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  • His Personal Assistant (completed)
    2.8M 84K 81

    --------------- "Now answer my question", He speaks, this time with his serious tone. "What ?", I ask him . "Will you go out with me ?" --------------- Alaiza is a normal girl . At least that's what she think she is. She is in fact a very beautiful girl and incredibly smart. She got the job of being the personal assis...

  • Menacingly✔️
    22.1M 758K 50

    "Your problem is that your heart is too big, it leaves you vulnerable and makes you weak." He spoke in such certainty that it brought tears to my eyes, because it was the truth. I was vulnerable and delicate, I was weak and let my guard down too much. "You put your heart on your sleeve. You are oblivious to evil and p...

  • Fatal Alliances
    34.3M 1.2M 72

    COMPLETED. #1 in Romance. "Look, if you're-" "Shut up." I was taken back at the sudden manner in which he spoke to me. "Let's get something straight Miss Greene, I don't appreciate people talking back at me. And quite frankly, you're crossing your limit with me and my patience with you. So from now on, as long as you'...

  • Wedcuffed
    264K 10.2K 43

    ~STORY CONTAINS ADULT CONTENT ~ Sarah Darrell always wanted a simple life. But after having an abusive childhood and teenage she came to know life is not a fairytale. Being mistreated by her stepmother and sister, she decided to leave behind her city, her home, her family. Today at the age of 22 she is a strong, in...

  • More Than Friends (New Beginnings - Book 1)
    15.2M 413K 37

    After having her heart broken, the last thing Alexia expects is to befriend single dad Lucas, the hot neighbor carrying lots of baggage. He says they should be friends since they want different things from life. But as they spend more and more time together, will they be able to ignore their sizzling attraction? *****...

    Completed   Mature
  • My Unforgettable Love
    244K 12.3K 43

    It is just a love story with mixed emotions, some ups and downs of life which was overcome at last. A long journey of relationship fulfilment and duties. Love, a small word containing so much meaning. Let's see where LOVE takes us in this story!

  • Xavier | Dark #1 [COMPLETED]
    35.8M 1.1M 42

    Can be read as a stand alone book. #1 STORY OF THE DARK SERIES #2 - COLOUR ME RED #3 - AARON "Close your eyes." he croaked, I did as I was told without any disobedience. "Have you any idea how badly I want to kiss you right now?" I shook my head in reply. "Badly, so fucking badly." he whispered as his harsh breath fan...

  • The Billionaire Playboy's Ward [Under Revision]
    13.2M 248K 27

    Isabella Stanford never thought that one day she would have the Playboy Billionaire hottie for a guardian but did when her parents died in a tragic accident and left him with that responsibility. Now, ten years later, she discovers that the big crush she had always had for the badboy was still very much alive and he w...

  • Win Her Heart | ✓
    4.2M 203K 79

    #1 in General Fiction (14-02-2017) #1 - THE CRYSTAL AWARDS WINNER 2016 He was truly, madly, deeply in love with her. But there was one problem. She was too innocent for him. He was a bad boy after all. But instead of being a gentleman, he became a stalker. Instead of impressing her, he scared her. Instead of asking h...

  • All Monsters Are Human
    917K 34.8K 52

    1St in #possesive 1ST in #abuse 1ST in #arrangedmarriage 1ST in #hatelove 1ST in #rich 1ST in #tortured The next thing she knew was that she was slung on his muscular shoulder. She thrashed her legs, but he carried her as if she weighed no more than a bag of feathers. "Caelum please!" She begged him but he ignored h...

    Completed   Mature
  • From her diary to her heart
    3.7M 132K 46

    #8 in Romance (September 13 2016) COMPLETED Expectations are something which truly mock you in the face. When you expect more you get less. Tiffany Devon was an orphaned girl who by a fate of chance happened to be adopted by the great influential family of Devon. An independent graduate who was looking forward to liv...

  • You & I ✓
    4.8M 165K 62

    Ethan Monroe, 26, not your average billionaire Playboy. Work and family is his life. Erica Williams, 24, not your average poor girl. Work and independence is her joy. Family is what's missing in her life. Find out if Ethan and Erica fight against the odds to make it work or will the mysteries of the past blow them a...

  • Mr. Ceo's Misfit | ✓
    2.4M 95.5K 55

    Amber Collins gets a job in one of the leading companies in New York, 'The Williams and co.' Sounds amazing right? Now add to it, a handsome looking, irresistible Ceo, with the body and looks of a Greek God, untamed ways, who also happens to be a Mr. I - want - everything - to - be - Perfect. Absolutely perfect! Not s...

  • Mr. Ceo's Miss Nerd | ✓
    509K 23.1K 42

    Olivia Isabella Williams is not your average nerd. She wears glasses, yes, but apart from burying her nose inside books, she is also a party animal. A wild one at that. Once in every six months, at least. Yes, she gets flustered when a hot guy at the club winks at her, but she also knows how to put him in his place if...

  • One Of A Kind
    519K 17.8K 29

    "Let me convince you that love exists" Benjamin grinned at me. "Love is just some delusion our mind creates to make sure we procreate" I rolled my eyes. "And even if it did exist, wouldn't falling in love with you just hurt me in the end anyway?" "Maybe not" Benjamin shrugged. "If you don't believe in love by graduat...

