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  • bangtan one-shots
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    This is just a series of bangtan one shots that: • will vary in genre/moods • will vary with ships • could be extremely sexual • could be extremely sad • could be extremely cute • anything beyond and in between I hope you all enjoy~

  • The Happiness Project [Jungkook x OC]
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    Lee Eun Hye is a successful 23 year-old licensed psychiatrist, making her the youngest doctor in her profession. She dedicates herself to help adolescents and young adults struggling with mental illness and behavioral problems. With every patient she sees, Eun Hye has always been able to shed light and happiness into...

  • blank space ✎ kth & jjk.
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    ↬ TAEKOOK: ❝ in which taehyung took jungkook the wrong way ❞ ㅡ COMPLETED ↻ fetus writing (cringe)

  • Wet Dreams
    28.4K 755 8

    you are my worst nightmare yet my precious dream.

  • Pathcode
    1.9K 88 4

    "a path to my yearning heart," moan-light.

  • Talk Dirty
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    oh the way you say my name shoots sparks in my body and electricity in my veins and i know that i am crazy but boy, you drive me crazy.

  • IRDC
    185K 6.8K 31

    Warning: love hurts, it causes anger, jealousy, obsession, why don't you love me back? Love - Hate relationships angst | fluff

  • I've Fallen for Us (A Vhope fanfic)
    150K 6.9K 32

    Taehyung is in love with Hoseok, his room mate and best friend. There's only three problems with this. Taehyungs scared to tell him, Hoseok is straight, but the major problem is Hoseok has a crush on a girl. It sucks to be in a one sided love, where everyone thinks your together, but you aren't. And the littlest thin...