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  • BOOK 03: SMG4 x Reader [Revations Arc] [GENDER NETURAL]
    288 17 3

    The final arc to end the SMG4 cosmology lore!

  • smg4: genesis will end (Discontinued)
    3.4K 25 6

    In this smg4 aus where mario has died by zero and axol was saved the whole universe was destroyed. wonder how smg4 crew 🤔 could do ever scent the accident? P.S a little bit of smg34 and mario x meggy because I got bored 😴 also there some dead character from arcs and fm and x lol 😆 😂

  • Random SMG4 Oneshots!
    754 12 4

    Random SMG4 oneshots I think of! Can either be ships or just random scenes :)

  • Mistletoe (SMG34 Oneshot)
    366 9 1

    Nowhere near Christmas but bear with me I was bored yeah, FM, X, and Mario are there too lmao

  • A Meme-ish Adventure... (SMG4 X Reader) BOOK 1 COMPLETED
    20.9K 256 33

    (Y/N) is an ordinary person who just happened to stumble into the Mushroom Kingdom. They find themselves falling in love with someone, but only know because of his YouTube videos. What will happen with the rest? Find out today in A Meme-Ish Adventure! (I don't own anything except the story.)

  • 1 Wah for Love | BOOK 2 | SMG4 x Reader
    12.3K 188 27

    After the events with SMG3, Meggy, Boopkins, (Y/N), Mario, Enzo, and SMG4 decide to head back to the castle. Little was someone waiting to take over with a virus. *I OWN NOTHING* ••Covers are made with Dsynger (Or however you spell it)••

  • SMG4: A Tyranny's End
    2.1K 16 1

    We all know the story of what happened in the SMG4-Prime universe. As Zero took over Axol's body, Melony would be forced to... un-alive him in order to stop Zero. But in an alternate universe known as SMG4-EXC, events happen differently. Tears fall not of sadness, but of joy... # 2 SMG4 Story (12/1/21) (Prequel to SMG...

  • Why do I Love You?!?! - An SMG3 x Reader Story
    20.3K 245 63

    Cover art by: Chloe Does Fandom Art (On Discord) I made this story because I simp for this boi and there weren't many of these and I'm gonna write this a different way but I'll try my best and I know not many views were on my past SMG4 stories but funk it! First person to make an SMG3 x Reader story yeah boi!

  • A Lovely Paradise for two
    29.9K 222 15

    All You and meggy wanted was a peaceful and lovely vacation together And to spent time with each other, but when it turns out to a crime fighting adventure they are in the vacation of a lifetime if you want to find out more please read the story to find out more ( I don't own anything in this fanfic )

  • FXM {FM x X}
    4K 83 10

    "Can two best friends fall in love?" An story of the Characters from Smg4. Xboxfan997 and FightingMario54321. Their personalities are fanmade. X the tuff guy who protect everyone and FM the simp who is scared. Enjoy!!!

  • The Story of MxM
    17.7K 88 7

    Mario and Meggy have loved each other for quite some time and they took it to the next level. This is how Mario and Meggy met. (MODERATE LANGUAGE)

  • Bryan x Meggy Momments
    947 81 69

    This is were I update what is going to happen in Bryan x Meggy. New characters, new villains, everything will be here and may more and things will happen in the future

  • Memes n' Evil - SMG4 x Reader x SMG3
    2.7K 60 5

    Y/N, a girl who ran away from home when she was a child due to abusive parents, found herself falling into the Mushroom Kingdom. A certain Youtuber and his pals took her in and let her stay in the castle. Overtime, Y/N has grown older and more mature. The youtuber has grown feelings for the girl. But what he didn't kn...

  • SMG4 story: A tale of Mario and Meggy
    5.9K 61 10

    - - First Fanfiction story. Mario and Meggy go through some adventures together to find out that They are getting closer to each other every minute. When it gets too close, Mario and Meggy must find a way to conceal their undeniable love for each other, which backfires. Book 1 of the Inferno Chronicles Series Produce...

    Completed   Mature
  • SMG4 Mario X Meggy: Friends From the Beginning
    20.8K 127 13

    Credit to @marioxspetti for the cover. Mario and Meggy have just found out that they have been friends ever since they were children. Since Luigi was the only friend of them who knew about this, he will be telling the story of their lost friendship from beginning to end.

