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  • Rewind
    35.1K 2.8K 23

    "You're our only hope, Blaze. I'm sorry." Stuck in an impossible situation. Cornered into defeat. Blaze could only see one way out to save the galaxy and everyone he loves. And that's to turn back time.

  • Bukan Sebatas Kekuatan I (complete)
    124K 10.5K 31

    Taufan memang hanya sebagian dari kekuatan Boboiboy. Namun kini Taufan bisa merasakan bagaimana rasanya hidup, bagaimana rasanya memiliki mereka element lain yang bukan sebatas rekan kekuatan, Taufan ingin lebih dari itu. Dia ingin menjalin ikatan persaudraan dengan mereka yang bisa saling berbagi tawa, dan luka bersa...

  • Septuplet!AU (Side-story: Petir)
    6.1K 382 2

    He really used to be a crybaby back then... so he couldn't help but wonder what made him change. But, then again, thanks to that change, Adudu had become more scared of him and never tried messing with him again. No wait... that day that Adudu suddenly acted weird around him... that's when the kid started getting all...

  • Septuplet!AU (Side-story: Cahaya)
    4.6K 261 1

    So yeah, Cahaya always found it hard to fit in with his siblings. Declaring that his only true friends are books and mathematical equations, which made it hard finding friends since... well... he was in a whole other level with them in terms of intelligence.