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  • Maze | ✓
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    (The Slices of Life, #1) For years, one thing that has always been bothering her is the attempt to reconcile with her ex-childhood friend. She stares at him whenever he's around-at class, at lunch or even after school. She wants to hang out with him again like back then, but her anxiety always finds its way to stop h...

  • Matthew and the Chimney Sweeps: Book One (Completed, Editing)
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    2021 Editor's Picks Cover by : @Guinealove2005 Matthew, an orphaned safe-cracking wiz of a boy, is being held prisoner in an old folk's home where he is forced to counterfeit money. However, on a stormy night, Matthew is rescued by a crime-fighting troupe of child chimney sweeps and is swept away to the big city of S...