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  • Princess Reaper
    116K 2.3K 20

    Izuku Midoriya is killed by the Sludge Monster and is reincarnated into a Royal Family in a wolrd of Quirks. Magic and human half-breeds and other races! But as a princess and is later made to be The Grim Reaper, in her old world, which she travels to when it is time to reap a soul. But by that world she is considered...

  • demon slayer deku
    40.5K 392 8

    Izuku was born to inko and toshinori yagi They neglected him his sister and her friends beat him to death every day for 5 years until he left..........

  • Blackout
    40.2K 767 13

    Izuku Midoriya was an easily excitable child......but then IT came. Friends left Friends Came Discrimination started Discrimination never stopped The rise of a powerful hero began The rise of a powerful hero never plateaued Maybe a little Overpowered Quirk: -Darkness(SDS) -Trick Star(SDS) Cross posted on Archive of...

  • The Eternal Emperor
    179K 5.6K 19

    This is not my own. the title is the same but the original one is by End_Credits. An author who sadly hasn't updated since 2017. A crossover between Naruto and One Piece. What would happen when all Ninjas die out, leaving an immortal blond all by himself in a new world created by Kami.

  • Izuku 'Cipher' Midoriya
    10.3K 320 6

    15 year olds Mabel and Dipper find out that Bill Cipher was not actually gone just yet. So, they travel to the future, in hopes of stopping him before he starts another Weirdmageddon. What happens when they find a green haired kid very similar to Bill, with a dream of becoming a hero?

  • Guns and Punches (Izuku Midoriya x oc)
    11.3K 162 12

    Nanami is a weird girl who wears big nerdy glasses and and tattoos on both her shoulders. She now attends U.A in class 1-A. Let's see how a love story is made between her and a certain green haired boy.

  • the green fire
    361 5 2

    deku is the brother of zuko and azula and is a fire bender

  • Sound N' Jack
    110K 1.6K 45

    Did you know that sound travels through an earphone jack? Edit: First ever story, the begin is like a child wrote it. The end is washed up writer. Read at your own risk. #17 out of 1.44k Jiro 10/9/20 #2 out of 1.37k Song!!!! 11/16/20 #8 out of 1.46k Myhero 10/9/20

  • Legacy
    1.5M 25.9K 69

    Madara's lineage didn't end at the valley of the end. His legacy lived on through Minato and Naruto. Strong/Godlike! Naruto. NaruHina Finished.

  • Finding his own path
    4.7K 120 3

    Two boys, survivors of a tragedy, one seeks vengeance and power to kill his ambition while the other seeks peace and power to protect those that are precious to him.

  • Izuku's Girlfriends
    104K 1.2K 11

    Beacon students are visiting Japan to see the sports festival. This is to show peace between nations. After the sports festival UA students will visit Beacon for the tournament. Team RWBY, JNPR, and CFVY were gonna be shown around UA but they first introduce themselves in the forms. Izuku was out on a errand for Aizaw...

  • Admiration | Izuku Midoriya x OC
    44.3K 1.8K 63

    Nanaka Yami A short girl who has wanted to become a hero, since she knew what heroes are. She maybe has a powerful Quirk but will this even matter if she doesn't believe in herself? Attending class 1-A of UA-High will surely be a challenge for a girl as insecure as Nanaka. Not only because of the difficult tasks UA i...

  • Another World ꧁| Izuku Midoriya x OC |꧂
    1.2K 46 4

    A girl called Shirayuki Yōsei is a big fan of My Hero Academia. She always dreamed of going to that world and see her husbando (AKA. Izuku Midoriya) until she woke up in that world as the biological daughter of the No.1 hero All Might. She also found out that she had actually replaced Ochako Uraraka's place and will n...

  • Izuku frost the god of ice and everything in it
    32.7K 479 5

    Izuku yagi unlike his sister has no quirk and his farther toshinori is only 50% his dad the other percent is all for one inko and toshinori ignore izuku and his sister along with her friends bullied him he commited suicide and was dead for 6 weeks till the moon resurrected him and gave him to jack frost and elsa frost...

