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  • nothing is as it seems
    30 4 1

    What do a star football player, an artist, a theater kid, a genius, a cheerleader and the cheerleader's older brother all have in common? WerewolfAU.

  • The Long Game x Joshaya
    3.3K 78 14

    I'VE BEEN LITERALLY DYING TO WRITE THIS STORY! I have shipped them for the longest time. I'm almost done with my Adam and Cassie story which I've been working on for awhile and I like having 2 stories going on at once because I'm always thinking of ideas. This story takes places a year after the day at the ski lodge w...

  • Their Journey With Him
    410 17 9

    Having a baby right outside of high school was nothing what Maya and Josh had planned or wanted but they had managed to raise their son without the help of family and completely on their own as well. With the drama of raising the newborn there also comes complications regarding family.

  • The marriage project {Joshaya/Riarkle}
    34.6K 1.1K 21

    Every year the school board pick 4 kids for the marriage project at john adams high school.You must do it unless you don't pass the school year.It just so happens maya hart gets partnered up with her best friends uncle and maya's crush.Riley get's partnered with someone she's always seen as just her friend.In the marr...

  • Girl Meets Baby
    1.1K 97 10

    "How is it possible we're all pregnant at the same time?" In which four friends all get pregnant by mistake and must handle high school,boyfriends, baby daddy's, family, drama and more. Maya, Riley, Harper and Scarlett. Can they handle being a teen mom? 🤍 book cover by the amazing @zanda-honest

  • Christmas Soul {Joshaya}{Under Editing}{Completed}
    111 24 6

    Some things in this story aren't canon! Maya's dad left during the night of Christmas Eve and her mum has never been able to get off work for Christmas leading Maya to not believe in the magic of Christmas but can her long term crush Josh Matthews find her Christmas Soul? First Published - 18th December 2021 Completed...

  • Always and Forever
    45 6 2

    Riley Matthews has always lived in her parents shadow and felt like she would never have love like theirs, until she meets Lucas Friar, the new sexy, hot guy.... will it be always and forever or will she always have to live in her parents shadow?

  • Abused {Joshaya}
    433 39 6

    Maya's mum gets re-married not long before Maya begins acting strangely. She begins alienating herself from her friends. First Published - 22nd September 2021 Completed - #1 Boing - 2/1/2022

  • Hope After Hurt
    56 3 2

    Maya lost her parents in a car crash and got paralyzed but luckily she gets found and put I'm a orphanage where she meets two Orphans Anna who became her best friend and Josh the boy she will fall in love with. read to find out more about the book!

  • the Princess And The Farmers Boy
    39 7 2

    Princess Maya falls in love with a farmers boy

  • Desire
    3.1K 56 9

    A Joshaya Smut One Shot book. Hope you like it!

  • Pregnant at the same time
    2.7K 76 22

    Maya and Riley both get pregnant during the summer. But what happens when Riley doesn't know who to father is and Maya is unsure how her baby daddy will react?

  • Trouble with Love
    64 9 6

    Riley Matthews had tried after years to forget about Lucas Friar but suddenly it came out as much more when she is forced to face her feelings for him.

  • My Texas Pregnancy
    73 2 3

    Lucas and Riley make love and end up being pregnant

  • Maya Meets World
    55 5 2

    Maya gets pregnant

  • Josh and Maya's midnight talks(Joshaya)
    5K 177 7

    Josh is staying at the Matthews for spring break while his parents are on a cruise, and so is Maya. They are both light sleepers, so they stay up at night and talk. Set after the GMBear episode

  • Lean on me
    17K 598 25

    Maya is a single mom trying to find her way back into the world..cue Joshua Matthews.

  • 'Always Loving you'
    86 5 3

    when Josh finds Maya I the rain he get to hear her mom told her to leave even her best friend didn't want her anymore Luckily Josh helps the young girl he finds out she's sick because of sitting the whole time in the rain. read to find out what happens between the two of them!

  • 'Our journey with Gabriel and Alan'
    47 2 4

    this is about Joshaya and their twins (I will change story description when I have a better story description)

  • Our Adventure With Aurora (Completed)
    858 73 22

    Sequel to After One Passionate Night Our Lives Changed It's Josh's graduation and after months of raising Aurora, he and Maya have decided to get married. But then drama peeks through when her father appears.

  • Will You? (Completed)
    803 130 24

    After a huge fight with Lucas, Riley learns that she is pregnant. When her daughter was born it became more clear than ever that Lucas should be apart of her life. But what happens when she sees Lucas again after almost a year?

    Completed   Mature
  • ᵇᵃᵇʸ ᶠᵉᵛᵉʳ // Rucas pregnancy story
    404 23 9

    "What's the matter riles?" "I'm pregnant!" In which Riley and Lucas become teen parents (Girl meets world) (Riley Matthews x Lucas friar)

  • Topanga's {Riarkle}
    72.2K 2.8K 54

    Riley, daughter of Topanga. Topanga, owner of the small bakery down the street, and Farkle, the boy who happens to take interest in a certain brunette.

  • Reality is not a Hallmark movie!
    52 5 1

    Maya Hart is spending Christmas Eve with her boyfriend and his family. A cute little Christmas oneshot to hopefully bring you a little joy during this difficult time. AU. Oneshot. Disclaimer: The characters do not belong to me, I only own the plot of this story.

  • Mine
    311 40 9

    Inspired by the song "Mine" (by Taylor Swift), this story follows Maya Hunter - a girl who moves from her small hometown to the big city. Maya has stopped blindly trusting love a long time ago. She knows love seldom lasts and mostly ends in hurt. That is until she meets a young man at a café; will he be able to change...

  • Our Lives After College
    523 45 14

    the lives of Maya and Riley as young adults

  • Always There
    17K 489 42

    When Danielle and her Husband of 2 years suddenly divorce. All of her friends and family are very suspicious including her best friend of over 20 years Ben Savage. Once Danielle tells the truth everyone is shocked, but one person stays by her side every step of the way.

    Completed   Mature
  • Secret Worshiper
    1.1K 112 34

    when sabrina walks home she find a box chocolates at her door whith no name on the letter. she calls Rowan and together they try to find the secret worshiper

  • Loving you Joshaya
    44 1 1

    Maya and Josh finally realized that they were better off together than apart After one night and Maya gets pregnant amd they both have to deal with their consequences A little miracle that could tear there life apart or being them close A Joshaya teen pregnancy

  • GMW Girl Meets Season 4
    50 3 1

    It's sophomore year of high school and it'll be about Riley and her friends as they take on sophomore year in high school The ups the downs and the drama what will go wrong in their sophomore year my take on season 4 Read and find out