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  • Gang Violence [Classic Sans x Bad Sanses]
    560 54 3

    ╭┈─────── ೃ⁀➷ ╰──➢ Obscurititties ───────; ✧ ╭ ⁞ ❏A cashier Classic Sans, right? But in a convenience store in the middle of a sketchy territory where gangs lurk. So obviously plenty of gangsters are gonna come in for booze, cigs, midnight snacks and their...

  • Interior Designer [Classic Sans x Bad Sanses]
    220 29 2

    ╭┈─────── ೃ⁀➷ ╰──➢ Interior Designer ──────; ✧ ╭ ⁞ ❏After being kidnapped regularly due to his fathers' villainous stand in society Classic sans starts to degrade his newest kidnappers. "The floors are tacky, don't ya' shower? This food needs more seasoning ...

  • Murder Time Trio x Classic Sans - Broken Love
    1.2K 92 4

    None of them really understood how it happened. One moment they were within Nightmare's hideout, the next, they were within Snowdin. Dropped into a familiar place, yet still foreign to them all. A place that brought back nothing but terrible memories of past. Only one problem: They're trapped without a way out.

  • Humerous Temptations - DarkHumor (Nightmare x Classic)
    1.6K 106 7

    Life always has a way of keeping one on the path of their destiny. For Classic, he was lazy. He was often alone. He simply enjoyed his cozy life with few responsibilities. Yet the world found a way to tamper with that. A single incident offers changes that may give him what he's lacked for so long. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~...

    43.5K 1K 27

    Dussic is better that any other Snans ship y'all fite me as I prove it with one-shots

    Completed   Mature
  • A lost unloved soul
    922 32 2

    This was inspired by a Wattpad story called "I have six soulmates?!?" It was a really great story and just really inspiring! I loved the idea of Sans having 6 soul mates who happened to be the 'bad guys' of the underverse. I don't wanna go further into detail about it so not to spoil nothin so feel free to go check ou...

  • loving family ( sans x horror
    792 41 3

    they were distant and disliked each other but now a few years after horror got classic pregnant at a party he has only just found out about his child. will they lean to love each other?

  • Magic and Bones
    15.2K 594 12

    A genocide run ends with Frisk smashing Sans legs into pieces, killing him, the kid resets and his magic is left to figure out a way around this problem. (UNDERTALE) Hope you all enjoy! p.s. the cover is my art I draw traditional (on paper)

  • A Classic Nightmare
    10.6K 521 5

    Description: Classic finds himself in what he thinks is an AU. After fending some bullies away from a cute purple skeleton, classic comes back more and more, getting closer to nightmare. One day, classic arrives to find the AU desolate, with nightmare nowhere to be found. Years later, the Star Sanses begin a quest to...

  • A 'Friendly' Game - Dreamtale Twins X Classic
    772 39 1

    The sleepover was supposed to be a bonding moment for both groups. Classic wasn't involved in the slightest. Yet before he knew what was happening, the game became rigged. After all, what better way for peace than getting two opposites attached to the same person? (A One Shot following a game where the Aus know Classi...

    Completed   Mature
  • Till Dust Do Us Part - Dussic (Part One)
    17.3K 646 18

    (Book cover was created by @Just_Read_Bruh) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dust always had his sights set on Undertale. Whether it was his own past, or the growing curiosity of the original; Dust found himself planning a little fun in his free time. With Classic beginning to succumb to his own fears and self...

    Completed   Mature
  • Classic X Au Sanses Oneshots - (Temporarily Closed To Requests)
    14.1K 370 15

    A bunch of Oneshots of our bean Classic (P.s. Cover was drawn by yours truly!)✍(◔◡◔) I will do just about any oneshot, so please do not hesitate to requests certain ones. As a note, I will Not write Foncest as well as Classic with anyone from Undertale. I will only be doing Classic with the Au Sanses. ('▽'ʃ♡ƪ) Other t...

  • The Courted Assassin of the Kings - (Classic Sans X Au Sanses)
    14.2K 651 25

    Born into the Assassins guild, Classic found his life enveloped in danger. His missions were highly dangerous, but it was merely his way to live. It was natural. While it was also a lifestyle he partially despised, there was never a way to escape it. When he gets a calling card from The Kingdom of Light, he arrives to...

  • Where Monsters Lie (Undertale / SCP Crossover) - Darkhumour!
    13.1K 588 16

    (Cover was drawn by me!) The rain had felt so surreal to Classic as he laid among the field. Thick grey clouds rolled past as thunder rumbled in the horizon. Trees swayed as the breeze kicked up the loose leaves and carried them away. Everything felt so unreal as he looked to the surface world. He had finally made it...

