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  • Loving her Anatomy (GxG)(StudentxLecturer)
    1.1M 38.9K 37

    Olivia moves in with her best friend and learns the transition from school to University is a lot different than what she expected, especially when she meets her lecturer Amelia Roberts. ***Contains strong language and sexual content*** Book Cover by the wonder @HerParamour (Completed)

    Completed   Mature
  • Love, Miss Kelly (GirlxGirl)
    429K 15.9K 47

    Kenna Gabri is nineteen and a senior. Her life isn't perfect. Her mom passed away from a horrible accident. Her dad was never there. It's just her brother and herself alone in the world. She has her best friend by her side, that knows everything about her. But she has a deep secret that she has been keeping inside for...

    Completed   Mature
  • You're mine
    884K 29.7K 77

    Leah's just a girl like another: hanging out with friends, experiencing love, having family fights and love... But what happens when her perfect world isn't that perfect anymore? And what about this teacher that always tries to help...?

    Completed   Mature
  • The Teacher: AKA My Best Friend's Mom (GxG) (TeacherxStudent)
    478K 16.1K 32

    Her ass hit the front of her desk and there was nowhere else for her to go. I didn't give it a second thought before plastering my lips onto her own. The kiss held fire, and I made sure to give it all I had. I trailed my right hand ever so slightly down her torso, getting closer and closer to the top of the black dre...

    Completed   Mature
  • Broken Rules
    253K 5.5K 65

    This story is a girlxgirl and teacherxstudent so if you do not like something like this, this is not for you to read. NOTE: Names of the characters and scenes that might be the same with the other stories or in real life is purely coincidental. P.S Not yet edited, some grammatical and typographical errors.

    Completed   Mature
  • Help Me Pick Up The Pieces {Completed} (GirlXGirl) [TeacherXStudent]
    755K 30.3K 74

    *Destined to Be series book one. Not necessary to read Book one before book two.* Achievements: #1 in Lesbianromance [August 14th, 2019] #4 in Lesbian [September 30th, 2019] #5 in GirlxGirl [August 26, 2019] Avery has had a tough life, a very tough life. She feels like the universe is forever against her. And never th...

    Completed   Mature
  • Past Present Future
    548K 20.1K 40

    "Why are you watching me?" There was a grogginess in her tone that I found extremely alluring. I shouldn't be finding it alluring, I should be maintaining my professional position. "It's funny watching you try and stay awake," my eyes glanced over at her before returning to the road. I took an exit that led to my apa...

    Completed   Mature
  • I Loved You Before I Met You
    915K 30.1K 120

    ~ girlxgirl ~ studentxprincipal ~ studentxteacher ~ womanxwoman ~ ****Mature Content, Strong Language, Sexual Content**** Love. Love can be a forbidden, powerful thing, a magnetic pull that brings two people together. For Kyler Adams, she feels that magnetic pull with the one person she shouldn't, her stepmom Lauren...

    Completed   Mature
  • Games of Power and Prowess
    358K 12.1K 27

    Allison Grange and Natalie Rocher. Two names that don't have a single reason to be in the same sentence, let alone the same book. But, here we are. Allison is a student, struggling with her life as a teenager, who's never really had a place to call home. Natalie is a whole ass woman, struggling with her life as a wife...

    Completed   Mature
  • My "Hot Neighbors"
    127K 4K 20

    (Complete) book 1 Case Matthews is a normal Teenager. Her father and mother divorced six months ago. She has two teenage brothers. Last year a lot of things changed for her. This year looks like a lot more. Megan Walters and Skyler Samson Just moved to town. Now they live nextdoor to a very Beautiful young woman. Th...

  • Chasing Miss Conner •NEW VERSION•
    361K 12.4K 33

    | GirlxGirl | • N E W V E R S I O N • |I want to wake each morning in your arms comforted by your oddity seduced by your knowledge of my ways and I want you to crack my heart of glass| • Songs: Olivia O'Brien- Find What You're Looking For Sam Smith (Acoustic)- Too Good At Goodbyes Julia Michaels- Worst In Me...

  • Still In Love With My Ex-Student (GirlxGirl)
    124K 4.4K 30

    This is the Sequel to In Love With My Student. Jennifer Murphy is now teaching at a University in Florida. She still thinks about Arielle, and misses her dearly. She hasn't had another girlfriend after she dated Arielle because to put it simply "They weren't her." Arielle is now living on her own with her best frien...

