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  • Never Too Late
    3.4K 102 1

    The legendary Pokemon, Celebi, drags Gold to the past to try and save Silver from being kidnapped. After hearing about Silver's past, Gold is very much willing to help him, but when he succeeds in stopping Ho-Oh, things change. Was saving Silver worth all of the change? [PreciousMetalShipping if you squint] [Almost ch...

  • The Sea Guardian {A Pokémon Fanfiction}
    31K 1.8K 31

    I was alone. Concealed in a cell without anyone, not even my pokemon. I only wanted to help, but they were too strong. They stole my best friends, my pokemon, and locked me away. I could hear the cries of innocent pokemon being attacked. Fighting for the safety of the city. They'd taken everything from me. My family...

  • The Silver Mountain [Pokémon]
    21.4K 787 24

    [original version. please be aware that there is an (incomplete) edited version] warning: major OOCing of pretty much every character ever, rushing, tons of stuff that doesn't make sense, and generally bad writing. i wrote this when i was twelve and i only keep it up because it's really popular for some reason. just e...

  • You Don't Know Me [Pokemon Watty Awards 2014]
    3K 189 9

    "In life, it is either you are a winner or a loser, it's your choice." Estelle's life has been nothing but miserable, and she wanted nothing more but turn her life around and seek revenge to everyone who did her wrong. But when she finally had the opportunity, she had learned that when there is trust, there is also b...

  • Franticshipping: A Dopplegänger
    6.4K 270 14

    2 years have passed since the events of Pokemon Emerald. Sapphire has been searching for Ruby, because he mysteriously stopped talking to her after she left for a region for only a few weeks. Now, a girl named May comes along, cutting between Sapphire and Ruby. How does Sapphire get Ruby back?

  • Too Late For Sorry [Pokemon FanFic]
    25.8K 743 16

    This is a story of love, drama, and betrayal. The shy and quiet clutz known as Valerie meets a guy named N. She is skeptical at first then starts to trust him. Later on she finds out something that changes everything. N and Valerie are in for a shocking surprise. (COMPLETED) ~IF THIS BOOK GETS OVER 10,000+ READS I'LL...

  • Why Do I Love You? {Sequel to IHEAY}
    100K 3.8K 23

    This is the third time writing this summary oh my Arceus. I Hate Everything About You sequel. Umber sees Silver again and shit happens. N is there. I don't know what was here. Something about relationships? I don't know just read it if you read the first book.

  • Just Keep Running *Pokemon Black*
    85.4K 2.5K 16

    Meadow has no one, she is no one. She tried to get under the radar in the Unova Region, and it seems to be going fine. Nobody suspects that she has been lying to them for so long and she is actually homeless, but N knows differently. He knows her secrets, but she doesn't know if she can trust anyone at this time in he...

  • Envy 【Pokemon N; Paused】
    6.5K 186 11

    Night and Day were twins that lived alone with their Pokemon in Viridian Forest. They loved each other and were never apart. They planned out their entire life together, making sure it was just the two of them. At merely two years old, the two understood each other better then anything else in the entire world. Their...

  • MissiNg (Pokémon)
    1.4K 47 3

    Lestia is about to start her Pokémon journey, when she bumps into N, and he has an urgent plea for her: Help him find the Legendary Hero Ayla who has gone missing. She agrees to help N, and he hugs her in thanks, when Lestia sees one of Ayla's old memories. How can this memory help the duo on their journey to find Ayl...

  • Who I am (PKMN Watty Best Short Story 2013)
    4.9K 118 1

    You want to know who I am? You tell me to be 'more open'? Well, here. Story of my life, literally. From when I was kidnapped to finding my family, to saving the world. This is who I am... [Cover does not belong to me] [PKMN Watty: Best Short Story, Winner 2013] {PKMN Watty; Best Story about Silver, Winner 2013]

  • Lavender Town Towers -Pokemon Creepypasta-
    9.1K 172 1

    So I'm sure most of you noticed the 'Pokemon Tower' in Pokemon Red (or whatever version you played), and the creepy, haunting feeling it has. Then how in Pokemon Silver, Gold, and Crystal, the Pokemon Tower is replaced with the Radio Tower. Apparently 'Rest In Peace' doesn't affect them at all...just imagine an entire...

  • Happy Birthday Red!
    2.7K 63 1

    A birthday one-shot for Trainer Red! I want to make sure Red has an amazing birthday in Unova, but what exactly would the silent trainer want...? (Game!Red since I don't think I'm good at writing Manga!Red yet) [Picture used for cover does not belong to me!]

  • [Pokemon] Playing With Shadows [Morty]
    33.8K 422 18

    A trainer is turned into a Pokemon by an experiment performed by Team Rocket. With Morty and (eventually) Eusine's help, will she be able to turn herself back?

  • The Dark World (sequel to the time gear)
    3K 173 15

    Hello. My name is Serana Serilida. Oh and guess what? I'M VERY MUCH ALIVE! Shocker huh? Sadly I left a huge mess behind, and yes I screw everything up for everyone, but who is going to complain when I'm the only one who can save the world from darkness?

