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  • Interviews With Your Favourite Characters
    8.8K 1K 81

    An interview book with a twist - you get to ask your favrourite characters questions. Ever wanted to talk to a character in a book? Ask them a question? Want to know more about their story? Now you can. (Assuming the author of the story allows it.) In this book you can book you get to nominate who you want to ta...

  • Notice Me!
    295 84 25

    Notice Me! Is a 5-act play set in modern times. Susan Collins is a love struck teenager who lets her overwhelming feelings for a boy named Gregory Smith get out of hand. When another girl falls in love with the same boy Susan, inspired by yandere characters from animes she has previously enjoyed, decides the only way...

    Completed   Mature
  • Ego's Trap | ✔
    76.1K 2.4K 72

    Bribed by her stubborn and terribly conceited self, Imani Ane agrees to be the personal maid of a creep whose family's a little too perfect. To the undeniably humble Ane, all's generally fine as she struts about the wealthy Campbell's residence and tends to its needy, frustratingly beautiful twig of a Master, but such...

    Completed   Mature
  • Embers
    945 307 12

    It all happened so fast. The sickness spread like no other in recorded history, targeting individuals seemingly at random. In a single day, billions were infected. As if a switch had been flipped, every person who had come in contact and showed symptoms of the sickness dropped dead in the same moment. Everywhere aro...

  • The Book Cult: A Book Club For Forgetful Writers
    418 20 9

    (Cover by Alwyn_Knighton) Welcome to the Book Cult! No, it's not an actual cult. It's just a name I couldn't pass up on since my friend and co-creator came up with it on accident. "What is this book?" You might be asking yourself. Well, I'm glad you asked! This book was created to serve as a sort of catalog to show cu...

    29.7K 1.1K 34

    Everyone likes a good old fairy tale, just like Cinderella and her Prince Charming falling in love and living happily ever after. What if instead of a wicked stepmother, it was a mean stepfather? What if the Prince had eyes for her wicked step sister and not for her? What if he got married to her sister instead of h...