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  • Ducks Fly Together (Adam Banks - Mighty Ducks)
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    D3 The Mighty Ducks Fanfic - Adam banks Just a few short months after the Junior Good Will Games, Immy and The Ducks are offered a sports scholarship to the one and only Eden Hall Academy. Watch Immy, Adam and the Ducks fly through a rough storm, only to emerge as a stronger and closer flock in the end. Book 2 is fil...

  • 𝐎𝐍𝐄 𝐃𝐀𝐘 | mighty ducks preferences
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    this story helps you add details to your favorite characters in the mighty ducks. this story also helps you with your daily scenarios in your head haha. enjoy and leave recommendations, thanks! started - july 22 : ended - ....

  • Adam banks scenarios😳😏
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    The title says what it's about.(Includes smut,bad language or cursing.)It's just scenarios between you and Adam no one else.Some of the chapters would include smut and some not but mostly smut so for all you hornies for Adam (Don't worry I'm one of those)!

  • WHOOPS; the ducks
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    things I imagine the ducks doing. Includes incorrect quotes,preferences,headcanons etc.These are funny heh requests are open,you could say

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  • Adam banks X reader. // the mighty ducks.
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    Y/N Bombay is the daughter of lawyer and former hockey player, Gordan Bombay wanting to be a great hockey play just like her dad was she starts playing at the age of three, and 2 years later her mother died of cancer. 8 years later, when she's thirteen, her father gets community service and they have to move to pee...

  • The Mighty Ducks preferences
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    Gotta love those ducks :)