  • The Start Of Something New (WSSME Sequel)
    716K 31.8K 21

    Sequel to "Why So Sexy, Miss Evans?" Copyright © 2021 by ShayZayit

  • Janitors Closet [gxg]
    602K 15.5K 36

    [teacherxstudent] I trailed my hand gently against her cold bare leg while grazing my lips upon her exposed neck. Her breathing hitched as she struggled to suppress a moan. I gently hiked her leg up and around my waist backing her further into the corner. As her lips slowly pressed into mine I crept my fingers closer...

    Completed   Mature
  • Chasing Miss Conner •OLD VERSION•
    1.6M 54.3K 43

    •GirlxGirl• |I want to wake each morning in your arms comforted by your oddity seduced by your knowledge of my ways and I want you to crack my heart of glass| "Miss Conner?" I was surprised. I hadn't seen her since last week and figured I never would again given the stunt I had pulled. She looked up and started to w...

    Completed   Mature
  • Miss Williams [ GirlxGirl ] [ TeacherxStudent ]
    243K 6.4K 23

    Jessica Clark, a seventeen year old girl, is a young student that studies English in highschool. She's been through a lot when she was sixteen. Her mother died in a car accident and then her father, still alive, left her alone. Jessica doesn't really have good grades and never liked her teachers. She's the type of stu...

  • Perfect Chemistry
    134K 3.5K 15

    (Gxg) (teacherxstudent) Kate wasn't great at school. But she wasn't the worst either. Chemistry class quickly became her worst subject her senior year. But when it came to the chemistry teacher, Ms. Adams. Some may call what they have "Perfect Chemistry." "Very suddenly I feel my cigarette ripped from my hand and...

  • Just this one time [girlxgirl]
    182K 4.5K 27

    Peyton Eathal, courageous, forthright, charming, innocent-looking, desirable & Intelligent. She was the type of woman at rosewood that would sit all the way in the back row of class just so she could focus on her work. She didn't like bullshit or Drama which is why she didn't have many friends. Very Solitary & Secreti...

    Completed   Mature
  • Why Her?
    59.6K 1.7K 15

    Alex has feelings for her teacher Miss.Heart and Alex's Ex shows up wanting her back. Will Alex get Miss.Heart? Will Alex go for her ex instead? Does Miss.Heart have feelings for Alex? *I don't own these music video or pictures all credits go to the creators*

    Completed   Mature
  • Addicted to Mrs Jane? (COMPLETED)
    127K 3K 60

    Eliza is an ordinary girl that lived at a quiet neighbourhood in Hollywood , based on family issues Eliza's parents were separated and Eliza's dad found a replacement , which is soon to be called stepmom, but who is she , does she know her, why does she look familiar?

    Completed   Mature
  • The Graduate (GirlxGirl) (Student/Teacher)
    100K 2.8K 6

    [SEQUEL TO ACHIEVING A GRADES] **MAJOR SPOILERS** Peyton Cooper is heartbroken at the loss of her true love, even a year after the event. She hasn't dated or even so much as glanced at another girl since. Her best friend, Sebastian White, and his boyfriend, Noah Mathews, have been there every step of the way to help n...

  • 𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐎𝐧𝐥𝐲 𝐖𝐚𝐲 | 𝐠𝐱𝐠 - 𝐭𝐱𝐬
    81.9K 3.7K 37

    Hazel Langford, seventeen year old mother to one year old daughter; Leah. And Stella Wilfred, Seventeen year old best friend to Hazel and godmother to Leah. Escaped the hands of their growing community one cold night, fearing for their own safety that was more than at stake. The escape was planned for years before the...

  • Damn Miss Collins (Gxg)
    904K 29.5K 95

    An 18 year old troubled girl called Alex has recently moved to a new state as her mother recently got a new job. She was a trouble maker who doesn't like following rules and is always out to defying those in charge. Her mother recently got a new job and is away regularly leaving poor Alex alone with her thoughts makin...

  • Miss Rivet | gxg
    240K 1.8K 9

    Read to find out ;) This story is currently being edited and completely rewritten! Chapters will be published when I am finished with them! Please, be patient with me.

  • My Professor's Affair
    297K 8.8K 68

    Diana Hawthorne- Big stack bully. Rebel. Daredevil. The way her parents and everyone who knows her defines her as a complete pain in the ass. Her mother had enough of her and made a deal that she can never turn down so she has to endure her college life. Victoria Clements- Doctor of Mathematics. Doctor of Philosophy...