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  • I'm A God Girl
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    I thought to myself, I could not possibly be the only teenage girl out there who wants to grow deeper and stronger in faith. I could not possibly be the only teenage girl out there who is struggling in living the Christian life. There has got to be other teenage people out there who can relate with what I am going thr...

  • From a Christian Girl's Perspective
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    FROM A CHRISTIAN GIRL'S PERSPECTIVE "The internet can be used as our voice and writing this book is an opportunity for me to share my beliefs to others and fulfill my purpose of making disciples and glorifying God."-Marielle Hey! You came across this book not by accident but by His will. Whether you're curious about C...

  • 365 Bible Verses for the Year
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    ➵ a collection of 365 Bible verses for you and me [#2 in Bible Verses - May 2018] [#3 in Meditation - April 2019] [#14 in Bible - Feb 2019] [#14 in Christianity - Mar 2019] [#33 in Jesus - May 2018] [#339 in Spiritual - Feb 2017]

  • Loving Living Giving, and Being a Servant of Christ
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    This is all about staying strong in your walk with God, with lot's of scripture and stories in the Bible! It's ultimately about being a Servant of Christ, and learning to live for him in this generation. I hope it brings you as much joy as I will writing it!

  • Favor From Above
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    Lily is a Christian girl having fun walking with Jesus. She meets Matthew, a very rich guy who believes that God does not exist. She makes it her life mission to prove him wrong. Matthew makes a deal with her. She can either make him believe in God in three months or she has no option but to become his girlfriend. H...

  • Christian Girl Advice
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    advice for the Christian girl 🫶

  • 70 Days of Heart Searching
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    How is your relationship with Christ? Your prayer life? Robust? Or struggling? Unsure of how to come even closer to God? Needing a boost? Then this book is right for you! 70 Days of Heart Searching features interesting topics for cleansing, bible verses to meditate upon daily, verses to memorize and recite, and deep...

  • Advice For The Christian Girl
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    ┌────── ∘°❉°∘ ─────────────┐ In this book, I give advice, encouragement, help and tips to grow into strong Godly women for our future. Note: this book can also be read by guys if they desire to grow in their faith I pray that each chapter inspires and speaks to you. └───────°∘❉∘°─────────────no┘

  • The Christian Girl | ✓
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    My name is Katy Woodland and I'm Christian. I go to Franklin High, and I'm a freshman. I get bullied a lot, because I'm Christian, but I am not going to let that bring me or my love of God down. NEVER!

  • Saving Grace | ✓
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    Before she ran away from home, Grace Miller had been abused, beaten, and hurt in more ways than one by the people who are supposed to give her the love she deserved. Stranded in a little town, Grace had to face a bigger problem after she had been offered a home by the Brian's--there was life inside of her, and she fel...

  • Christ-Like Girls
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    Learning to be Pure & Holy just like Christ.

  • School Guide
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    a school guide for Christian girls of all ages 💛