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  • Charmless
    241 6 3

    You love princesses. I love princesses. But do you ever wonder if they love each other? One prince on a mission. One missing damsel who may not exactly be in distress. And five neurotic not-quite princesses that just might drive everyone insane. Only question left is: Where's the villain?

  • Liath
    4.1K 173 9

    {Liath: A magical creature who rules all other magical beings, yes that includes Vampire and ware-wolves.Normally they look like average drop dead gorgeous humans but when in Liath form, their skin becomes silver, eyes gold and lips purple. They restore order between magical creatures and spend most of their time in t...

  • Victory's Price
    180K 4.2K 82

    When you kill a man, ensure you give him the respect of your gaze. Hold his eyes until he dies. And then, when the battle is done, remember only that every victory has its price.

  • Kiss My Royal Ass (Royal Pain in the Ass Sequel)
    1.2M 26.7K 45

    Juliet is back! This time she is still struggling to fit into the British elite upper class. There will be plenty of old faces and quite a few new ones. What trouble will Juliet get into this time?

  • Mystical
    148 2 1

  • Tainted
    1.5K 44 5

    Alison lives in a world where people are born with inhumane abilities, or gifts. However, society rejects them, and made them an official species called "Tainted." Tainted people, or what they call themselves "Gifted," are people who are born with powers such as elements, telepathic, necromantic, etc... But Alison is...

  • He Came Back (NaNoWriMo 2011) ~completed xD~
    16.6K 447 17

    Arianna Martin has a secret... She and her friends are training to be part of a gang. Apparently, girls were now allowed in it. And that just made Ari even more excited. But after two years, she stopped. What caused it, you asked? Well, it has a little something to do with the people in school. Enter Eric Smith: well...