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    Featuring the special chapters of THE FIFTH BORN, MISSING ROYALTY, THE ASSASSIN, and THE HEALER.

  • Crown in The Mist
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    "When you come from a rich family, it shows. I know because I've seen a lot of them on the streets. The way they hold themselves, the way they talk, the way they move in general is very different. Some are big talkers because they have something to talk about. Some are just composed, silent. Like they make their elega...

  • The Assassin
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    Natasha June Atkinson was an assassin. She quit the job and tried to lead a normal life. but she realizes normal is impossible when one of the men she once was tasked to kill kept following and pestering her, inviting her to do a suicide mission together.

  • The Fifth Born
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    Samantha Larissa Madeline Quinn Magnussen is a Princess. All she ever wanted was a life outside the walls of the Palace but just when she was about to have it, life took an unexpected turn when a whole organization is suddenly after her and she'll discover a secret her family has been keeping from her for a long time.

  • Missing Royalty
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    Tamina Muriel Ailani Magnussen never once dreamed of going outside the borders of the palace. But because of certain circumstances, she found herself walking out of nowhere and paddling her way to the delinquent's lair. And just as life hated her, luck was starting to leave her side too. She found herself face to face...

  • The Healer
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    Liliana West is a Healer from Sandovia. She was living her life peacefully until a son of a High Lord asks her hand for marriage. She knows better than to be a concubine! Just as she thought she has escaped, she'll meet another one and gets involved in another marriage arrangement. Only this time, she couldn't say no...