  • Pokémon World Online [Pokémon and Sword Art Online Crossover Fanfiction.]
    22.1K 598 19

    [Continuation in progress. Please stay tuned.] With the rise of MMO's, the latest release of 'Pokémon World Online' is no different from the other MMO's, but this game hides a secret. Once you start playing, you cannot exit the game unless the game has been beaten. There is another way to exit, however. [Disclaimer: I...

  • PokeSpe One-Shots
    34.8K 622 8

    A series of one-shots from the manga, Pokemon Special (a.k.a. PokeSpe). [Picture used for cover does not belong to me] !!REQUESTS ARE CLOSED!!

  • Happy Birthday Silver!
    3.4K 92 1

    Its my birthday, so what? That doesn't least I thought. Gold insisted on bringing me to the Dexholder's Christmas Eve party and, well, I get quite a surprise...[Pictures do not belong to me]

  • Ⓜⓔⓜⓞⓡⓨ Ⓛⓞⓢⓢ ┏Ruby┚ Pkmn
    4.6K 174 6

    RubyxReader. A girl loses all of her memories. Now Ruby has to re-teach her almost everything she went through, and try to help her remember everything. More importantly; help her to remember him. [Picture used for cover does not belong to me]

  • Just Keep Searching *Pokemon B+W*
    3.5K 117 1

    Sequel to Just Keep Running *Pokemon Black* N left Meadow for two years to go out into the world to fix his mistakes. She knows it's been long enough for that now. Join Meadow as she goes out into the Pokemon world as a new person, prepared to find N. Whenever he may be.

  • Lost and Found *Pokemon Fanfic* *On hold*
    7.4K 186 9

    Cahira was a lost girl, abandoned and alone. Then a man came along, saving her from her misery and pain. He took her in, travelling with her and helping her catch her first pokemon, an Absol. However, he soon dissapeared, with the simple instructions for Cahira to find him when she was stronger. Now Cahira travels ar...

  • Sukepo Academy【Pokémon Special】
    1.4K 101 3

    Pokémon Special A/U: Sukepo Academy is a brilliant school filled with diligent youths (Touya, Lyra, Silver), straight-up geniuses (Ethan, Green, Brandon), exercise-crazed individuals (Red, Sapphire), beautiful sadists (Blue, Touko), and Freaks (Emerald). Just how crazy can a certain classroom get when a special divisi...

  • The Time Gear (pokemon fanfiction(Pokemon Watty Awards 2014)
    26.5K 760 26

    Time is a precious thing, you never know when time will corrupt, or if someone will try to use it's power. A protector is needed. Three time gears. One person. A haunted past and an unwanted kinship. No one can fix the past, but everyone can create the future.

  • Pokemon Black/White...We're in it?! (ON HOLD)
    15.8K 249 14

    Lyann age 16, Tiffany age 12, her boyfriend Kevin age 15....and his little brother Kenny age 13. Lyann and her friends were playing Pokemon Black/White on their DS's, until a storm breaks and brings them to Unova Region....POKEMON! She so wants to catch them all! Until an evil team has struck fear upon the innocent! T...

  • I Hate Everything About You {Pokemon Fan-Fic} (PKMN Watty Best Romance 2013)
    198K 6.4K 21

    I'm a 16 year old girl, by the name of Umber. And yes, I realize that its a boy name! But anyways, I've been assigned a mission, which is a lot harder than it seems. I travel to Johto, in order to track down a certain red-headed boy, who my boss instructed me to find. Seems easy enough, right? Not quite; considering h...

  • A Leaf in the Wind (PKMN Watty 2nd Best Romance 2013)
    30.1K 748 15

    Leaf is champion of four other regions. She heads to the Unova region to become the champion there as well. She meets with Bianca and Cheren and they help her along the way. But she can't become champion quite yet. The Team Plasma guys are trying to "liberate" pokemon. And then the mysterious N comes along. He t...

  • Pokemon - I'm Sorry... (Black X N)
    5.5K 108 2

    Black after couple of years of never seeing N or Team Plasma, Black finds N all alone... Pokemon Pairing: Boy X Boy (Black X N)

  • Another Pokemon Story
    12.8K 438 13

    Venus is basically just your average trainer, champion of only two regions, just recently defeated Team Galactic only to find that they are back. She has a relatively interesting past and some awesome friends... some awesome friends with whom she ships together (I'm talking about Gold and Silver, guys). Then she als...

  • Strike like a Warrior ~Pokémon Watty Awards 2014 3rd place Miscelaneous Winner~
    5.4K 421 18

    All Gijinkas have lived peacefully with one another ever since any one could remember, until one day Arceus receives a prophecy that sets him on one goal: Eliminate the Dragon Type Pokémon. Ari has become an orphan because of this, and has lived with her foster parents, Geki the Togekiss and Rose the Roserade, ever s...

  • A Shadow's Light (Pokémon Fanfiction)
    9.4K 198 33

    Disclaimer: I do not own Pokémon, or the idea about Rage Spirits and Dark Spirits, I got that part off of YouTube a couple years ago. So I hope you enjoy the story! ^-^