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  • Flowers From 1970
    550K 10.6K 20

    "a dnf (dream not found) fanfic about two boys in different times that will definitely leave you sobbing" Originally written by astronomika

  • Helium DNF -tbhyourelame on ao3
    702K 8.4K 16

    HIATUS--- This is the sequel to Heatwaves by tbhyourelame on AO3 summary: After years of online calls, late night texting, and out of sync sleep schedules, Sapnap and George finally visit Florida. Dream's aspiration to truly know himself is met with the return of missed chances, and uncertainty. Placed in the dead cen...

  • Animagus | Jeverus
    129K 6.4K 21

    While wondering around in the forbidden forest Severus finds a lonely stag amongst the woods in a clearing. What he didn't know was that his new found friend was his old school rival. And his old school rival might have been keeping more than just his animagus form secret. [ completed ✅] ( this is a book in collaborat...

  • I Even Like His Shocking Pickup Lines [ShinKami]
    448K 24.8K 43

    "You're just so.. so.." Hard to look away from, didn't sound like something Shinsou wanted to say out loud. "Irresistible?" "Infuriating." But he's not and Shinsou hates it. Until he doesn't. A long, fluffy, gay fanfic about our tired boi realising his feelings for our sparky boi during their second year with some lus...

    Completed   Mature
  • Suck up | Jeverus
    62K 2.9K 18

    James doesnt know how to grab the attention of the girl he likes. So what does his friends suggest? Sucking up to the gay best friend. Or James tries to get on severus' good side and accidentally falls in love with the wrong person. ( Muggle AU) ( completed ✅)

  • It Started With an Insult (Hermione x Pansy Parkinson)
    28.5K 1.2K 17

    When Hermione Granger proposes a way to prove to Pansy Párkinson that muggle born wizards are just as powerful as pure bloods, something sparks between the two witches. Will their journey end in vicious fights, or will it end in a heated romance? Read to find out...

  • Finding the Avatar: Water (Bnha x Avatar reader insert)
    143K 6.1K 66

    **Discontinued** (Bnha x Avatar reader insert) Y/n Ikeyuri's search for the next Avatar leads her to UA, the best hero school in Japan and alma matter of the last Avatar, the now dead hero AvaPaang. She wants to become the greatest water bending hero ever in order to help the Avatar bring peace to an earth which is st...

  • Fanfics in real lIfE
    1.2K 66 6

    This is what I think most people will do if Fanfics were real.

  • Can't go back
    492K 22.9K 21

    Teenlock! Like I said before, I don't usually do AUs, but I had the sudden urge to do a teenlock. I sent this to a friend and asked her to come up with a title with me, but she hasn't responded yet. I just put in a line for later, but if any of you have ideas for titles I'd love to hear suggestions. Later chapters to...

  • Zuko ain't so bad [zukaang]
    103K 3.6K 37

    Okay so, recap. This isn't canon, like at all so, shut up. It's also gay, like a lot, so, shut up. Toph has just joined the group teaching/protecting aang. They're all adjusting, so it's a bit difficult. This is directly before the duel at the abandoned town. Alright now that that's settled, we need a bit more info...