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  • Sinful Temptation
    456K 14.4K 23

    "Where will you hide, doll?" His deep raspy voice resonated in an empty dark classroom. Her heart thudded in her ears. Her feet involuntarily moving back, shoulders shrinking in fear as he took threatening steps towards her like a predator. "N-no..." She stuttered, chin wobbling lips trembling. The certainty of her b...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Enemy's Ex-Wife (Completed)
    1.2M 34.1K 43

    A Mafia Story ••••••• Leila Romano is Giovanni Russo's wife, until she runs away from home after secretly getting divorced from him. She had been abused for some years and has had enough. She decided to go to the González's in New York for help, and there, she meets...

  • Chalice of Troubles
    22.3K 1.4K 30

    "If my touch didn't destroyed lives of people, I'd hold you forever in my arms." - "Don't go near them, it's like they are filled with so much poison that a single touch can send you into oblivion, they own this city every single things works under them. Don't be the red in black and white Shagufta. I warn you." He m...

  • Married To Mafia
    384K 17.7K 65

    Highest raking 1#spiritual He pinned me to the wall his face were inch away from mine , I turn my face because of smell of alcohol suffocating my breath " you are disgusted with me aren't you ? " He asked in his deep husky voice . Tears filled my eyes , I press my lips together trying not to utter any word . " ANSWER...

  • The waitress |✓ [not edited]
    10.2M 281K 66

    After losing her both parents Venessa Clay is left alone on her own. Despite her parents death Venessa learned to be happy and content with her normal life, and normal job as a waitress in a diner. But will her life remain normal after the most dangerous Italian mafia leader Vincent De Costello laid his eyes upon her...

  • My Possessive Deal
    1.9M 52.9K 57

    Nathan Vaughn is a hard working dad of a beautiful baby boy in which he is prepared to go the extra mile to keep him safe. He is the leader of the biggest mafia in the united States but he lives his life as a ordinary man in the real world..he has been married to the person he thought was the love of his life but when...

    Completed   Mature
    437K 13.4K 56

    Zaiden was always the people pleaser, and why wouldn't he be? he was raised that way, growing up to be a whole ass mafia leader and seen what wicked people can and will do to this world took a turn on him. his dad taught him all that he knows and if you thought he was merciless Zaiden was beyond that. the fact he had...

    Completed   Mature
  • ✓In Trouble With The Mafia Brother (Completed)
    218K 12K 35

    Two men came forward pointing thier guns on Daddy and Bhai. Seeing that, Mom screamed loudly in horror. I wanted to scream too but I had lost my voice with fear especially, when that man's dark orbs were dagered on me. "Wh...what do you all want?! Money? Gold? Anything else....take it...just take it! B....but please...

  • You Are The Reason
    232K 11.1K 38

    "I don't fear darkness. I am the darkness." Being the leader of the largest Mafia group in USA, Ruslan Searlus is a man to be petrified of. Everyone run away from him; wishes to never cross his path. Everyone's terrified of him, everyone but Alfresca Leonard, a homeless woman who comes knocking at his door begging him...

    Completed   Mature
  • An Unwanted Alliance ✔️
    1.1M 33.4K 39

    Arianna Rossi, was no stranger to violence. After all she was the daughter of the mighty Lorenzo Rossi, head of the Southern Italian Mafia. Her dad had always kept her away from the bloodshed but she wasn't stupid. She always knew about her father's illegal business. She always knew of the armament and drug deals but...

    Completed   Mature
  • To betray the mafia king
    193K 6K 15

    In the centre of the world of riches, guns and illegality. Stood a beautiful man with temperament as cool as sea and anger as violent as a tsunami. Eyes as deadly as an eagle and stare ,scary enough to bring half of this world down on its knees. Born with a silver spoon and the next heir to the network of the biggest...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Beginning
    558K 18.5K 35

    Marriage has always been a curse to Giovanni Morello, as a Boss of the Italian mafia. Along with the death of his wife, all good in life had been ripped away from him. With a heart as cold as ice and temper most feared, Giovanni ruthlessly rules over his empire, not allowing anyone close enough to see the broken man i...

    Completed   Mature
  • Mafia Boss✔
    4.6M 102K 59

    "If I didn't care I would have left you to die but I care and that's why I'm protecting you." Xavier Arivonese A young boss with deadly connections to a deadly organization, mafia. Being just eighteen, Xavier is forced to run a deadly empire and his life has been anything but safe. When he decides one day to go ag...

  • The Mafia's obsession
    954K 19.2K 29

    Nina is a quiet girl who minds her business. She stays out the way and stays nice to everyone. Until one day she catches the eye of one of the most richest guys alive little did she know he is king of the mafia. He's rude and careless and is a ruthless man and is good at what he does. She's in deep now , now that he w...

  • Ya Qalbi (My Heart)
    41.7K 3.1K 80

    MAFIA LOVE STORY .. This is the story of a Mafia leader Zaid Khan who is devilishly handsome and does not know the meaning of love till he meets Zarin Qureshi and falls in love at first sight and compelled to make her his at any cost. Zarin's heart was burning with betrayal and Zaid's heart was black as his soul. Wh...

