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  • Jikook Recommendation
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    JIKOOK/KOOKMIN stories on Wattpad that are my favourite. Stories that are classic and must to read. Stories that are very special. 💕💕 //Boyxboy// //Fanarts also included//

  • Jikook smut stories
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    Basically what's in the title... have a sexy imagination... 🙃 Top: Jungkook Bottom: Jimin Some Jimin is top..but Jungkook is mostly top. Tell me if you want Jimin to be top :)

  • jikook recommendation book
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    jikook recommendations : -authors are included ( make sure to support and check out their other stories) -if you have any suggestions for me to read, comment or message me

  • Jikook Recomm.
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    My favourite jikook stories that I want you to read. These are really some great books. Please read these stories. Like and comment if you have read any of them it help others. ❤ ❤ ❤

  • Jikook Fanfic Recommendations
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    I'm a really picky reader. When a book gets boring, I stop reading. So I decided since I know a lot of people have trouble finding good books on the app, why not help some people out? If you guys have other recommendations for me, write them in the comments and I'll read them (and possibly add them to the list). ! wa...