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  • How We Ended Up Here
    9.8K 299 6

    ☆moonbyul x idol reader ☆girl x girl Even if I have no clue what tomorrow will bring So I can show you more of myself Take good care of me

  • The Queen of the Crows {Haikyuu!!}
    395K 12.5K 48

    Chihiro transferred to Karasuno mid semester due to unforeseen circumstances. But one thing rang true- her love for volleyball. When she finds herself unable to join the girls' team she opts for another route of volleyball. Which led her to the boys' team. The seemingly mild and boring girl transfers just in time of I...

  • Haikyuu X Reader ~ Ushijima's Cousin
    206K 5.2K 13

    Y/N spent her first year and one semester of high school at Seijoh also known as Aoba Josai. Once she was a certain someone took the biggest interest in her and his name was Oikawa he was a 2nd year at the time and the two got close he ask her to be the manager to make them even closer but her childhood friend Shouyo...

  • Snow Angel (Bnha X Reader)
    58.1K 1.3K 19

    You are a girl named Y/N Fujioka with two different quirks that are powerful and you are best friends with a boy that is quirkless named Izuku Midoriya. You are almost opposites to him. You are a calm girl that is almost never caught crying while Izuku is almost crying all the time, you aren't as determined as Izuku a...