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  • Redeeming Love
    288K 5.9K 25

    Story about two people madly in love.... two young souls, Arnav and Khushi! Some people are not our family...not our blood...still we feel complete with them. Some don't share the same blood, but they do share an unbreakable bond. Join me to enjoy a beautiful journey full of suspense, love, romance, thriller and co...

  • When selfless girl turn to strongest girl what happen's?????
    169K 5.2K 23

    Story of khushi , How her adopted family , Contract marriage of husband , Inlaw's gave her betrayal, How everyone left her and baby whom she bearing in her womb left alone in this world , to survive. how she survied ?? How She Became selfless girl to Strongest Women..

  • Arshi Secretly married
    18.3K 853 6

    She is back to India with her hubby. She gets to know from him that his family is pressuring him to get hooked by another girl. What will happen now that she is here? Peep in to know more

  • My love of my life [ ON HOLD ]
    314K 15.4K 34

    "The seven pheras are over" now you people are husband and wife...announced the priest.. Tears are running from her beautifully shaped fish like eyes continuously, where as the guy doesn't even know that he got married... How the girl will live her new life with a completely new family and a mentally imbalanced...

  • Her love , his hatred
    14.5K 1.1K 11

    The story about my most favourite couple Arshi yaani Arnav Singh raizada and khushi Kumari Gupta both get married on marriage day when Arnav say khushi .that he will never accept her as his wife, which breaks Khushi completely, perhaps Khushi was in love with Arnav ....

  • kash main tumse
    71.8K 4.1K 16

    khushi kumari gupta stood at the altar numb.... her heartbreaking into pieces she was punished for the crime she never did... she was left alone all alone arnav singh raizada never thought for once before leaving his newly to be wed wife on the altar.... be never looked back to see her ... the bride left at altar, t...

  • Story Of Our Lives. (On Hold)
    85.2K 10.2K 35

    When you hurt the one you LOVE, how far are you willing to go to correct your mistakes?. Is there a second chance at love when you are hurt beyond repair? And can a person fall in love again for the second time?. Can an unforgettable love story really great a new one? Follow me on this journey to answer all these q...

  • tere bina
    248K 13.7K 32

    sheetal track ... After basket ball match A complete different story... A new bold khushi ... Peep in the story to know how arshi will reunite ...

  • ♠︎♠︎Crushed Soul♠︎♠︎(Completed)
    39.5K 2.6K 17

    Once upon a time , She was a happily flying butterfly, With life full of her chirpiness. Her one and only love, Was her life. Their little world was happy, Until that fateful day, That soul should drown in the happiness in their world, On that day, But same day as, Taken away her happiness, And crushed her soul bruta...

  • More Than A Miracle
    957K 50.2K 48

    Akshita Gupta A girl who has only seen pain and ignorance all her life. She was always an undesired child of her parents. Her only dream is to have a happy family. She wants her happily ever after but she is not hopeful she will get it. So what happens when she is arranged with Ashish Bansal? Will her dreams come true...

  • A Miracle That Changed My Life
    1.6M 66.2K 54

    Highest ranking - #1 in romance hot list #1 in yourstoryindia #1 in Indian #1 in arranged She is a girl with big dreams. A girl who wanted to achieve her dreams but has no courage to voice her opinions in front of her parents so she says yes for a marriage alliance. Will it prove to be a good decision for her? He is t...

  • Life after Marriage 2
    1.4M 70.2K 81

    Khushi is a simple girl who doesn't have much dreams or expectations in life.. She loves her father soo much.. But one day she has to marry a mentally imbalanced guy to save her father.. Then how her life changed after marriage ?? Peep in to know..

    5.4K 579 5

    If u have already read my stories then no need to give any story description right? because u will love my stories 😂😂😂 So, go for it!!

    289K 14.8K 69

    arnav went through a lot in his past life being abuse at a young age, he grows up to become a ruthless business man,he hides his fears and anxiety through work,he meets his therapist who is a sweet lovely and care free girl khushi who breaks all his walls around him.

