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  • Sweet Taste Of Summer - l.s.
    3.9K 275 4

    It was a crisp autumn morning, the day Louis Tomlinson waltzed into Harry Styles' life without warning. Cool breezes and nice weather weren't typical in hell-degree-weather-Texas, but neither were lanky boys who wore denim jackets over ratty handed down Rock 'n Roll t-shirts, yet Harry was somehow witnessing both at t...

    Completed   Mature
  • When Tomorrow Comes
    3.1K 139 3

    Louis is an Omega who has been keeping himself pure for his Alpha, Harry is a traditional Alpha focusing on his studies while he waits to find his bondmate, and Niall is a sneaky bastard who keeps borrowing Louis' clothes and never returning them. Spanish translation now available by the lovely @m4j02002 https://www.w...

    Completed   Mature
  • It Was All Yellow | L.S
    227K 12.1K 96

    [COMPLETED] Summer romance book Harry has been struggling to find his muse. He also needs a break from fame, so he goes on a long road trip and finds himself in a small town right near the coast. He wasn't expecting the southern accent and kind people, but what really took him by surprise was the boy that works at th...

    Completed   Mature
  • Behind The Mask
    51.6K 2.3K 44

    Louis Tomlinson is a detective that always gets the lame cases. His job is boring, his social life is boring, his love life is boring. He just needs something to liven up his life a little bit. Surprisingly, he receives a new case, one that will change his life forever. Harry Styles is the Mafia leader. Him and his o...

  • Erratic Dealer | L.S
    158K 6.9K 40

    [COMPLETED] A bodyguard fan fiction. Louis Tomlinson: A rich fashion student living in London, trying to achieve his dreams as a fashion designer. His father's influence has hit him, causing him to want to be just as successful as he is. Louis has a loving and accepting family, and basically everything he would ever...

    Completed   Mature
  • End Up Here - l.s (mpreg)
    482K 16.3K 34

    Harry Styles, a twenty-nine year old model for Gucci, who just so happened to be cocky and rude. Louis Tomlinson, a twenty-two year old college student and part time parent, who just so happened to be struggling in life. But what happens when the two cross paths? Will they fall in love or become sworn enemies? Highest...

  • Crisp Trepidation | L.S
    255K 9.9K 65

    [COMPLETED] He writes songs as he listens to the boy speak and the boy draws while He sings him the songs that were written about him. or Louis Tomlinson, Gucci fashion Designer, was hired to design pieces for Singer/Songwriter Harry Styles' most recent photoshoot. Harry loves the way Mr. Tomlinson works and creates...

    Completed   Mature
  • Glass Elation | L.S
    118K 5K 30

    [COMPLETED] Jewelry laundering is what excites Louis, but $17,000 interests him just a little bit more when it comes from the rich man that watches him dance on Saturday nights.

    Completed   Mature
  • Prove It (Larry Valentine's Day)
    14.7K 635 8

    In which Harry is the school player and Louis is sick of hearing about his sex life everyday during biology, so he challenges him not to flirt with girls for an entire week and things get kind of.. complicated.

  • Denial (l.s. Complete)
    91.9K 2.8K 6

    "Louis is not an Omega, and that is final!" The one where Louis finds out, quite late in his life, that he is an Omega.

  • strawberries and cigarettes (always taste like you)
    100K 3.5K 29

    Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles live in a frat house.

  • Awaiting Angel - Larry Stylinson
    312K 12K 36

    "W-w'en w'll 'oo be b'ck, 'azzie?" "That's none of your concerns." Angelman Syndrome!Louis Businessman!Harry (Like always.) [Highest Ranking #730 in Fanfiction] Co-written with @AngleTheresNoHope (Paris) . . . This may contain some triggering things for some people. So please, read at your own risk...

  • Everlasting || larry
    151K 10.8K 20

    ••complete 2014•• nothing can last forever

  • The Accident
    90.3K 4.4K 13

    Louis' family puts him in a rehabilitation center after a drunk driver crashes into him on the highway. He suffers from PTSD, and he has to learn how to talk and how to walk again. Louis doesn't see the point. His life as he does it is over. But Dr. Payne treats his PTSD, Mr. Horan, the speech therapist helps him with...

  • Happily Ever After
    63K 3.8K 14

    @always_in_his_heart_ asked me to write a royal Larry story where Louis and Harry are princes in different kingdoms. Harry's father wants to step down from the throne and he gives Harry a month to find a wife and throws a ball. But Harry doesn't want a princess, he wants a prince! Queen Anne decides to invite the prin...

