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  • You Stole My Heart
    122K 5.8K 37

    He took wild steps towards her..pushing her fragile body on the walls and forcing his lips on her.... He was kissing her hungrily...his cold heart was not allowing her tears to melt him...he bitted her lip....she yelled in pain.. hitting his chest with her tiny hands... He left her due to lack of breath...he star...

  • His FORBIDDEN Love (#2 in SGO Series)✓ {Available On GoodNovel,Readom, iStory}
    342K 17.7K 27

    #2 Book in Second Generation Obsessive Series (SGO series) Shaurya Arjun Kashyap ( Bunny ), Eldest son of Arjun and Pashika , Co CEO of K & K CORPORATION . He is soft spoken and soft hearted Person but only for his family . A BEAST is hidden somewhere inside his gentle heart . A Powerful Businessman , Perfect brother...

    Completed   Mature
  • Mafia Boss & Me
    5.5M 129K 43

    Amanda decided to help her brother's bestfriend to stop his wedding and in order to do that she must act like a pregnant women. Though she manages to help him, she herself gets into a problem, a problem of falling in love with a Mafia leader named Xavier. Xavier Lucian believes that anything he sets his eyes on is hi...

    Completed   Mature
  • His To Love
    32.9K 2.8K 18

    Your next favourite saga! Come join this love story

  • Royally Obsessed √
    892K 47.5K 55

    It was a rainy night when a girl was running away from a farm house. Her hair which once looked perfect was now a total mess. She wanted to run away from that man who tried to force himself on her. Suddenly she heard a loud voice of horn of a car which stopped just in front of her. Till this moment her body was shiver...

    Completed   Mature
  • TES #2 You're made for me
    93.6K 5.4K 42

    Shayam Mathur A billionaire business man. Kind at heart but cold towards the one who messes with him. He shows them no mercy. But something unusual happens when a random girl humiliates him in a public place. Instead of getting angry, he smiles and gets attracted towards her. Shanaya Singhania A very straight forward...

  • His scared love (sample)
    276K 5.3K 13

    ✨Won 3rd position in the lit awards in chick Lit ✨ Sanjh Mehra is a 21 years old girl who is sweet and simply loving and caring. Live with her father and sister Pakhi who is 19 years old. She shows that she is fine and happy but the reality it's not it. She has some deep scars that are scaring her from everyone and ev...

  • Devil's innocent love (18+) (available On Dreame)
    418K 4.1K 15

    Roses are red Violets are blue I'm the only one Who is made for you ~Azlan Adwitiya Ranawat a 19-year-old girl who has a perfect life or she shows she has. Life was going smoothly for her until one day she attracts the devil's eyes. The innocent girl didn't know that by helping the po...

  • It began with a kiss (Completed)
    4.7M 241K 58

    #1 in Romance (23.05.20) A WATTPAD ROMANCE FEATURED STORY. "So the kiss was just a mistake?" "Yes." she nodded her head as if just the words weren't enough for him to understand. He looked at her for a moment and then turned around and started to walk away. She let out a sigh of relief as now finally there was some di...

  • Billionaire's Love or Obsession (COMPLETED)
    1M 56K 67

    Highest ranking : #7 on 6 May 2018 Raghav Malhotra A billionaire owning a chain of companies worldwide. Famous for his ruthless behaviour. Girls drool over him and he's a perfect 26 years old bachelor. But one fault in this oh-so- perfect man is, he hates girls and loves to play with their feelings. A complete womani...

  • The Mafia King Obsession
    128K 2.8K 10

    What happens when a mafia king meet a woman he can't control? Sebastian Alexander Harlow is a billionaire who feared among the mafia's world. No one would dare mess with him. He is cold, ruthless, arrogant, ambitious, dangerous and does not believe in love. Charlene Park is a woman who is kind, unpredictable, friendly...

  • The mafia leader loves me
    110K 2.5K 8

    I don't love him, I can't! He's a monster. I love another, but that obviously isn't going to stop him. I've left him signs, clues, hints, clearing saying I hate him. But does he care? No. He won't stop until I'm his. But, Id rather die then be called his. But then again...things change.

  • On My Way To Steal Your HEART (#3 in 2nd Series)✓ {Available On Readom,iReader}
    295K 16.7K 26

    #3 In Second Generation Obsessive Series (SGO series) This story is a romantic journey of two different people who stucked together in the most Unexpected Situation of their Life. Ansh Davis Grey , 28 Years Old from NY , Elder Son of Davis Liam Grey and Porishma Grey Who works as Managing Director in GREY CORPORATION...

    Completed   Mature
  • Captured by The Mafia
    98.1K 1.3K 11

    Please let me go" She said tears rolling down her cheeks. "No" was the only word that came out of my mouth. It is difficult for me to see tears in her eyes. I wanted to take her in my arms and sooth her but she won't let me touch her. I don't have another option other than keeping her with me. "I thought you were goo...

