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  • Gilded Cage
    331K 14.3K 96

    Cages aren't made of iron or steel; they're made up of the lies and half-truths we build our realities upon. Sixteen-year-old Caterina Donati's life appears ridiculously perfect on the outside. She's rich, beautiful, and top of her class and continues to maintain this facade until an old classmate's return to Ashton W...

    Completed   Mature
  • A Girl From Ausicaa
    4.3K 619 44

    Brenna Catannach is a fearless Ausicaan girl with scarred hands and a deadly secret. Kazekiel masil-Kepar is a ruthless Sindori boy who will doing anything for power. Their fates are bound together by a children's fairytale as they fight for survival on bloody battlefields and kill before being killed amidst treacher...

  • On Tilt [in progress]
    527K 34.9K 38

    Going on tilt is like falling in love: both make you foolish and should be avoided at all costs. * BROOKE I hate Dean Hollis. I tell myself that every day. And some days, I almost believe it. Some days, I sell myself on at least a solid dislike of who he is and what he stands for. Like his stupid charming smile. His...