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  • World Traveler (Male Tobi/Obito Reader x Anime Worlds)
    136K 2.2K 99

    Short things up your Obito from Naruto and have his powers. These are not my Story or characters so give credit to the creators of these Anime's

  • A Warrior (Attack on Titan x Male Reader)
    5.4K 141 6


  • Black Clover Secre X Male Reader
    11.8K 126 4

    Read BIO for info

  • Brother From Another Father [Slow UPDATE- I Mean Literally]
    115K 3K 23

    This story happen few years before the third great shinobi war. Mamoru Uchiha, First son of Fugaku Uchiha and Mikoto Uchiha, Older brother for both Itachi and Sasuke, The Pride of the Uchiha Clan. This is the story of Mamoru's Uchiha Life. Everyone said that he's a child who's destined to born in clan, the Uchiha Clan...

  • 🤍Sinful🤍 (AOT x !SDS Reader)
    33.3K 919 13

    You're the 8th sin, the ghoul sin of seduction. You and the sins stop on an island that you never recognized. What happens when you learn there's a big problem on the island? Will you spark a romance with any of the Scouts?😳

  • attack on titan x male reader
    6.6K 94 9

    You were only 7 when this happened. When titans attacked everyone died not just to titans because of you and your monstrous rage at the sight of death you lost your humanity.

  • Aot x Male Reader (with My own twist...)
    82.2K 708 13

    man you horny 12 year olds will love this one, it's smut filled when humanity is truly pushed to its edge. (Stonehess is raided)

  • A Spirits Wind(My Hero Academia x Male Reader)
    382K 7.1K 41

    Y/N L/N doesn't care about heroes or villains. And could care less about most people. And to his discomfort he always seems to have the spotlight on him thanks to his super strong quirk. This is not the story of a hero, rather of one about a shut in trying to keep his sanity... ENJOY!

  • Naruto X Male Reader
    14K 284 9

    Kill. That is all our protagonist is taught, will a certain village save him or plunge him into darkness forever, will he be the downfall or will he be the savior. Read to find out while I squeal over Rimiru Tempest

  • The 10th Titan Shifter
    515K 12.2K 33

    Year 845, the year Wall Maria met its doom. The residents within Wall Maria stared at the wall. A head was now was a titan... 'A titan higher than the walls? That's impossible!' 'Quickly run before it...' BOOM!!! Wall Maria has now been breached and the titans had already entered the wall. Everyone ra...

  • a pure monstrosity (attack on Titan X male reader)
    130K 2.9K 28

    few people know of the nine titans and their story with Ymir but even fewer know of the 10th "Titan" that is said to represent Ymir's unbridled rage against the royal family. the story itself is rather simple. each titan represents a quality of Ymir. the colossal titan represents her power, the cart titan represents...

  • (ON HOLD) The Ultimate Titan (Annie X Male Titan shifter X Mikasa)
    147K 2.6K 16

    A Titan that has the abilities of other Titans and has full control over it. His name is Y/n L/n the Ultimate Titan. He escaped from Marley because he knew that they were planning something that will cause humanities extinction. Leaving a childhood friend behind, he swore to meet with her again soon. When he escaped h...

  • Black Clover: Golden Hope
    219K 4.2K 32

    Mana, the extremely vast source of magical energy which serves as the foundation of all life in a world where magic dictates everything. Its energy is an essential component to a person's life, as it grants them the ability to utilize and apply its power in the form of magical attributes, giving all mages control ove...

  • Male Uchiha Reader X My Hero Academia
    3.3K 82 4

    This is the remake of the original male uchiha reader x mha.

  • his one love. { temari x male reader }
    98.1K 1.9K 30

    This is my first request. I hope everyone, including the person who requested this story, enjoys. ------------------------- Temari is someone you've known since you were a kid. It didn't take you long to realize that you had feelings for her. Luckily, she felt the same way about you too. You two spent years together d...

  • Ino x Male!reader
    49K 657 21

    OLD STORY: At the age of 12 you are taken in by the third Hokage. Your families house burned down in the woods, you being the only survivor. He assigns you to the acadamy, as you show the dojutsu rinnegan but have yet to be able to activate it. The third allows you to live in the Hokage tower. This is your story. NEW...

  • Yellow flash (Naruto next generations x male reader)
    231K 4.1K 12

    You are Naruto's second oldest son and you fight like Minato |! I don't own Naruto, Boruto or any image used in this book !|

  • Naruto (Male Reader Insert)
    810K 22K 76

    (Y/N) (L/N) seems like a normal kid in Konoha. He wants to become a ninja and to have a good life. However, on the inside, it's a different story. A strange and almost alien power is within him, waiting to be unleashed. Can he suppress this power with the help of his friends, Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura? Or will the se...

  • Forgotten One [Black Clover X Male Reader]
    746K 30.3K 96

    A boy who's usually forgotten starts to get recognised . He's going to become the best Magic Knight he can be without anything stopping him even if he accidentally captures everyone's hearts making them all gay. [Black Clover X Male Reader] [Various Black Clover X Male Reader] He make them all go doki doki uwu.

  • ●◐Alicization: Reimagined◑●【AliceZuberg X Male!Reader! X OC】 ۩SAO: Alicization۩
    34.8K 763 10

    [Discontinued... or is it?] This is my own reimagination of SAO: Alicization, meaning that I will change many things about it. Like the Underword has a world of it's own. This is gonna be an AliceZuberg x MaleReader x OC. There are gonna be OC's of my own. So if you don't like the concept of it, feel free to pass. #1...

  • naruto's older brother
    87.2K 1.5K 13

    you are naruto's older brother that has the other half of the nine tails sealed within him

  • The ignored Uchiha
    111K 2K 26

    I've been ignored for too long, Now they will all experience the power of the Uchiha's

  • The Vice-President (Male Reader x KILL La KILL )
    387K 9.1K 42

    Satsuki Kiryuin, President of the Honnouji Academy Student Counsel, keeps four very powerful allies at her side known as the Elite Four. They hold a special position at Honnouji Academy and are responsible for overseeing many aspects of the school's functions. But theres one rank Kiryuin holds above all else, the Vice...

  • Sowed With Revenge And Torn For Love
    59.5K 942 22

    This is my first fanfic it involves you the reader and your love triangle with nui hairime and ryuko matoi. Character bio: a brief look at your past self(. You are Y/N you lost your parents at a young age to an unknown killer and so you were taken by a scientist named isshen matoi. He raised you like a son and it ease...

  • Rebirth1(Male OP Reader X Date A Live)
    86.7K 1.2K 21

    Y/N was happy with his life until he died due to an accident. He wakes up and sees a God who gives him a choice. Be an angel and serve under him or be reincarnated into another world. Once he dies in that world, he will be brought into another. Btw, I will be seperating this story into parts. The 1st part/book will be...

  • Assassination Classroom x Son of John Wick Male Reader
    357K 8K 23

    (Y/n) wasn't a normal kid. Sure he went to school, did homework and play with his friends but he had a very special trait. Being the son of John Wick sure has its perks... I do not own Assassination Classroom nor John Wick