  • Mine Forever [Completed]
    11.4M 376K 58

    "Why did u punch him?" I asked in shock. "Why did you kiss him?" He asked me angrily. "What? I... but..he... " "Is he your boyfriend? Or Did he pay you to be with him?" He asked this annoyedly by interupting me. But hearing those words coming out from his mouth made me loose my temper. I went nearer to him and slap...

  • Forced to marry the Mafia's son
    937K 17.7K 42

    What happens when you go undercover in a university without any warning. That's exactly what Caleb Ryder done, he's more known as Xavier King. His overprotective father had been ordering him to get married, his father wanted more money and more power and he'd do anything to achieve it. After months off being away Xav...

    Completed   Mature
  • Mafia Junior
    2.4M 61.7K 22

    Second story in the 'Mafia' series "He's my son, Emma!" He shouted causing Isaac to sob louder. "Stop yelling you're upsetting him." I hissed rocking him. Nikolai stopped, but I could still tell he was angry. I kept rocking Isaac and humming the Italian lullaby I grew up on. "You and Isaac are staying here, because...

    Completed   Mature
  • Mr. Ruthless Mafia
    11.3M 136K 14

    "Even if you run away, I would search to the end of this world until I found you. Because the only place you can stay is in these arms." ****** He was ruthless. He had no weakness. He was not afraid of death. Not until he met her... Who would have thought that saving a man's life one night could change her life fore...

  • His Light, Her Darkness
    21.4M 662K 76

    "You are mine!" He roars. "I will do whatever it takes to make you know that. Whether it means I lock you up in a prison and throw away the key." Footsteps come rushing into the dining room, and I turn to see multiple men--guards I suppose, flanking one another. Each of their hands rest on things within their jackets...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Rogue Assassin (Mafia Love Story)
    305K 15.2K 26

    I am John, an assassin. It is fair to say I am one of the ruthless killers the world has ever seen. I am dangerous, merciless and everything bad. So it isn't arrogant when I say I am feared by all. I work for JR, the most powerful mafia godfather in the world. He wants something and I am about to get it for him, hook...

  • The Billionaire's Hijabi
    405K 18.2K 38

    HIGHEST RANKINGS #1 on billionaire love on 12/12/2021 ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• "I need more pillows." He looked at me and then again at the bed. He raised his eyebrow at me and asked, "Aren't five pillows enough?" "Noo!" I whined. I really need a lot of pillows while sleeping. "Well I can get you more. Tha...

    Completed   Mature
  • Deceiving Attraction ✔ (Under Major Editing)
    134K 111 1

    (Ranked #1 in Islamic and spiritual) *previously known as 'Revengeful Love'* "Marry me." Armaan Malik ordered Shazia Junaid Ansari. "Mr Armaan Malik, you've lost your mind. Never! And I repeat, never will I marry you!" she cried. "Oh, darling, you think you have a choice? Tsk tsk. You never learn your lesson, do you...

    Completed   Mature
  • Forbidden
    834K 58.7K 51

    He wasn't supposed to see her. She wasn't supposed to be there that day, yet she was. As if an unnatural force was pulling him towards her. She became his obsession. His want. His need. He wasn't worthy of her. That he knew. A man like him couldn't ever have a woman like her. He was a sinner. He was a killer. Yet what...

    139K 7.8K 40

    -UNEDITED BOOK : 1 | YASIN SERIES | BOOK : 2 | IBRAHIM SERIES | A BILLIONAIRE'S STARDUST A HALAL LOVE STORY OF TWO WOUNDED SOULS.. " Missed me sunshine? " she turned to the voice of her love, where he stood in all his glory, how much she missed him calling her his sunshine! she ran and engulfed him in a bone crushi...

    427K 19.6K 52

    -UNEDITED BOOK 1 : | KING SERIES | MAFIA LOVE STORY... "P-plss leave me! " she begged him, while stuttering but he only smirked at her direction caging her inbetween his arms and the wall... "you're mine Aina! remember that, only mine! " he seethed, in a very dangerously calm tone... she just looked at him in comp...

  • Burning Hearts ✔
    207K 10.9K 55

    "Please don't do it, I'm begging you." She pleaded as tears rolled down her cheeks. Her headscarf laid on the floor, torn. Next to were pages of her school books torn and crumbled. She didn't need more problems from him. If only her burning heart could speak....

  • He Needs Me (Wattys 2020)
    1M 29.8K 63

    " Fucking hell Storm, I swear to God!" he seethed, before Andrei could finish his threatening sentence I interuppted loudly. "I'm sorry God can't answer your call at the moment, please try again later. Leave your message after the beep. BEEP BEEP GORILLA TOES!" I don't know what took over me, I honestly don't. Asking...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Drug dealer And The Hijabi
    152K 7.6K 61

    Warning! I wrote this story when I was very young so it's extra toxic and is a bit weird. Check it out if you don't mind but please don't scream at me for the toxicity 😭😂 I'll be unpublishing this book for a while to change and make better on the 15th of December! " who's your daddy" he seethed with a smirk, boiii...

  • kidnapped By My Mafia Leader
    5K 7 3

    " please leave me alone " i begged him , tears streaming from my eyes " be ready in 1 hour after that we are getting married or you know what i will do your family ! ''