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  • The Rules to Redemption
    522K 24.7K 57

    We are built on lies. Tallia Asriel learnt that the hard way, having left her home to become a world class lawyer in New York yet dragged into a world of crime and violence at the hands of a breathtaking mobster who shows her life from a whole different perspective. When hatred turns to love and the law collides with...

  • MILO
    12.8M 435K 47

    After unknowingly saving a mafia boss from a botched bank robbery, Kiara accepts an offer to work for him as a translator, not realizing love may become part of the package. ***** Though Kiara Payne may be a genius when it comes to languages, what s...

  • We'll Never be Sane
    7.9M 182K 66

    Moulded by a world of hatred and death, Shy Solace is the reckless daughter of a crime lord. She is spoiled. Unable to feel for anyone, and when her behaviour gets out of control she is forced to fake her identity to redeem herself. But never did she expect to meet her personal hell - Enzo Santini. He is unhinged, ob...

    Completed   Mature
  • Mafia princess
    12M 349K 100

    What does it mean to be a family? More so, what lengths do we go to for family? Sienna D'Angelo was a regular girl with an unusual upbringing. She always felt out of place in her lifestyle, though it wasn't until he mothers death where she found out who she truly was. She was brought into a world of violence and deat...

    Completed   Mature
  • HATE ME ❙ Eren ✘ Reader
    505K 18.2K 59

    Attack on titan [high school au] Eren Jaeger, Armin Arlert & Mikasa Ackerman ♕ The famous trio that walked in A.O.T high, nobody could be compared. They appeared to be untouchable, the perfect squad everyone ran after. 'But the truth will never be as polished' Jean's group had a huge rivalry against the trio, one w...

    Completed   Mature
  • MAFIA (Bad! Levi X Reader Modern AU) COMPLETED
    268K 8.5K 45

    You were the perfect student and the perfect daughter. That was until he came along and brought out something in you that you never knew you had.

  • STATISTICALLY SEDUCED (Professor Levi x Student Reader)
    790K 12.9K 14

    First impressions do tend to leave a lasting effect. The only thought that ran through your head when you saw the raven haired man for the first time was, "Damn. He's hot." Too bad he turns out to be your Professor. But the damage was done and you couldn't find it in yourself to reverse your feelings. Your hormones co...

    Completed   Mature
  • TOXIC - dabi
    1.6M 36.2K 39

    "YOU KNOW I DIDN'T MEAN ANY OF THAT, BABE?" a dabi x female reader nsfw your looking for a room mate, but things take a turn status ongoing <3

  • Unforgettable: Part Two
    191K 9.2K 65

    *sequel to Unforgettable - bakugo x reader* Kairi Todoroki has been in love with his best friend, Eli, ever since they were kids - things start to get a little complicated for him and his feelings once they enter highschool, where the boys look like sharks ready to get a bite of Eli, and his problems at home get in th...

  • Unforgettable- bakugo x reader
    6.7M 195K 84

    y/n helps her best friend, todoroki, get with his crush, momo. only to result in something bigger than expected. Her love life starts getting a little interesting but will her twisted past let it be?