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  • The Bossy President
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    A 21 y/o girl named Stacy Smith applied for a job in the Collins Corp. As his secretary she must be with him 24/7. As time goes by they slowly fell inlove with eachother not knowing that they're arrange to marry eachother since they were kids. A 28 y/o guy named Alex Collins fell inlove with his secretary which is St...

  • Road to Illinois
    119 62 5

    Chance Lake is your average 14 year old boy, he lives in the boring state of Idaho, his dad is a farmer. With the death of his grandmother him and his family decide to take vacation to keep their minds away from her passing. On his way to Illinois he meets a girl. Her name is Alice May. The only thing getting in t...

  • Yöu & Í
    1.1K 325 42

    Two strangers Asher and McKenzie hate each other's company but what happens when they discover that they have some things in common .

  • Jokes by moi
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    Jokes made by me

    547K 16.3K 167

    Posting some of the creepiest facts ever found on the internet👌. Hope you have fun reading these❤.

  • Poetry Of No Genre (Cruise by Ellah)🌹
    1.8K 828 14

    Cruise. Take a Ride with me.. in my Train of thoughts! No Rules. 🌹

  • 1000 Questions & Dares
    55.1K 4K 100

    A book with 94k+ comments! #3 out of 34.9k books with the tag 'Questions'. Can you answer these funny and thought-provoking questions?? A collection of different types of questions for truth or dare and 20 questions to spice up your day. Try to answer the questions in the comments. Tag you...

  • LAGOS HUSTLE (Everyday Lifestyle)
    572 125 4

    After a series of haunting experiences In LAGOS, Africa's largest megaciy..🇳🇬 Ellah, a Lagos-raised youth, must survive the harsh realities of the city and conquer his own limiting beliefs! Armed with nothing but his sanity, he goes in pursuit of success.. 🌹 But what exactly is success? ***************************...

  • 🌼🌹the floral Awards(closed)🌹🌼
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    Open{❌} judging{❌ } participants{❌ } See you soon until another floral seson

  • Covers_🌸
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    "Design is thinking made visual" - Saul bass. This book contains collection all my covers which I have created.... I m Aaron(Erica), I loves to write stories which touches heart of the readers and design covers which captures their eyes. I'm a medical student who is amateur in designing. But, I thinks designing as a...

  • Resist Me Not
    15.4K 898 59

    Vicky Ashcroft is many things. A recent college graduate, an urban New Yorker, and recently engaged. And the cherry on top? She's the newest addition to one of the city's top architect firms. Vicky knows her life is perfect -- that is, until a night with her charismatic and affluent boss changes everything. Vicky's li...

    Completed   Mature
  • Black Beauties |Admin|
    1.6K 636 58

    Being black isn't easy, being yourself isn't easy, but if you trust in those you call family, you may just make it through the next hour. *Previous cover by @buckysuniverse*

  • The baby is mine:)
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    It a story about angel who is childhood friends with mark.... they get separated but meet again but did not recognize each other, later found out and dated then Mark ex girlfriend comes into the picture and cause havoc in angels life..... Her plans went too far and resulted in angel being raped when drunk by two men;...