    Completed   Mature
  • A New Fate : Welcome To The Academy! (Classic Sans x AU Sanses)
    22.7K 857 18

    [Story status: On going] The characters in this story are not mine. This story is fanmade and fictional.

  • My Soulmate Is My Enemy||AlphaWerewolf!Classic x Vampier!PrinceHorror
    5.4K 276 18

    You find out that your soulmate is your enemy, what do you do? Vampire's and Werewolves are the most iconic enemies they hate each other with every 'bone' in their body and would 'bite' at the chance to kill each other. Classic was just a normal alfa protecting his clan and patrolling the border that separates werewol...

  • I Just Want Peace (bad sanses x classic sans)
    49.8K 1.2K 15

    (On hold, only Toby knows how long) A normal day...... that's what I thought..... I never new that I would have an experience like this..... *Hi guys! so this is an Undertale fanfiction. Undertale belongs to Toby Fox and the other AUs belongs to their respective owner. I do not own anything else in this story except f...

  • A Fallen Angel...
    8.3K 448 12

    ⚠️DISCONTINUED⚠️ Monsters are born as they always are, but as they reach the age of 4, some are gifted with a blessing. A blessing of an Angel or Demon, the majority of the monster population is given this gift, while others remain as normal monsters. The sanses were just having there usual meeting in the anti-void wh...

  • [COMPLETED] The Original Sans
    88.1K 1.9K 32

    A book where Every Sans Likes UT! Sans I don't know If I should write Smuts...But ehh I could give it a try...

  • emotionless love (error x emotionless classic)
    400 13 5

    error and classic has known eachother for a long time and then there is some incident happen while classic was helping science with his work(and p.s classic,blue,dream,outer and dance are girls)

  • Paper Hearts
    31K 1.2K 15

    [A REWRITE OF ❛Keeping Together❜] "Why love me if you have never in the first place?" "I-I'm sorry..." "Sorry doesn't mean anything, you know?" "..." Aka the book where Red and Blue are kinda assholes And Sans and Dust are alone EDIT (17 August 2018): cOUGHS If you are confused, I changed the cover. That's why it's di...

  • Ships. Ships Everywhere
    2K 44 9

    (Warning: Slow updates) Includes Au sanses, gaster gang, papyruses, etc AKA the book where my shipping phase has taken over me and made this book + because my readers think that my other book is a classic × au sans book, so i'm making this one to satisfy them and simultaneouly make my daydreams someway somehow come tr...

  • Souls don't lie (Soulmate AU)
    6K 249 8

    Sans x Sans x Sans x Sans x Sans x can imagine how this will turn out... Everyone is born with two things. A black ring like marking on their right ring finger. And loss of sight for a certain colour. both quite explainable. When meeting their soulmate they will see that missing colour as it is the colour o...

  • Perfect Story (Highschool Undertale)
    1K 59 7

    Classic was raised in an orphanage called Dreem house in Wild Village along with Papyrus, he loves to stay in the orpganage with his huge family, but having this lingering feeling of needing to go to the City, can't cooperate his peaceful life in the process. It took a lot of persuading to get their caretaker to let h...

  • Bitter Sweet (Classic Sans X Au Sanses) - Discontinued
    8.8K 334 10

    Everyone has their own troubles. Some don't hide them, others do. Classic is one who hides his feelings from others. Even if he is in pain, he never cries out. Never seeks aid. Forced into a school for the exiled, he finds himself struggling to hide his dark past while gaining friends. Romance and friendship surround...

    Completed   Mature
  • Remember The Stockholm (Demon fell x angel sans)
    22.8K 863 36

    The king of hell (fell sans) saw a new monster in the after life, an angel (classic sans). Though he was in hell he still wants someone to love. So how does he make classic fall in love with him, well he kidnaps him.

  • Whiskers and Tails (Undertale Story)
    521 59 3

    Sans is a monster/human hybrid living in a world of constant struggle, and segregation. He often gets bullied, and isolated from much of the other kids going to his school. However, when he runs across a bunch of badly hurt stray cats trying to fight off a dog, he interferes. Saving these cats and getting them to safe...

  • The emotionless love ( classic sans x ??? )
    7.1K 364 7

    Art isn't mine credit to the rightful owners. Sans is in a school but his the popular kid that everyone gets jealous of. Because his smart, kind, handsome and everybody was in love with him and some kids want to be friends with him for his money. His family is rich and they give him everything he want, but he doesn'...

  • ~Cutie~ (Au sans+classic sans)
    9.3K 230 5

    (This is an all au sans+classic sans) "We were simply battling the enemies when suddenly a portal opened under us. If you were wondering no this time our ennemis aren't the bad guys. They were...." Who were they're enemies? Did they make a truce? Why did sci sans came screaming at them? All your answers to these ques...