  • Kidnapped by the Mafia
    283K 6.5K 19

    "What do you want from me" I asked with a faked firm/strong voice... trying to hide how scared I was. "I want you". _________________________________________ Warning: Strong Language

  • Taken By Mafia
    100K 2.8K 13

    I never thought that playing with my nephew behind my own house would drag me into witnessing one of the biggest drug deals in the history of Sialkot. I almost made it to the house without being noticed, atleast that's what I thought. I felt my heart drop to the pit of my stomach as I was pulled to a hard chest with a...

    882 45 3

    It is a story about Afsa, a charming, beautiful and kind-hearted girl who loves her family as much as her family loves her. Never in her wildest dream has heena thought she will be someone's obsession, she will be kidnapped, to be forced to do things for a sick person. To know more check out my story OBSESSED

  • Obsessive Love Disorder
    351K 16.4K 36

    what the hell ?? where am I?? I couldn't see straight with all my dizziness ...My legs refusing to move,trembling with no energy left in my body... All I could remember was his angry blood shot eyes before darkness engulfed me. I was returning from my office..A car blocked my way and I know whose car it is.Cl...

    Completed   Mature
  • Introducing my love to her
    134K 4.6K 36

    Advay Adhikari: Advay Adhikari is the CEO of the Adhikari Industries. He is the youngest CEO of Maharastra who is just 26 years old. He is short-tempered, kind and handsome. He is 6.2' with fair complexion and well defined jaw. He is featured as the "Most desirable bachelor of Maharastra" by Times Magazine. Girls thro...

  • Arranged Marriage to HIM
    2.6M 111K 73

    WRITTEN WHEN I WAS 16YEARS OLD SO MAY BE CRINGEY AND TOXIC, YET TO BE EDITED... Rich family. People would think she had it all, but did she actually? Meet Tanvi Khurrana She's beautiful, she's caring and loving. She's only ever loved one guy but that didn't end quite well. People think she's snobbish. Her relatives...

  • Mohlik
    134K 6.9K 13

    Asfandyar Malik. A name that ran shivers down everyone's spine. A name that frightened souls. A name that people cursed. A name that was attached to an innocent beauty. Ayla Khan. A name no one spoke of. A name not even her parents bother using. A name of a pure soul. A name that was attached to a beast.

  • His Precious Gem
    139K 12.7K 38

    Musa smirked as he grabbed her wrist and pulled her back to his chest. Her breath hitched. She turned and glared at him with so much fire in her hazel orbs. She wriggle her wrist to free it but he snaked his arm around her waist and pulled her so close that their body flushed against each other. Her face marred a frow...

  • Everything is fair in your love (II)
    100K 3.5K 33

    (Rahul and Ritu story) " Work is done.... Boss " Someone said, made Rahul came out of car to make sure his men did a great job. He moved towards the source without caring about his clothes, which was wet now due to heavy rain. There is she...a little 17 years old girl in fully wet clothes. She is shivering there du...

  • The Billionaire And His Angel ( Hussain Asif Fanfiction )
    193K 7.1K 42

    (( VERY SLOW UPDATES! )) #200 in Romance - 31/5/2017 #388 in Romance - 30/4/2017 He was fire She was ice He was full of dark She was full of light Hussain Asif the world's richest Billionaire who has everything but living in dark ; What will happen when a commoner girl will come to his life and change it by pourin...

  • Mafias Dangerous Obsession {Book 3 avaible on dreame)
    228K 2.2K 14

    Life is a strange path We want happiness but not sorrows. We want everything. But we forget that God has planned our life already. This is karims story.son of aman vivaan. Khan. He is a dangerous man. He is the mafia king. Ruthless arrogant and heartless. He can destroy you in secounds. Everyone fears him. For him e...

  • 6. Bésame (Kiss me) if you dare (BWWM) #wattys2016
    176K 7.8K 14

    Highest ranking #55 in Romance Highest ranking #244 in General Fiction. "You call yourself a man. How dare you lay your filthy hands on me. I would rather die than breathe the same air as you," Ruvarashe said taking a few steps away from Lorenzo. "You are mine and I can very much touch you whenever I want. Your f...

  • Deciphering His Love
    522K 27.9K 92

    ~Winner of the Tiger Awards 2019- Romance Category~ ~Winner of the Crazziest Wins Awards 2019- Romance Category~ Disclaimer: This story is rated MATURE since it contains abusive language and few explicit sexual content. Madhav Ramakrishna. A successful businessman; hard to read and as unpredictable as the weather. So...

    Completed   Mature
  • Tangled
    97.1K 3.7K 28

    Jana Selim was not a ordinary girl. Actually no girl is ordinary. They all have something special hidden in them. Jana was a girl with big dreams but as time passed her dreams changed and eventually she stopped dreaming. She stopped chasing for something she wanted. Was it her choice? No but she was also out of option...

  • Dusk To Dawn -by Madhusmita Das (Completed)
    63.6K 2.7K 26

    A Sandhir fiction

  • His Love; Her Existence ✔
    65.3K 3K 40

    ▪ Previously known as 'She is His Love and Obsession'▪ Adeena Khan, a Muslimah, is an happy-go, loud and a care-free girl. She has, what we call, a perfect life. From a loving and caring family to sister-like best friends. Currently in the last year of A levels, everything is just going fine until it isn't. Why, you a...