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  • Mismatch
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    i will add it later, because im sleepy and cant remember what was it before it got deleted. pheew~~

  • Bounded
    2.3M 147K 72

    In the mid of Europe, a large span of werewoles resides under the decree of Royals. Surrounded by numerous packs, ruled by only one Royal Alpha. Royal Alpha Kim Taehyung was the most respected among the Eclipsers, however the Eclipsers has only one desire... to see the fated mate of their Alpha. The future Empress of...

  • Bun & Bells ✔
    2.4M 115K 65

    Taehyung is a successful man who lives with his grandparents. For his grandma, he is still her honeybear and she wishes only the best for him. But Taehyung craves a certain someone's love for whom he is waiting patiently. Jungkook is a happy soul who loves his mom. A shy and innocent boy who doesn't have any friends b...

    Completed   Mature