroken and hated ochako and bakugou then he decided to go train with goku in universe 7 and met someone that changed his life and heart. Ps if this is good please follow and thank you

  • Right Place, Wrong Time (Izuku x Kendo) [Discontinued for rewrite]
    102K 1.8K 27

    [DISCONTINUED IN FAVOR OF REWRITE] Rewrite: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- When Izuku Midoriya meets Itsuka Kendo while on a cinnamon roll run, the two...

  • The Devil Gene Hero (MHA x Male Character)
    9.4K 142 9

    You are the son of Jin Kazama and Ling Xiaoyu. You learned a variety of martial arts and swordsmanship throughout your childhood and learn how to control the devil gene that's on your father side of the family. What will happen when your classmates learn about your family's heritage? I don't own My Hero Academia, Tekk...

  • The Rise of a Knight!
    218 16 3

    In a world full of magic and mythical beasts. Dragons, Fairies, and other beasts. Human harness the power of Magic and practice it. The Knights are the warriors who protect the country and kingdom. However, one boy, was born with no magic. He is the only non-magic user in this world. His name is Izuku Midoriya. Despit...

  • Room For Three (Adopted By Thekingwolf81174)
    79.2K 1.4K 21

    Instead of meeting Uraraka, Izuku met no one when walking through the gates of U.A. He instead saves Jirou from being crushed. Momo is Jirou's childhood friend. They met in elementary and stuck together ever since. Jirou was surprised when she had found out how rich Momo is. Momo gets jealous of how close Izuku and Ji...

  • Male Reader X Fem Yandere Various
    2.8M 15.5K 200

    This isn't just a Yandere book. Sometimes it's also for spoilers and information.

    Completed   Mature
  • The children of a deku
    31.8K 358 8

    Kids have fallen out of a wormhole who do they belong to and how did they come to be.