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  • stolen pencils, tiny footsteps
    10.2K 452 5

    There is something scurrying in the walls of UA high. Or rather-- someone. Borrower!Izuku au

  • All for my son *Hiatus*
    30.1K 859 26

    You wouldn't expect the worst villain out there to fall in love with a simple florist and have a child with her, would you?

  • A Wolf in Sheeps Clothing
    246K 5.8K 54

    Tomura Shigaraki being the grandson of Nana Shimura wasn't the only bit of ground breaking information All for One said to All Might on the day of their final battle. instead he revealed something that would throw the entire world as he and his successor knew it, into something they refused to believe. Midoriya Izuku...

    659K 28.8K 130

    Izuku Midoriya had always been interested in Quirks. He loved studying them and discussing them with his father. It was due to this interest in Quirks that he found a fascination with Heroes and becoming one when he grows up, much to the chagrin of his father and brother, who had tried everything to make Izuku change...

  • Villain Waifu Deku
    61.9K 1.7K 13

    Follow the life of villain waifu deku, Bakugo Izuku as the loving wife of Bakugo Katsuki, and the Big Boss of an underground criminal organaziation. Watch as Deku tries to balance his two lives as a villain, and the #1 hero's wife. All art is from kimbapchan and her tumblr is below:

  • Skin
    67.2K 2K 17

    (Dabi is a Todoroki) During a raid on the city by The League of Villains, Dabi comes face to face with Endeavor and Shouto Todoroki in hopes to bring the truth of his identity crashing down on their heads. There's nothing more he wants than to expose these so called hero's for what they truly are. Fakes who wear capes...

  • Shie Hassaikai One-shots [Hiatus]
    39.8K 820 8

    Here in this book you'll find One-shots song-fics or hcns of our loveble birds.

  • Stuck in rubble with the Enemy - Dabi x Male reader
    77.5K 2.6K 46

    Three unlikely people get buried under a skyscraper: Dabi, who has Endeavor at his vengeful flame-tips. ; Endeavor, who is a egoistical asshole that can't back down from a fight. ; And Uult... welp, he's just a crystal user and a pacifist that got caught in between the fire. Add a protective brother, school issues, a...

  • A new life [BNHA]
    32.6K 1.4K 9

    [ A spinoff of 'Back in time during the present' ( ) Where the past of Dabi is discovered. You have to read the original for this to make sense. ] After the league got captured while they worked to save Dabi, the heroes got an idea. A controversial one. The "Reform Program" was put in place...

  • Back In Time During The Present [BNHA]
    129K 5.1K 20

    After Dabi has a bad encounter with a petty villain in an abandoned warehouse, his body is returned to his old self, with no memories of 'Dabi' at all. In fact, this polite young man is quite confused. His confusion increases when he finds out his five year old brother is fifteen, and taking the hero course at UA. [T...

  • Changing The Future (Bakudeku)
    71.3K 2.5K 13

    It was just a normal day at U.A. High when all of a sudden a stranger shows up claiming to be someone 10 years in the future! What will happen when they tell the students of class-1A what's going to happen to them.

  • The Life-changing Project (A KatsuDeku FanFic)
    239K 6.9K 20

    Living in a quirkless universe, Katsuki Bakugou's main concern was being the best at everything. That also meant being the best in his class. Even if he had to work on a project together with the class' last place: Midoriya Izuku.