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  • When Night Falls |DAVE EAST F.F|
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    "I heard the freaks come out at night," Yuri pushed Dave's shoulder with a slight giggle as they stared out over the water, "amongst other things, like the moon, the beautifully lit night sky," he gently grabbed her chin so that their gazes were fixated on each other, "and the stars, and I see all that just by looking...

  • Exposed
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    CURRENTLY ON HOLD. "Please trust, I really do love you! I'll do anything, please forgive me!" He pleaded, desperately hanging on to my hand. It was too late, I looked down on him as tears formed in his eyes. I was already too hurt to trust those eyes. Everything was a lie, I was a fool for giving him everything. How c...

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    Enemies who pre-tend to be friends.

  • Love Out of Marriage
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    "All the good ones are always taken." Aaron Russell who is a good husband to his wife and a wonderful father to his kids. He makes sure that they both had everything they needed and wanted. After all the difficulties that the couple been through, the wife still found a reason to leave her husband... What was that rea...

  • Sex Slave
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    This story is about being Trey Songz's sex slave. A Yn story... Hope you like it. Read the imagines of Sex Slave to get a taste of what this story will be about. I'm yours. Do with me what you will. -Unknown Cover slayeddd by @TanonTales

  • Too Deep In The Money
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    Niggas in St. Louis get shot at, beaten and stole from. Niggas just do what they need to survive in the streets so they can provide for their family, but Real Nigga Shit, how can you kill with no remorse? How can you steal without getting caught or wind up in jail or worse prison? Niggas don't know who to trust and do...