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  • hypemyke(michel) x reader/smut
    7.7K 136 21

    toue bestfriend michel(hypemyke)(mike)as a crush on you and he dose 3am vids like you do your other bestfriend jester(jesse) your dating him but you also have graphnix is like your brother and you and michel star dating after something happen with you and jesse.

  • HypeMyke X Alexandra
    322 15 3

    •This story is about a girl whose 16. Michel in this story is gonna be 18• Alexandra was a competitive teen who lived with Michel, Nick and Jesse. The four of them did 3 am challenges. Read to find out more

  • Shadow The Hedgehog Boom X Reader ❤️
    19.2K 339 10

    What happens when Shadow is teleported to earth, where he meets a ____ year old girl named (Y/n). Will he open up to her? Or treat her terribly like any other cruel human in this cold world? (Y/n) has depression, suicidal thoughts and anger issues all bottled up in hiding. She has been begging for a true friend for wh...

  • My Little Genius- A Simon Seville Love Story
    314 10 1

    Stephanie Miller is a 15 year old chipmunk and is Brittany,Jeanette and Eleanor's cousin that come to town to visit for a 5 weeks. She has a severe medical condition where she can't be in the sun and can't go outside like any other normal person. She meets the Chipmunks or the Seville brothers and she suddenly is head...

  • Tmnt and Lab rats
    2.2K 74 17

    Leo, Raph, Donnie and Mikey know Y/n Davenport but what do they really know about her.

  • Raphael x Amy
    340 15 14

    you and your family are friends with The O'Neil family ever since They were babies What happens when you meet a hot headed turtle? Will you and him fall in love with each other? Read to find out

  • Simone Seville x Amy
    5.1K 75 59

    you are cousins with the chipettes when you meet their friends one in particular caught your eye