  • I am all yours ( completed )UNEDITED
    190K 9.2K 55

    Priya Sharma is a cheerful girl, she gets into her dream college never did she know that she will meet the handsome guy in her college Arjun Khanna. but the truth is Priya is not an orphan, not after Arjun finding she is his long-lost childhood best friend and the heir of the richest family of Sharma. will Priya goes...

    79.7K 5.5K 32

    Khushi, a bubble , sweet and kind girl was thrown out of an orphanage institution by an evil woman claiming she was off age just because she refused to sleep with men to feel her pocket. She finally got herself a little job and a thrash apartment to live in. Where as Arnav, the most ruthless business man in India and...

  • A Coincidence
    69.2K 3.7K 22

    What will happen when two people belonging to totally different world crosses paths in a very unexpected situation To know more read and find out yourself 😉

  • Atishay {अतिशय} ( Extreme) : An Unknown Tale (Complete)
    68.9K 5.9K 45

    A story of a rowdy aimless youth boy Arnav who is a gangster but very good with heart. By profession he is a gangster but became a Romeo bandit when his eyes falls on the beautiful girl dance teacher by profession in a school where children were mentally challenged.. A very sweet girl but was afraid of her surrounding...

  • Unwanted wife
    949K 17.4K 22

    Rachel was living happily after she got married to Chris along with their 5 years old son. But, when Chris's ex-lover comes back to their life he demands divorce and custody of their child. In the end, she leaves them as their wish. Soon, Chris starts to regret his decision.

  • I will win you Back ( Currently Being Rewritten)
    309K 11.8K 35

    She saw a dream but he destroyed it. The girl who was waiting for a prince charming to come on a white horse for her now hated the word love itself. A show based story on Arnav and Khushi after she finds out the truth of their marriage. With new characters and changed circumstances, will Arnav ever be able to abide b...

  • Arshi-TUTA TARA
    645K 28.5K 43

    Journey of Arnav and khushi towards love after marriage.

  • When The Playboy Meets The Tomboy
    19.6K 1.8K 18

    What will happen the famous Playboy meets the tomboy and ended up in contract marriage?

  • Unexpected Love~~ We are meant to be~~ Hamesha
    527K 23.6K 113

    Story of Arshi, unknown strangers, who are bounded to be together forever

  • Getting you back to life
    355K 23.3K 59

    Arnav has blamed her as the biggest mistake of his life. The family whom she had loved more than herself has literally blamed her for every mishap happened in their lives, her sister whom she had considered as her own was hand tied to do anything for her. She thought for once, what is my life...? Her parents had left...

  • The unexpected turn [COMPLETED]
    272K 15.4K 53

    #1 in Support out of 20K stories - 20 June , 2021 My take on Arshi's remarriage track . Arnav does not come to the alter . Peep in to know more . 44 chapters excluding the Prologue , A/N , CS .

  • Arranged Marriage 3 "My Innocent Wife" (Slow Update/On Hold)
    303K 18.6K 28

    The most wonderful thing I decided to do is to share my life and heart with you!!! Story about an eighteen year old innocent Khushi and thirty year old Arnav, and their journey from strangers to soulmates.

  • My Innocent Girl By THR777
    61.8K 5.3K 25

    Before u all start to read this work I thought to inform u all that this will be something different. Different in the sense against ASR nature, we all have seen the strict ASR but let's all see his different shades.... R u ready to be with them?? About story description if u have read my other works then u know how...

  • Heart beat says Heart beat listens
    117K 5.2K 14

    A simple take on the life of Shantivan residence, a family full of life but it seems to be incomplete somehow as their chote is still a bachelor. How will the family of ASR bring happiness to him and the whole family? If ASR was cunning to the world, his sister and grandmother were equally cunning when it came to the...

  • Beware Mr ASR, Mrs ASR in action
    338K 13.5K 29

    Sheetal had entered Shantivan three years back. Three years later, everything has changed in Shantivan. Everyone is alive but not living. What happened? To Arshi, to Payash, to Anjali, to Arav. My take on Sheetal's track with lots of twist and turns. A roller coaster ride with a new Khushi and Payal.

  • ALL I NEED IS.......
    262K 11.5K 43

    story continunation from sheetal track with alot of twist and turns.