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  • A Billionaire's Bodyguard
    3.2K 221 11

    Percy woke up on the bank of a lake just outside Gotham city. Problem? Oh, not many besides her scratches, scars, and... right... memory loss. While finding her footing in Gotham she finds a job offer to become some rich guy's bodyguard. In an effort to obtain a fully normal life she looks to get the job, what happe...

  • Healer (Fem. Percy x Young Justice)
    20.3K 882 8

    Sometimes people can't help being heroes and Percy is one of those people. After a life of adventures and quests, Percy thought she'd want to do normal things. But after stopping a woman from bleeding out on the streets of Manhattan, she became entangled in the want to help people. She fashioned a costume and went ou...

  • The Sea's Warrior (Fem Percy x YJ) [REWRITE]
    135K 4.1K 41

    Percy has faced down the horrors of war and the mythological world. Now dealing with the aftermath of the final battle, she's sent to live with a relative. One who has nonconventional hobbies such as crime fighting and vigilante justice This is a rewrite of the original version, since it took me about two years to wri...

  • Princess of the Sea (Fem Percy x YJ)
    144K 3.9K 28

    Children of Poseidon are automatically in line for a throne in one of the Atlantean city-states, something that has not happened since before the Oath of the Big Three. Since then, Atlantis has rallied under one king with only a few scattered cities ruling independent. Thus was King Orin's rule. Percy is the first Pos...

  • The Sea's Warrior (Fem. Percy/YJ crossover)
    949K 25.2K 87

    Fem Percy goes to live with an uncle she never knew she had I'll make this better later

  • Real (bat boys)
    38.9K 1.2K 49

    A lonely girl, a flash of light, 4 brothers who need a place to stay. Cora Sanchez, a girl left alone for much too long. Damian Wayne, a boy who hates human contact. Dick Grayson, Jason Todd and Tim Drake, 3 brothers who are enjoying the youngest's suffering. Word count: 76, 456 words This is a Damian x oc book but...

  • How a Villainess fell in love
    41.9K 2K 63

    It's been 5 years since the daughter of Poseidon ran away from camp half blood. It's been 3 since she's been declared an official villain and only 5 months since she's been living in her new apartment. Percy tried her best to keep to herself, truly it was a good effort, but all good things must come to an end as she...

  • Coffee buddies
    158K 5.7K 61

    Fem! Percy x Tim Drake Persephone Jackson or better known as Percy was done with the whole being a "savior of Olympus" so she decides to leave and go to the most crime ridden city in the area. Gotham. One day she just wants a coffee and just so happens to come across a pretty great guy. They hit it off and the rest i...

  • Lost Hero
    57.2K 2.5K 38

    After the wars, after all the people she lost, Percy was tired. She was done with the mythical world, all she wanted was peace. So she returned home to her mother's apartment. But she couldn't stand the looks she was given by her mother, the pitying looks. So she moved away from everything she knew and everything that...

  • Fused Shadows
    223K 7.8K 25

    He didn't mean to. But they didn't care. Not even his 'sister'. It wasn't him. They didn't listen. Now he is gone and everything is fine. (Pjo x Dc). (Disclaimer: I don't own Dc or Pjo). Set after the books. Might not be the best but I'll try. Read to find out more. Not edited.

  • A Bat's Sibling | Red Hood
    30.3K 1.2K 33

    No love interests - He leaned back on his chair, his arms covered his eyes, before lifting them into the air in frustration and excitement, "my family is cursed." He let in a small smile and a tear slip and whispered, "I have a little sister." A blood-fucking-related sister and her life is just as fucked up as mine, "...

  • Percy, Meet the Waynes
    110K 3.9K 61

    (before I begin this is my first story, and second all the art is mine created purely for this story) Persephone Jackson, or better known as Percy has been through her fair share of shocking things. So upon finding her mortal parents dead and being left in the care of her uncle. She wasn't all to surprised that it hap...

  • The Deal (FemPercyxDamian)
    1.4K 92 1

    When Percy finally decides enough is enough, she leaves the godly world to the one place they can't find her; Gotham City Out on her own Percy meets a young man who shows her surprising kindness. Turns out they both can help each other. A deal is struck between them, and day by day they unravel the other's secrets. B...

  • Nobody Said It Was Easy
    110K 2.8K 14

    Persephone (Percy) Jackson likes to think that if she had known what was coming when she had boarded that warship on her way to Greece to save the world than she would have done something different. Anything different. Because there had to be a way to save them, right? Out of any of her hundreds of decisions during th...

  • Fem!Percy. Jackson Meets Batfam
    60.2K 2.2K 12

    Percy Jackson just came back from war. Yes, they won, but at what cost? So many demigods dead, so many lives lost... and now, she's waltzing back to her moms life only to find her crazy family doesn't end at her fathers side. Join Percy as she discovers a whole new kind of crazy. Welp, when is her life ever calm? I do...

  • Tender Love
    2.1K 136 3

    She's changed you can see it in her eyes, feel it in her touch, hear it in her tone. she's not the same and she's never coming back. Warning - contains curse words Disclaimer: I do not own the characters nor do I own any of the music or art used in the story.