    208K 6.8K 16

    Louis brothers report him missing after they can't get hold of him for 24hours Harry Styles and Charlie Stone, detectives of the teenage homicide and missing persons division, are long time friends of the Tomlinson's and take the case. Angst, Fluff and Drama ensured

  • Little Cub
    1.5M 44.5K 50

    Harry Styles is head of the underground, he's ruthless, possessive, feared and powerful. Louis is a student, his dad works for Harry but Louis has no idea about the underground world. What happens when Louis dad causes trouble and Harry kidnaps Louis for revenge. (This is my story, please do not copy, also on AO3 unde...

    Completed   Mature
  • darling ~ larry au
    151K 5.3K 13

    a short story where Harry just wants a kiss and Louis refuses to give it to him ◇ Bk. 1 - darling (larry au) Bk. 2 - princess (larry au)

  • in this damn world // l.s.
    2.7K 138 2

    louis gets his wisdom teeth removed and harry's there to take care of him through the loopiness of it all. ice cream, cuddles, and adorable goofiness ensues.

  • The Boy That Doesn't Talk // ls
    191K 5.4K 34

    Where Harry, a famous solo artist, meets Louis, the boy that doesn't talk. (btw because Harry's the only one who sings, one direction albums are his personal albums and so he has up all night, take me home, midnight memories and four out in the beginning of the story)

  • Good Turn of the Cards; larry stylinson [completed] (bottom!louis top!harry)
    5.5K 220 1

    Louis can't remember when exactly Harry's voice got so deep and gruff. He can, however, remember the first time he wrapped a hand around himself and wanked to the thought of Harry's voice in his ear, telling him to be a good boy, to touch himself for daddy. He doesn't mean for it to become something he gets off to all...

    Completed   Mature
  • Silent Night || Larry Stylinson - One Shot
    16.4K 468 1

    A Larry Stylinson One Shot Louis Tomlinson was the field medical officer and Harry Styles was a Private of the British Army Infantry Regimen. They were separated from their division in the thick Ardennes Forest of Germany after an ambush and they struggled to keep alive from not only the German Army but from the cold...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Princess and The Outlaw
    10.5K 373 5

    "Well, well, well." The monotonous beckoning was accompanied by a clicking heel of undoubtedly ridiculous leather boots. Louis was putting his away his textbooks in exchange for his sketchpad in this ominous section of the school hallway until the voice of someone who drove unsettling chills down his spine interrupted...

    Completed   Mature
  • Dominus
    49.4K 1.2K 19

    Harry is of a superior species, rare and genetically untameable. He meets his missing piece in the form of Louis and they begin to share a life that came to them too soon. property of SStomlinson. NOT MY WORK

    Completed   Mature
  • Are you a pusher or are you a puller?
    36K 2.5K 21

    "Do you think I will die from that height? Is it high enough?" He hears himself ask. He doesn't know why he engaged a conversation with a stranger that's likely to see him die. It's not fair to neither of them. He shouldn't talk, he should just jump, however there's something about the stranger's voice that sooths him...

  • Hazza, I'm Bored √
    1.1K 67 1

    When Louis Tomlinson is bored and confined to the tour bus for have to expect a little bit of chaos. At least, Paul, their tour manager, should. --- This is a story to cleanse your palate after an emotionally draining story (uhum... aka my other stories 😬) <3

    Completed   Mature
  • Soft Hands, Fast Feet, Can't Lose
    412K 6.5K 8

    This is NOT my work. This story belongs to dolce_piccante on Archive Of Our Own. If you would rather read it on ao3, here is the link: ~ American Uni AU. Harry Styles is a frat boy football star from the wealthy Styles Family athletic dynasty. A celebrity amo...

    Completed   Mature
  • Collision // Larry Stylinson - itjustkindahappened
    189K 6.7K 32

    Mythology/Fairytale!AU in which Louis is a dainty fairy with a temper who wants to be intimidating and Harry hurts people. Naturally, they hate each other. (Featuring Liam, the big and not-so-bad wolf who's got a thing for humans, Zayn, a human with supernaturally good looks, and Niall, the cupid who just wants his jo...

    Completed   Mature
  • Massage My Straightness Away (Larry AU)
    1M 23.6K 20

    *COMPLETED* Louis Tomlinson is a famous vlogger, admired by many, but little do they know that he's gay. Louis' been experiencing a sharp pain in his back, and ends up at a massage clinic. Harry Styles, the clinic's hottest and gayest masseuse, decides to take care of Louis' pain himself. •top harry •smut smut smut ...

  • Moonlight || larry
    273K 18.6K 18

    ••complete 2014•• forced to hide their relationship, two boys meet every night under the stars. the moon their spotlight as they fall deeper in love