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  • SkepHalo Collection Book
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    Requests open! Feel free to drop a comment or DM with an idea you have! :D This book may include: - Smut [S] - Fluff [F] - Angst [A] - The gayest shit my mlm ass can come up with ▪ Every chapter will include warnings at the start to avoid triggers :D ▪ Updates are super slow sorry :( ▪ And finally, none of this follo...

  • ❤Random Skephalo Oneshots💙
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    So, Skephalo has stole my soul and I'm not getting it back anytime soon. This contains a LOT of fluff! (Because I need a lot of softness in my life u-u. Especially when it comes to these two.) I'm also open to hear requests! I love new ideas, seriously! A couple of these chapters were inspired by ideas I saw on Tumbl...

  • Skephalo Oneshots
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    Basically a collection of random writings i'll do. All based on prompts. I completely understand not wanting to ship real people! And i don't!!! Condone harassing these two amazing youtubers. If they ever talk about not wanting people to ship them and write about it, i will take this down. No NSFW or Smut because it...