  • MAELSTROM [femPercy x DC]
    84.3K 3.5K 47

    It's a new day. Bruce Wayne has been living the normal life. Billionaire Playboy by day, and Batman by night. Until recently, that is. He's noticed someone watching him. Someone suspicious. So what does he do? Confront them as Batman, of course. It's a new day. Percy Jackson has been living the life of an...

  • I have an Uncle? ( ON HOLD)
    60.3K 1.9K 18

    After the war, all Percy wanted to do was go home and be at peace. But what happens when she finds out that her mother has been murdered and she has to move in with her uncle? Best ranks: #3 in dc (22 September 2021) #6 in dc (15 september 2021) #1 in bluecookies (01 October 2021)

  • Saving Grace: a Batman fanfiction
    27.2K 978 23

    Dick was used to having three little brothers. And since Damian hadn't died or separated himself from Bruce yet, (Bruce had created somewhat of a predictable algorithm by now, you see,) he wasn't expecting Bruce to adopt another kid. But what he didn't factor into his Bruce's-Home-For-Strays-Algorithm was Bruce's own...

  • Little Miss Mischief- A Damian Wayne x OC Fanfic- DISCONTINUED
    21K 945 19

    *WARNING, CONTAINS NO NO SWEARS , SOME BADASS VIOLENCE AND FATAL AMOUNTS OF SASS.* She was different than the other girls. Damian could tell that the minute he saw her. Maybe in a good way, but maybe not. A carefree stride, a mischievous smile, sharp chocolate brown eyes, and an even sharper silver tongue. She seemed...

  • Marmoris (FemPercy Jackson X Jason Todd)
    166K 7.3K 31

    A fempercy X Jasontodd where both complain about how messed up their families are, well, with less details about the whole superhero and god part of things. They find comfort in each other while respecting their boundaries. How do either sides find out? Who will find out first? and where can they find a good cup of co...

  • All at Sea (on Hiatus)
    88.6K 2.9K 23

    Percy fits the bill for Gotham's very favorite family for the heroic with miserably mysterious pasts. Getting placed in the custody of the Crown Prince of Gotham closes a door and opens another. Add half a dozen "roommates" to the mix and chaos ensues. Hyperactive teens, emotionally stunted father figures, and a high...

  • The babysitter
    423K 17.3K 51

    Percy Jackson finally gets a break. And where did she go? The most crime ridden city in the world, Gotham. Since Percy won two wars, she wanted to get away from her past. But since she needs a job, she took up a job, apparently babysitting a demon according to the people around her. She's babysitting Damian and Tim W...

  • Archangel {A Robin Love Story}
    126K 5.3K 45

    This isn't going to be one of those stories where you start off with the main character being normal. The truth is Scarlett Donovan is not normal, and has never been. She was hit with tragedy at a young age, which inevitably changes her life. Not only does it change her life, but it changes her physical being. She is...

  • Waiting for the Other Demon
    13.8K 632 6

    {BOOK 4 in The Demon Twins Series} It's been six years since they have last seen everyone. Everything has changed since then. Damian and his twin sister, Demetria, have traveled on their own, in search of revenge. Searching for their Grandfather-Ra's Al Ghul. Traveling for six long years, they've decided that it's ti...

  • The School Life of The Other Demon
    116K 5.1K 54

    {BOOK 3 in The Demon Twins Series} Months of recovering, meeting new people, and bonding with her family, Demetria Wayne and her twin brother, Damian Wayne, are ready to enter the life of a normal child. Well, slightly. They have still yet to learn the normal fundamentals of a normal city child. Join along to follow...

  • Born of Water and Wealth (Percy Jackson and Young Justice)
    99K 3.8K 18

    Percy Jackson is known by many people. The person who killed Medusa, the Hero of Olympus. Most of all, he was the guy who was known for sacrificing his life, so others could live. That's right, Percy Jackson son of Posiedon died during the Battle of Gaea (Gaia). Yet, his story doesn't end here. The gods had another pl...

  • Gotham's Girl
    382K 10.4K 36

    fem!Percy Jackson Ever wonder how Percy's life is outside of being a demigod? Other than what has been told before? First of all, she used to spend some time in Gotham -and she still does Second- you'll have to figure that out on your own SORRY FOR THIS!! - SLOW UPDATES

  • Percy Jackson in Gotham
    299K 10K 24

    When Percy Jackson graduates high school, his mom asks him to move out once he turns 18. She and Paul don't have enough money to support both him and their new daughter, Estelle. So, with the little money his mom was able to give him, Percy moves to the cheapest and most dangerous city in America: Gotham. After the su...

  • Ghost King Meets Batman
    1.3M 48.6K 70

    Nico Di Angelo gets adopted by Bruce Wayne after Batman witnesses him stalking around a cemetery in Gotham. He doesn't want to move in with Bruce but seeing as he can't supply any proof of his parents, or even his own birth records, he has no legal choice. Nico gets dragged into the Batfam. In this story, Nico's rela...