  • Izuku the grappler(Baki Izuku)
    43.4K 501 9

    Not every person is created equally, Izuku found out that out at the age of 4 when he was diagnosed as quirkless, this was what drove him to train to make up for his set back. Btw the pictures not mine.

  • No One Can Broke Me
    7.6K 43 7

    What if Izuku have powerful quirk. What if his quirk was similar to Greed shield(From Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood). What if he don't real want to be a hero. (Its obvious but I don't own mha or FMAB. Pictures are not mine)

  • Izuku: the betrayed and beyond.
    92.9K 1.2K 13

    Izuku learned a power much stronger the a quirk. Fear.

  • Deku, The Hell Flame Dragon Slayer
    717K 16.3K 76

    What if Izuku was the secret love child of Ryuko Tatsuma and Enji Todoroki? What if Izuku gets a quirk based fire dragon slayer magic from FairyTail? Particularly based off of the dragon Atlas Flame? Will he become the best hero he can be? Find out on the... Wait wrong place... Dammit! I do not own the anime of Boku n...

  • Hero Hunter Deku [My Hero Academia x One Punch Man Crossover]
    536K 13.5K 78

    80% of the world is born with quirks but not izuku. He's one of the lucky 20% that has no powers. He lives his life hoping to be a hero but once his idol crushes his dreams and the bullying gets worse for him Izuku hits his all time low and decides to end it all. But before he Can a man approaches him and offered to h...

  • Chained to Destiny
    36.2K 677 6

    Izuku is All Might's son, living happily and carelessly. That is until he was officially named quirkless. From then, his parents ignored him like he wasn't there. His classmates started bullying him, especially his best friend(?). This became the everyday cycle for him, until he finally had enough. Later on Izuku...

  • The Hero's Stand
    84.5K 915 32

    It's MHA but Izuku has Star Platinum instead of One for all, plus a bunch of other shit that got written in as it progressed.

  • Ill intentions. (Izuku)
    337 25 5

    "State your full name please" "Kiyaki Asaka' Kiyaki Asaka had known nothing but struggle since she was eight. Her mother was gravely ill due to her father's quirk. Kiyaki takes care of everything in hope that her mother will be able to become healthy once again. But with each visit they take to the doctor, they come b...

  • I need him (BNHA Deku x OC)
    33.3K 449 15

    Haruka has a quirk, a dangerous quirk but she only uses it to protect him he's her everything. (I don't own the cover photo)

  • The Charlotte Hero
    176K 5K 52

    Izuku had enough troubles being a Charlotte. Things got worse when he suffered an injury scarring his face to forever resemble his father's. Join him as he tries to become a hero and proves the world wrong by bringing his family to justice. I do not own One Piece or MHA. All art in the book is owned by their respected...

  • Through Generations of Darkness (Demon Deku
    52.3K 989 18

    Izuku Midoriya was meant to be quirkless. But then a boy shows up and changes his life forever. He gives him his power and he transforms into what he truly is. But is that a good thing? Izuku needs to overcome his wrath and use it for good. This is fanfic where Izuku has Meliodas's power from Nanatsu no Taizai ;-; No...

  • Fem Sho x Villian Izu
    24.7K 436 7

    A love story between the number two pro hero's daughter and one of the most feared villain in Japan. Shoto Todoroki fought against Izuku Midorya know as Deku in the attack on usj. In this story Izuku never met All Might and found out about his quick after jumping off the roof

  • The Infamous hero
    191K 3.1K 38

    what if Izuku Midoriya thought he was quirkless but instead he was a conduit. this story will have 4 types of quirks emitter, mutation, transformation, and conduit. conduits are rare here, there less then 10% in the population and most are villains so they kind have a bad reputation. this story will also have (izuku...

  • Vuluptious Love (DekuxNejire)
    22.7K 285 9

    After countless coincidences of running into this blue haired girl as he describes her the little boy decided to befriend the older girl. She gave of a bubbly and joyful aura which he liked. The girl accepted the younger boys friendship and continued to meet up with him for whatever reason as friends do,while they gro...