  • SMG4: Mario's Valentine's Day
    6.1K 23 6

    SMG4 throws a love party at his house for him and all of his friends to enjoy. Find out what happens next....

  • *SLOW UPDATES!!* More special than memes...(SMG4 x Reader)
    14.5K 228 46

    Hi, I'm (Y/n). I don't really know how I am supposed to explain this but basically I was created by SMG3 in an attempt to stop SMG4 and his friends so that he can be the greatest meme creator alive. I eventually switched sides and became friends with SMG4 and his buddies. Pretty neat if ya ask me. From dealing with T...

  • Ask SMG4! (SMG34 Fanfiction)
    34.6K 477 56

    The tittle basically explains the entire book! Ask SMG4 and SMG3 anything from dare or just questions. Ask away! This is also a SMG34 book. I warn you. (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) The characters JLM, HM and WhiteSky07 are my OC's and Lizzy is @LifeIsMySchools OC. Please do not use them unless the we give you rights to use them. Thank...

    Completed   Mature
  • (SMG4 X Reader) Love is more than just black and white
    1.1K 16 3

    What would happen if (Y/N) (L/N) was to wonder to far from home? What if she found a mysterious green pipe? What if... She got pushed in?

  • (Back up) Luigi x Saiko More Lessons Smg4 fanfic
    13.8K 74 8

    Luigi is gonna need to teach Saiko more about being nice but will she be able too. Or will she forever alone FIND OUT NOW!

  • MarioxMeggy Xmas
    1.3K 20 4

    this my entrance for @Marioxspetti competition

  • Mario X Meggy: Serving Up
    11.4K 69 20

    Mario and Peach find out that there is a Tennis doubles tournament, but after countless attempts to train Mario, Peach gets frustrated and leaves Mario, which upsets him. Meggy witnessed this and felt bad for the plumber. Meggy joins Mario's team and teaches him how to play Tennis, and the tournament begins. (Cover be...

  • Mario X Meggy - Don't Leave Me
    7.7K 67 5

    Hello everyone believe it or not this is actually my very first fanfic, I did write one Once before but that was over 3 years ago and it wasn't really good but I tried :P, either way I will try my best I don't mind your comments feed back and opinions it Helps me and gives me ideas and let me know what other types of...

  • SMG4 X Tari: The Gaming Tournament
    15.3K 72 12

    SMG4 and Tari find out that a gaming tournament is coming to the Mushroom Kingdom, and the first prize is $1000. They have to get really focused on training in order for them to win the tournament.

  • Mario X Meggy: fears end
    5.9K 27 4

    in this one is not canon to the main series of Mario X Meggy saga, it's still a spin off. so enjoy. credit to @smeshbras123 .

  • To Free a Loved One (A MarioxMeggy Story)
    10.9K 76 15

    Smg4 just made a party for his 10th year anniversary. He invited everyone to be at the party. Even Bob and Fishy Boopkins. One was missing, Meggy. So Mario, Luigi, and Tari went out to find where she had gone. (I do not own the characters in this story. Meggy, Tari and other characters belong to Smg4. Mario and Luigi...

    Completed   Mature
  • Smg34 {Smg3 x Smg4}
    41.5K 670 33

    "Two arch-enemies both hate each other to death! Or is there more?" These is a story of the Smg4 characters: Supermarioglitchy4 and Supermarioglitchy3 Smg4 the nice guy who lead the channel vs his enemy the bad guy Smg3. Sometimes they wanna kill each other sometimes they act gay. Enjoy!

    39.2K 535 25

    So I Wanted To Do A Fanfic Of My Most Favorite Ship: SMG3 x SMG4. Also This Story Is A Lot Different Then SMG4's Videos, So Don't Yell Saying "This Happened Before This" Or "This Happened Much Later". It's A Lot Different Then SMG4's Videos, OK Now Enjoy The Story.

  • Mario X Meggy: world of light
    7K 30 4

    smg4, Mario, meggy, Luigi and sonic found out that infinite was behind all of those master hands. shulk gets a vision and it isn't good. find out in this spin off. P. S. this is my version of super smash Bros ultimate: world of light CGI scenes

  • Smg4 mario x meggy The quest to prove marios right
    22.9K 76 6

    (THIS IS NOT A LEMON) Mario x meggy why i don't know but i hope this is not a pile of sh*t (Plot) so Theres a fire in the castle and they need to know who done it and who to save the castle from burning AND MORE YAY

    Completed   Mature