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  • Dangerous Darling
    14.2K 357 14

    " Why? Why is it You?... please let me go back! What do you want..Is it for money ?" " No darling! The thing I want is only you be mine forever, Even though I have to break your wings with my own hands to keep you here with me.!!!." 18 years old Lucy is a student staying away from her family and hometown b...

  • Diary of obsession
    39.1K 1.1K 28

    (A Touching story of obsession) "You belong to me." "I will kill anyone who tries to hurt you" "you can't hide from me" "Scream if you really want, nobody's gonna hear it." + "Y/n what are you thinking? You are mine forever."+ Warning:Contains violence, stalking, kidnapping ,murder and lust . You are a student in a n...

  • The Mask
    188 25 5

    Maya, often known as the Queen in her organization was the number one female assassin in the city of Mumbai. Her mission was to conquer the whole world with the red mask to avenge the death of her mother. She completed all her missions without a fail and obtained the most important position in her organization" The Re...

  • Yandere Diaries: You Are Mine 💌 (Yandere X Female Reader Oneshots)
    21K 561 27

    warning: Includes kidnapping, murder and violation y/n was a simple and talented girl living a happy life ,She was just a student and was someone with no experience in love and romance ... But an unknown stalker appeared suddenly and turned her life upside down! (Some images are not mine , they belong to the origina...