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  • babydoll † lashton
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    ❝Come here babydoll,❞ ❝That's not my name, you know that right?❞ ❝It is now,❞ A new kid at school that has piercings and tattoos and wears a lot of black grabs a lot of unwanted attention from people. The punk kid ends up sitting behind a feminine guy and they start to fall for each other. ©2016 aestheticlashton_ BOO...

  • Doritos (Lashton)
    52.7K 2.3K 38

    "Why are you crying?" "Cause I'm not normal" "Here, eat some Doritos, they always make me happy" ***** The one where Luke's always eating Doritos, but Ashton never seems to be eating anything #8- Lashton Trigger Warning: anorexia, self harm, abuse, rape- please please be careful when you read this

  • texts. | lashton
    5.6K 354 12

    I miss you. please text me I love oh so much and I need you, way to much.

  • Fate ➳ Lashton
    160K 10.3K 40

    It was fate that brought us together, and it was fate that shattered my heart

  • Karma ➳ Lashton
    101K 7.8K 44

    It was all karma's fault that I lost you **sequel to Fate**

  • 3:17am { lashton }
    72.4K 3.9K 63

    "how'd you get here?" "your window''

  • Becoming Bad Again
    35.1K 935 9

    Everyone knows the story about how Ashton Irwin used to cut before his band mates befriended him and helped him to stop, right? Well, what happens when he starts to fall again, but this time no one is there to catch him? Can he get better on his own or will he just fall deeper than before?

  • Bracelets (Lashton and Malum)
    117K 3.3K 22

    Ashton Irwin is in a band called 5 seconds of summer. He loves everything about his career. There's just one thing he doesn't love. Himself. He's never good enough. Too fat, too worthless, too loud, too clingy. If anyone was to ask Ashton what he liked about himself, he wouldn't be able to answer. And because Ashton...

  • half the world away » lashton ✔
    29.4K 2.4K 21

    ❝I promise I'll be next to you one day.❞ where ashton cares way too much about someone who is way too far [all rights reserved to @StyPotter. November 25, 2016]

  • I Wish You Liked Boys // cashton
    40.1K 2.1K 16

    The flowers that grew inside of Calum's body were beautiful petals of gentle lilac and playful gold, but he couldn't breathe with them inside his lungs. There was two solutions: make his lover reciprocate his feelings or to cut the plants out of his body and forget about that person forever, and there was no way in he...

  • room | lashton | ✔️
    9.5K 414 8

    one room two insane boys trigger warning: this book deals with suicidal thoughts and actions. read at your own risk. cover made by the amazing ashtonlirwin

  • Outside the Lines (lashton)
    131K 4.7K 62

    5 Seconds of Summer are a few shows away from the end of the Where We Are tour back in 2014. Next, they're going to be selling out concerts, playing in stadiums, and living their dreams even more than they are currently. But just because things are wonderful on the outside, doesn't mean things are scratch-free under t...

  • Miserable at best
    4.2K 228 17

    in which luke and aston make anonymous accounts on an online peer to peer therapy website and get matched, neither knowing it's the other editing

  • Torn in two - Lashton
    54.8K 1.7K 25

    Ashton Irwin tries to be like all other 17 year olds, but fails because people bully and judge him after coming out last year. He's suicidal and depressed until he meets a bisexual beautiful mistake named Luke Hemmings. His world spins around after his new friend (maybe even love interest) enters his life. "You saved...

  • together [lashton] ✔
    11.2K 543 21

    in which luke and ashton are inseperable younger!luke older!ashton any chapters with tw's will be labeled as such started ; feburary 10th, 2018 ended ; august 19th, 2018 hit 1k - august 23, 2018 | mariya © 2018 |

  • Maybe.||Lashton
    179K 10.5K 56

    In which Luke met a boy who always said maybe because he didn't want to tell people the ugly truth we call life. [COMPLETED]