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  • All hope lost (slow updates)
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    Adeline Renee Hope Addie was expecting a normal day go to class to see her favorite person hit the gym go home eat dinner and go to bed. But she wasn't expecting to see her General management professor taking a chunk out of one of her students. She also wasn't expecting to end up traveling with a ragtag group of hand...

  • Jinxed Jamie -The Walking Dead
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    Jamie was a normal 18 years old ready to take on the rest of her education to get to the next level of her career. However, her plans all tits up when the whole world goes to shit. Instead of learning the details of the human body, Jamie has to learn how to shot a gun, how to look after her younger brother now her fam...

  • The bored goddess (Discontinued)
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    (Phonix) This is a Ghostbird fanfic. Everything belongs to C.L. Stone except the plot and my original characters. This is my first fanfic as well as my first story so there will be mess ups and awkwardness. I appreciate kind words but everyone has their own opinion so I understand the reason behind harsh ones. Hope yo...