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  • Yandere X Reader (2)
    71.1K 2.5K 12

    You live in the remote countryside with your mother, father and loyal servant, Ryuu. Trees surrounding your house block any sight or sound of other humans. It's quiet but you deal with the solitude with the library in the house. Suddenly, your mother and father are sent out of the country for a 'business trip' and wo...

  • Yandere x Reader (1)
    1.1M 33.3K 22

    Hello, Lovies!! My book is about a male Yandere pining after a female. You are a Junior in high school. A recluse who likes to draw and read quietly in the privacy of your room . You live with your older brother but he is barely around and when he is he's preoccupied with the women he brings home. At school, you are b...

    Completed   Mature