  • Possessive Much?
    15.3M 554K 52

    [Highest Rank: #1 in Teen Fiction] 🚫WARNING🚫 :| CLICHE ALERT! This is some high class cringe stuff which will make you want to throw yourself out the window |: :|You have been warned, proceed at your own risk |: ⬇️ He stood up with his hands in his pockets, "I'll delete the video." My head snapped up on hearing th...

  • My broody boy
    147K 3K 28

    His Best friend knows everything about him. Every secret, every mistake, his past with girls, which would explain why Jaxon's best friend wants him to stay clear of his sister but sometimes you can't help wanting something you're forbidden to touch. _____________________________________________________________________...

  • Against the Odds
    685K 35.8K 29

    Reeling from her father's death and mother's recklessness, Delilah Sterling's life is turned right side up when she meets Hunter Carlisle, a man who almost seems too good to be true. ***** Smart and capable, Delilah Sterling thought she had her fu...

  • Fear of Falling
    8.1M 237K 52

    Getting stuck in the elevator with a famous hockey player was an accident, but falling in love is a choice. ***** Josie Scott was looking forward to a normal Friday evening of red wine and TV on her couch, but the building elevator had other ideas...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Billionaire's Contract
    2.4M 92.4K 50

    I hesitated. Then sighed. "What would I have to do?" "Marry me." ______________ Lucian King doesn't care about anyone. The only thing that he cares about is King Enterprises; his father's company. Life is already hard enough for Lucian as the CEO's son, but without a doubt, the ultimatum that his Father enforces on h...

  • The Arrogant CEO [Completed] [Book #1]
    306K 9.3K 47

    Olivia Grey Is A Struggling 21 Year Old Girl Who Also Has A Secret Past. Twenty Years Ago, Her Parents Died In A Car Accident And From Then On, She's Been Alone. She Got A Job Interview To Become A Assistant From The Most Powerful Man In The World. There, She Met Jasper Jones. From Then On, They Have The Most Weird...

    Completed   Mature
  • My Billionaire Husband ✔
    375K 11.4K 34

    Adrain Ivan Stone, a rich, handsome not to mention incredibly rude billionaire who, believes that love only happens in crappy TV shows Harmony Beverly Harrison, a bubble young University graduate who, loves to live a spontaneous life and believes in finding "THE ONE" someday what happens when both their world's collid...

    Completed   Mature
  • Married to a stranger (18+)
    291K 13.6K 69

    Warning : mature language, explicit content . " what is wrong with you " I yell at him . He just keeps staring at me he opens his mouth to speak just as I think he's about to apologize he says something else " nice fashion nova dress " I was so confused by his statement / compliment. " huh " were the only words that...

  • For The Love Of The Game
    340K 14.4K 29

    II FEATURED II "What if? Just for tonight, we gave in?" "I'm going to make sure you can never get me out of your mind after tonight." I felt her back arch as she shivered at my words. We shall see if after tonight she still only wants one night, I smirked against her skin. ...

  • Love affair of a life time *EDITED*
    288K 9.9K 30

    Anna Barnes tried out for a new job in the publishing business and was lucky to get the job. The only problem was the CEO of Colburn Publishings. Tall, handsome and seriously attracted to her. But after an office Christmas party and plenty of drinks, Anna's life is turned into a stomach churning roller coaster as her...

  • Hired Bride (COMPLETED)
    3.7M 138K 60

    *COMPLETED* Kelsey Parker is an average 23 year-old woman with financial needs. With her little brother in the hospital, her mother working as a babysitter, and her not being able to finish college, money has been pretty tight to make their ends meet. Mason King is a billionaire. He can buy anything he wants being th...

    Completed   Mature
  • The waitress |✓ [not edited]
    8.7M 240K 66

    After losing her both parents Venessa Clay is left alone on her own. Despite her parents death Venessa learned to be happy and content with her normal life, and normal job as a waitress in a diner. But will her life remain normal after the most dangerous Italian mafia leader Vincent De Costello laid his eyes upon her...

  • His Handicapped Wife_ ✓(Will Be Taken Down Soon.)
    2M 65.6K 77

    ⚠️The story was taken down before, 10/05/2020. And was published again on 05/09/2020. It will be taken down again, soon. Read the chapter, "My story is plagiarized."⚠️ This book is unedited, You've been warned! Date___19/05/2018......#14 in Romance. 'What are you talking about?' Anna asked, a little louder. 'I'm talki...

  • In Love With Mr. Billionaire
    36.3M 1.2M 48

    Caroline Marshall, a sweet, innocent and cute girl, who hates rich guys since her father threw her mother away to marry another woman for money. Living with a step-mother, a step-sister and a cruel father, her life was worse than hell. Aaron Woodwords, a multi-billionaire and the CEO of Woodwords corporation, has...

  • The Billionaire's Match (Book 2)
    874K 31.8K 45

    No one speaks back to him. Not unless they have a desire to be jobless with a box in hand out onto the pavement. Hardworking, arrogant and every woman's fantasy, Lucas Demachelis is a dream come true. He's a man who knows what he wants... And what he wants is Evelyn Hart. But we can't all have what we want right...? ...

    Completed   Mature